Chapter 128: Assassinating Master Of Mourning (2)

Chapter 128: Assassinating Master Of Mourning (2)

[Party] Nutjob: Find a good time to throw the dagger at him.

[Party] Unchanging Mountains: Alright.

Unchanging Mountains was the Mara’s name.

After replying Shen Jingbin, Unchanging Mountains turned to Adoorable and asked, “Do you know how to play darts?”

Seeing Adoorable shake her head, he continued, “Then hand the dagger to me, I’ll throw it.”

In real life, Unchanging Mountains would frequently play darts with his friends. He’d played so much that his skill at throwing darts was practically an art form. The dagger would have landed smack dab in the middle of his head if Master Of Mourning’s reaction wasn’t fast enough.

Shen Jingbin looked to Shen Jingchen and raised her eyebrow, revealing an unrestrained and devilishly attractive expression on her face. “He’s too weak. Killing him off just like that wouldn’t put out the flames of hatred in my heart.”

Shen Jingchen felt a cold shiver run down his spine. “You women are truly terrifying.”

Shen Jingbin glared at him.

Master Of Mourning continued swearing for ages but nothing happened. He shouted till his mouth turned dry before he stopped. By this time, the White Tiger in front of him was already lying on its stomach with its eyes closed.

Rubbing his parched throat, Master Of Mourning tried taking a step forward. The White Tiger’s eyes immediately shot open; it’s golden beast eyes glaring at him dangerously.

“F*ck you, you f*cking brute!” Master Of Mourning quietly pulled back the leg he stuck out and vicious spat a mouthful of saliva at the White Tiger.

‘The hell, this broken game is way too oppressive!’ Master Of Mourning gloomily thought to himself.

Eh, wait a minute! He could log off! He refused to believe that these people would camp him for this long!

Master Of Mourning had a sudden epiphany and realised that he could logout. After glancing around his surroundings, a vulgar smile appeared on his face. He raised his voice and shouted, “F*ck you all and your childish games, I’m not going to play with you guys any longer! Go to hell!” And with that, he opened his control panel and prepared to logout.

However, just after opening his control panel, a silver longsword suddenly came flying out of the forest of flowers and lodged itself in his throat. Master Of Mourning couldn’t even cry out in pain before he transformed into a beam of white light and disappeared from the sea of flowers.

Shen Jingchen stared dumbly at Shen Jingbin who had suddenly grabbed his longsword and launched a killing blow at Master Of Mourning. “What the f*ck, I didn’t know you were such a skilled marksman.”

Shen Jingbin massaged her wrist and calmly replied, “I got lucky.”

Shen Jingchen: … Do you really think I’d believe that?

With Master Of Mourning’s death, there was no longer a need for them to conceal themselves and they stepped out of the forest of flowers.

Shen Jingchen stepped forward and reclaimed his weapon. Only a short time had passed since Master Of Mourning’s death, so there were still traces of blood on his sword. He had no other choice but to use his sleeve to wipe off the bloodstains.

Shen Jingbin shot a look of disdain at him and said, “You’re still planning on using that thing?”

“F*ck! What do you think this sword is?! Bro, this is a top tier weapon, alright?! If you hadn’t done it so quickly just now, I definitely wouldn’t have allowed you to toss it at scum like that!”

Mistress Of Lost Splendor was slower than the other two by a bit, and she only managed to catch the last bit of what Shen Jingchen said when she caught up to them.

“Eh, what did you say just now, great God?” Adoorable couldn’t make out what Shen Jingchen said. She could only tell that they were having a spirited back and forth and felt a little curious.

She couldn’t help it. Something that could rile up the great God to such an extent was definitely a big deal!

Shen Jingchen’s expression immediately turned stern after Adoorable spoke. “It’s nothing.”

The Mara stepped forward and asked, “Why’d you guys kill him all of a sudden? Weren’t we going to stalk him?”

“He was planning to logout,” Shen Jingbin explained.

Eh?! Since when could others tell when a player was thinking of logging out?

“How did you know?” Mistress Of Lost Splendor asked.

Shen Jingbin shrugged and said, “I guessed.”

Everyone: !!!

Shen Jingchen: ...

Now that Master Of Mourning had logged out, they obviously wouldn’t just stand there and wait for him. It’s not like they had any irreconcilable grievances, so there was no need for that. Since the rest of them seemed to be pretty decent people, the two siblings decided to add them as friends before they left to handle their own matters.

Master Of Mourning had reminded her… Alright, it was less of a reminder and more of singling her out. Either way, Shen Jingbin realised she was still wearing her Silver Moon Silk set this whole time. Although it was purple rarity growing equipment, it was still a low levelled set. It wasn’t able to keep up with her needs any longer, so she needed to find out how to upgrade her equipment.

However, she didn’t have the slightest idea of how to upgrade it, and Shen Jingchen was clueless about it as well.

Left without a choice, Shen Jingbin could only returned to the Novice Village and look for Bai Hua to ask about it.

High levelled players could return to the Novice Village, but it held nothing of interest to these players. Not only could they not receive any quests, the monsters outside the village only gave 1 experience point.

After teleporting to Jiang City, she stepped onto the coached that she hired and began making her way back towards the Novice Village.

The Novice Village looked the same as it did from before. Everyone that came and went here was a player.

Although she hadn’t even reached level 100, Shen Jingbin’s level was more than enough to make her an expert here, and there would never be a shortage of sycophants in this world. So even with her hideous face, as soon as she alighted from the coach she was instantly surrounded by a fair number of newbies. All of them wearing sinister smiles upon their faces.

Sweeping a glance at these players, she realised that all of them were actually boys with pretty and delicate features. There were even some who were shooting coquettish glances at her that were filled with tenderness and love.

Shen Jingbin felt a shiver run down her spine as she suddenly thought of something.

Rumour had it that there were many unmarried single men who led wretched lives and many black-hearted beauties. They would beautify themselves a little and raise their levels before returning to the Novice Village. There, they would string along however many newbies they could; satisfying the twisted desires that dwelled in their hearts that had been blackened over the long years of remaining single.

These naive newbies were the epitome of purity. When they saw the veterans; the handsome and elegant men; or the beautiful and alluring females, walk up to them and personally offer their help, fuzzy feelings of love would stir within the hearts of their impoverished selves and they’d foolishly follow them.

Of course, regardless of how these veterans were like in real life, at the very least, they acted very kindly towards these newbies that they strung along. As time went on, some of the newbies who harboured corrupted thoughts in their hearts also began copying what the veterans did.  

To Shen Jingbin, they were like house flies and rotten eggs.

But, she was neither a housefly, nor was she a rotten egg. She wasn’t someone who enjoyed leading people on or making them lust after her. She coldly eyed the newbies surrounding her before she began making her ways towards the Village Chief’s residence.  

In all seriousness, she was incredibly grateful about her looks this time around. If she didn’t look so ugly, the ones surrounding her wouldn’t just be this small group of newbies. There would be at least an entire flock of them around her!

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