Chapter 127: Assassinating Master Of Mourning (1)

Chapter 127: Assassinating Master Of Mourning (1) 

Master Of Mourning ran as fast as he could away from Hundred Blossom Town towards the nearest teleportation point. When he glanced back to Underworld City’s entrance, he realised not a single person was there!

Where’d everyone go?

He himself knew that he had a sharp tongue that easily offended others, but he couldn’t help it. This was the kind of person he was.

His ex-party members must definitely hate him now. They definitely wouldn’t let him off so easily, but he currently couldn’t see a single person. Where could they all have gone?

Master Of Mourning stopped in his tracks and pulled out his dagger. All the muscles in his body were stretched taut as he carefully surveyed his surroundings.

Underworld City was located in the depths of a park in Hundred Blossom Town. To emphasise the fact that it was in the deepest depths of the park, the developers had lined the path leading to the dungeon with sprigs that were nearly as tall as a person. The blossoms on their branches were so dense, it gave others the impression that they were in a forest of flowers.

As he observed his surroundings, Master Of Mourning was greeted by the pungent aroma of various fresh flowers. The only area that wasn’t covered with flowers was the path itself that was devoid of a single soul.

Standing on his tiptoes, Master Of Mourning strained his ears for any sounds, and faced his body towards the dungeon as he slowly backpedalled away.

Suddenly he heard a slight rustling from his left. The next moment, an ashen silhouette flew out from within the forest of flowers and charged straight towards him.

Master Of Mourning responded quickly, raising his hand to ward off the silhouette.

“Clang!” The gray hilt of a dagger clattered onto the ground.

The surroundings regained its former calmness. Aside from the faint rustling of flowers that were caused by the sprigs swaying in the breeze, not a single sound could be heard.

“F*ck, come out and fight me if you’ve got the skills! Stop hiding like a little bitch!” Master Of Mourning suddenly roared out while clutching his dagger.

However, his provocation was only greeted with silence.

“I know you’re there, Dawn’s Twilight. Are you really a man? Huh?! If you’re a real man then you’d show yourself and fight me!” A drop of sweat rolled down Master Of Mourning’s forehead. He was acutely aware of someone spying on him from within the forest of flowers, but he had no way of locating them.

This was just like a scene in a horror movie where the main character would be eyed by a monster while they were trapped somewhere within a forest. It was a hair raising experience.

“F*ck!” Master Of Mourning quietly cursed to himself. He wouldn’t worry about where they were hiding any longer. Instead, he’d just run as fast as he could.

He turned around and stored strength within his muscles. Yet just as he was about to rush out of this forest of flowers in a mad sprint, an enormous figure jumped out from his left and landed right in front of him.

After composing himself, he realised it was a White Tiger that was more than half a person tall!

This White Tiger had an exceptionally imposing aura around it, while a thick and solid tail could be seen swaying behind it. Master Of Mourning couldn’t kill off the energy he’d built up and ended up stumbling forward, prompting the White Tiger to bare its fangs at him.

Master Of Mourning finally understood what was going on. Dawn’s Twilight and that ugly monster were trying to screw with him.

“So it turns out that Jade Sea Pavilion has petty people like Dawn’s Twilight! Now I know the truth. You’re just a f*cking loser!” Having neither the means to escape nor a target to fight, Master Of Mourning began hurling insults instead, showing off an unprecedented level of crassness.

Shen Jingbin hiding within the forest of flowers looked on speechlessly at Master Of Mourning who was obstructed by Mascot. She turned to Shen Jingchen who was beside her and asked, “Doesn’t he know how to log off? I’m really worried about his IQ.”

“Tch, he’s so mad he’s lost all reason… But seriously, this plan of yours is really vicious.”

When the two of them began chasing after Master Of Mourning, Shen Jingbin suddenly suggested for them to hide in the forest of flowers. No matter what, these two siblings had developed a mutual understanding of one another after spending many years together. Shen Jingchen figured out what she was thinking in an instant and nodded his head, disappearing into the forest of flowers with her.

Although Mistress Of Lost Splendor and the others who were a step behind couldn’t understand the reason behind the Shen sibling’s actions, they were very quick-witted, so they jumped into the forest of flowers to lay in wait on the other side.

The Shen siblings still hadn’t left the party and exchanged a knowing smile when they saw the rest of them diving into the forest of flowers.

[Party] Nutjob: Who has a dagger on them?

[Party] Adoorable: I do!

The Mara eyed Adoorable who was beside him suspiciously and asked, “Why would a Nymph like you have a dagger?”

Seriously though, a little Nymph keeping a dagger on their person was a very disturbing thing, alright?!

Adoorable scratched her head and pulled out a dagger that had a small and exquisite gray hilt. “I happened to see it when I was at the system’s shop. It looked quite beautiful and it wasn’t expensive, so I bought it.”

The Mara boy held his forehand in his hand. Women and their shopping.

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