Chapter 126: The City Lord’s Command Medallion (2)

Chapter 126: The City Lord’s Command Medallion (2) 

The first player who obtained the command medallion could become the new City Lord of Underworld City. Subsequent players who got their hands on a command medallion would be able to ‘swap pointers’ with the current City Lord. And, the player that came out on top would become the next City Lord.   

The current City Lord of Beiming’s Underworld City was a player from Life At First Sight. The command medallion that they had managed to acquire was rumoured to have been looted by Crying Fish.

It was said that back then, Crying Fish intended to give the command medallion to Quiet And Steadfast; thereby winning his favor. After all, she didn’t have much interest in becoming a City Lord, so she might as well give it to him instead. At the same time, she could seize the opportunity to get closer to him.

Unfortunately for her, Quiet And Steadfast hadn’t appreciated her gesture. Crying Fish was so enraged by this that she gave the command medallion to one of her admirers within the guild. It was strange, since the person she gave the medallion to didn’t possess any exceptional talents. However, what made others feel helpless was that no matter how many times they ran Underworld City afterwards, no one was able to obtain another command medallion. As such, that player continued to remain as the City Lord.

After receiving the City Lord’s command medallion, Mistress Of Lost Splendor was at a bit of a loss as she looked to her party members. “This… How do you guys think we should split the command medallion?”

The Mara shrugged his shoulders and said, “I’m not interested in the City Lord’s command medallion, I don’t need it.”

“I’m not interested in it either, you don’t need to worry about me,” Adoorable spoke up as well.

Looking at the City Lord’s command medallion in her hand, Mistress Of Lost Splendor turned her attention to the Shen siblings and said, “Since the two of you don’t want it, I’ll give the command medallion to Dawn’s Twilight.”



“You’re giving it to me just like that? It’s a City Lord’s medallion you know,” Shen Jingchen asked in astonishment.

Although Underworld City couldn’t match up to a capital like Jiang City, it was still a city. Once a player became the City Lord, not only would they be able to command the NPCs within the city, shops would have to pay taxes to the City Lord every month too. Being a City Lord was more or less pure profit.

“I’m just a regular member of a small guild. Even if I had the command medallion, I wouldn’t dare to challenge the reigning City Lord,” Mistress Of Lost Splendor replied. After a short pause she continued, “Furthermore, one man’s riches will attract the envy of others. I don’t have the necessary strength required to possess this item… Case in point, Master Of Mourning will definitely be waiting outside for us when we leave, but I’m not even strong enough to beat him.”

What Mistress Of Lost Splendor said was very true. The current City Lord was a member of Life At First Sight. She on the other hand was some unknown member of a small guild. Forget even thinking about whether she could win the challenge, she didn’t even dare to issue one.

Although her guild was small, it was filled with companions that she played with. If the command medallion fell into her hands, the people from Life At First Sight would definitely exert greater pressure on her guild. In fact, they might even engage in hostilities.

With all that said, the command medallion was like a hot potato in her hands. She couldn’t afford to hold on to the command medallion if she wanted to prevent her guild from being implicated in this matter.

Shen Jingchen could understand the reason why she wanted to give up the command medallion after pondering over it for a little, so he didn’t try to reject it anymore and accepted it.

As Shen Jingchen had received the medallion, the Shen siblings were reluctant to share in the rest of the spoils from the dungeons. However, it just so happened that Shen Jingbin was the only one in the party who was an Apothecary. After asking Adoorable and the Mara for their opinions, Mistress Of Lost Splendor handed all of the uncommon medicinal ingredients over to Shen Jingbin.

Shen Jingbin was really feeling bad about taking so much loot now.

Once they were done splitting the equipment, Mistress Of Lost Splendor chose to exit the dungeon and the party was transported out of it.

The moment they stepped out of the dungeon, Mistress Of Lost Splendor immediately felt a vicious gaze trained on her.

After glancing around, she noticed Master Of Mourning who was standing near the dungeon’s entrance.

He really was waiting for them outside the dungeon!

When they appeared, Master Of Mourning immediately rushed up to them and exclaimed with a sinister expression on his face, “You bitch, how dare you kick me out of the party! You f*cking slu*, that command medallion belongs to me! Return it to me!”

Heaven knows that his lungs were bursting with rage when he saw the system’s notification about the command medallion!

Mistress Of Lost Splendor glanced at him and said, “I gave the City Lord’s command medallion to Dawn.”

Adoorable chimed in, “That’s right, none of us wanted the command medallion, so we gave it to Dawn. Go look for him if you want it, there’s no point in shouting at us!”

“Silence you worthless woman!” Master Of Mourning roared back at her.

He then redirected his gaze back to Shen Jingchen, looking as if he wanted to swallow him whole.

Shen Jingchen himself just casually stood there, only casting an indifferent glance at Master Of Mourning when he noticed his seething gaze. “What’s wrong? Do you want the City Lord’s command medallion?”

“That was mine in the first place! I was the one who got the King Of Hell to appear too, so everything he dropped naturally belongs to me!”

“Heh,” Came Shen Jingbin’s unexpected chuckle.

“What’re you laughing at, ugly monster?” Master Of Mourning glowered at her and asked.

“I’m laughing at the fact that people like you still exist. Truth be told, whether or not the City Lord’s command medallion should belong to you or not doesn’t matter. What is important is that it’s now in our hands. So, are you thinking of snatching it from us?”

“F*ck, you better watch out you ugly monster! Who would’ve thought that the great Dawn’s Twilight has such ‘unique’ tastes and plays around with this kind of women. Hmph, from the looks of it everyone from Jade Sea Pavilion is all like this!”

Once he finished, Master Of Mourning probably realised that what he’d said would anger the two people in front of him, so he immediately thought of running away.

But, how could the Shen siblings let him go just like that?

The two of them were already planning to take care of him when they were in the dungeon. When he appeared before them, they immediately sprung into action and chased after him.

Mistress Of Lost Splendor and the other two who were left standing there shared a glance with one another, before they started chasing him as well.

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