Chapter 125: The City Lord’s Command Medallion (1)

Chapter 125: The City Lord’s Command Medallion (1)

At long last, they reached the final challenge. By this point, everyone in the party had had enough of Master Of Mourning and couldn’t put up with him for much longer.

The BOSS of the final challenge was the Underworld Judge. Be it in Attack or Defence, the Underworld Judge was leagues apart from the previous BOSSes.

Furthermore, something to note would be that the Underworld Judge had a skill that allowed it to randomly summon one of the previous BOSSes to assist it.

“Make sure you guys listen to my instructions and attack when I say so. Dawn, you’re the main tank. Make sure you draw Aggro and don’t let it target the rest of us. It doesn’t affect me if you don’t, but it’d be a big problem for these beansprouts if that happens. It’d be especially dangerous for that ugly monster you brought along.”

“I don’t need you to worry about me,” Said Shen Jingbin as she casually glanced at Master Of Mourning.

“Tch, ugly wench,” Came Master Of Mourning’s eccentric mutterings.

The Mara boy took the lead and started the fight. The rest of the party followed closely behind him and began DPSing.

“Hey hey hey, hold back a bit, otherwise the King Of Hell won’t appear!”

“F*ck, can you understand what I’m saying?! I’m telling you guys to hold back!”

“F*ck you all, you guys are gonna get it if the King Of Hell doesn’t appear!”

Underworld City had a hidden BOSS called the King Of Hell. There was a chance for the King Of Hell to appear after the Underworld Judge was defeated, and as a hidden BOSS, the King Of Hell naturally had much better drops. Even now, the reason why many prominent players still insisted on running Underworld City, was because of the King Of Hell.

Rumour has it that the Underworld Judge was a masochist, so parties that prolonged their fights with him would minutely increase the chances of the King of Hell appearing. As someone who frequently ran the Underworld City dungeon, Master Of Mourning had absolute confidence in this rumour.

Master Of Mourning blew his top and started raging at the party when he realised Shen Jingchen and the rest were completely ignoring him. Each of them was doing their own thing as they continuously fired off their skills at the BOSS.

“Didn’t you guys agree to listen to me? I told you guys that I’ve run this dungeon many times in the past, so you should listen to me!”

“Dawn’s Twilight, you shouldn’t be so arrogant just because your Level is high and you’ve got good equipment!”

However, not a single person bothered about him, no matter how hard he raged.

With someone as powerful as Shen Jingchen by their side, the Underworld Judge’s Health was quickly depleted. Master Of Mourning’s anger was boiling over as he looked at the Underworld Judge’s Health bar. The King Of Hell definitely wouldn’t appear if they defeated the Underworld Judge so quickly.

Underworld City could only be run once a day. Looks like today’s run was going to be a flop.

With a defeated sigh, Master Of Mourning pulled out his weapon and leapt to the Underworld Judge’s side and started to DPS, joining the rest of the party in the fight.

As things stood there was no way for him to remedy the situation, so he might as well just get the fight with the BOSS over with sooner. He really didn’t want to see this bunch of idiots anymore.

Under the party’s combined assault, the Underworld Judge wasn’t able to hold out and its enormous body came crashing down onto the ground after trembling a few times.

The moment the Underworld Judge hit the ground, they heard a notification ring out from the system.

“The Underworld Judge has died, the King Of Hell is spawning.”

The King Of Hell was actually going to spawn?

After standing in shock for a few seconds, Master Of Mourning suddenly gave a hearty laugh, “Hahaha! My luck really is good! The King Of Hell actually spawned even under such circumstances! Oi, shouldn’t you guys be thanking me for dealing the last hit? If it weren’t for me, the King Of Hell wouldn’t have spawned…”

Before he had the chance to finish, Master Of Mourning suddenly turned into a beam of white light and disappeared.

There were only three reasons why someone would suddenly disappear from a dungeon: 1) The player died. 2) The player had chosen to temporarily leave the dungeon. 3) The player was kicked from the party by the party Leader.

The King Of Hell had just appeared. They hadn't engaged it yet and neither did the dungeon allow for PKing. So, Master Of Mourning dying wasn’t possible. As for him choosing to leave the dungeon, based on his expression just now, even an idiot could tell that he wouldn’t choose to leave at such a critical juncture.

That left only one plausible explanation.

Shen Jingbin hurriedly opened her party window. Sure enough, there was one empty space in their party.

Everyone turned as one to look at Mistress Of Lost Splendor.

Seeing everyone staring at her, she gave a bashful smile and said, “I really couldn’t stand him anymore, so I kicked him out… You guys don’t mind, right?”

Adoorable vigorously nodded her head. “Of! Course! I! Don’t! Mind!”

The Mara boy looked like he’d heaved a sigh of relief as he said, “You should’ve done that sooner, Leader.”

“I just felt that it wouldn’t be nice to kick him halfway through the dungeon since that would be ruining his run for the day…” After saying that, Mistress Of Splendor changed her tone and said, “However, we’ve cleared the dungeon after defeating those BOSSes, so kicking him now wouldn’t be ruining his daily run, right?” She said as she winked at Shen Jingchen.

“Mm, it wouldn’t,” Shen Jingbin said in reply.

Because they had Shen Jingchen around, fighting the King Of Hell wasn’t all that difficult even if they were short one member. Furthermore, without Master Of Mourning around, the atmosphere surrounding the party became extremely harmonious, causing even Shen Jingbin to land more critical hits.

When the final skill landed on him, the King Of Hell gave a bellow before he came crashing down onto the ground. Following that, Mistress Of Lost Splendor leisurely walked towards the corpse to loot it.

Suddenly, a scarlet red system notification streaked in front of their eyes.

[System Notification] Congratulations player Mistress Of Lost Splendor for leading your party to defeat the Lord of the Underworld City, the King Of Hell. Your party has obtained Underworld City’s command medallion.

When the announcement appeared, the remaining party members had slightly flabbergasted looks on their faces. This was especially so for Mistress Of Lost Splendor who’d looted the BOSS.

Underworld City’s command medallion was the item that had the lowest chance of dropping from the King Of Hell. You could even say that it had a one in ten thousand chance of dropping.

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