Chapter 124: There’s Always A Bigger Oddball (2)

Chapter 124: There’s Always A Bigger Oddball (2)

Thus, the remaining five of them began slowly making their way towards the forth challenge.

The BOSS of the fourth challenge was Zhong Kui[1. A figure in Chinese mythology that was said to be able to drive away evil spirits. Here’s a link with more info if you’re interested! Click]. Zhong Kui’s special ability was being able to summon forth a never-ending wave of trash mobs. They weren’t difficult to defeat, but they were extremely annoying. For this challenge, they completely disregarded Master Of Mourning’s existence and allowed him to fight as he pleased. Either way, he wouldn’t be able to screw anyone over. As for Adoorable, she only bothered to heal him once the battle was over.  

The fifth challenge’s encounter was the Lady Of Forgetfulness[2. The Lady Of Forgetfulness, aka Meng Po, serves in the 10th court of hell and her job is to ensure that souls who are ready to be reincarnated have no memories of their previous lives. Click here if you’d like to read more about it! Click]. The Lady Of Forgetfulness was one of the BOSSes in Underworld Castle who could resurrect themselves. Parties would have to fight the Lady Of Forgetfulness twice if they couldn’t dispel her resurrection buff in time.

In <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>, there were only two classes that could dispel Buffs; Swordmasters and Maras.

Once the entire party was present, Master Of Mourning faced them and said a little awkwardly, “I know my attitude just now was a little lacking. I’m sorry, and I hope all of you won’t take the previous incident to heart.”

Everyone was caught completely off guard by Master Of Mourning’s sudden apology. No matter how they’d looked at it, he definitely wasn’t the type of person who’d apologise for his actions.

“It’s alright, it’s alright. To err is human. Not only did you acknowledge your faults, you even apologised to us,” The female Daoist said.

The moment the female Daoist said that, Master Of Mourning immediately recovered his previous arrogant bearing and said, “Since you guys have said you don’t mind, then we should act as if the previous incident didn’t happen… I’ve run Underworld Castle many times in the past, so I know this place like the back of my hand. Make sure you guys pay close attention to my instructions later.”

Black lines immediately appeared on everyone's heads. Where the hell did this odd person come from?!

The Shen siblings couldn’t be bothered to deal with him anymore. They only wanted to finish the dungeon as soon as possible to get away from him. Mistress Of Lost Splendor and the rest were probably thinking the same thing as well. Not one of them deigned to reply him. Seeing no one raise any objections, Master Of Mourning happily assumed that everyone agreed with him.

Thus, he started commanding the party in high spirits.

Hey hey hey, being able to direct Dawn’s Twilight from Jade Sea Pavilion in a dungeon was something he could boast about for a year!

Once everyone’s Buffs were applied and they were ready to tackle the next challenge, only Master Of Mourning’s voice could be heard in the entire dungeon.

“Daoist, use your root skills, your root skills! Root her… Sigh. Hey ugly monster, stop f*cking shuffling about! This has nothing to do with you, just focus on DPSing!”

“Nymph, Nymph! Hurry up and heal! Why the hell aren’t you healing me when my Health’s so low? Are you blind or did you just not notice?”

“Dawn is the main tank, his Health is dropping faster than yours,” Adoorable indignantly retorted.

“F*cking hell, are you daft woman? Dawn’s Twilight has so much Health. On top of that, his Defence and Evasion are so high he’s impossible to kill. I’m the main DPS here, so just make sure you heal me, alright?!”

Adoorable suffered so much verbal abuse that she became emotionally distraught. Gritting her teeth, she viciously tossed a healing spell at him.  

At this moment, Shen Jingchen spoke up, “Nymph, just focus on healing him, I can pot on my own.”

Master Of Mourning suddenly acted as if he’d found a companion in Shen Jingchen and exclaimed, “See that?! He doesn’t even need you to heal him. F*ck, girls these days are all like this. They throw themselves at any handsome guy they see, how shameless.”

“You…” Master Of Mourning’s comments were way too unpleasant, causing Adoorable’s face to flush red in anger.

“Can you just shut up?” Shen Jingbin coldly berated him. She was truly at the end of her patience.

Forget being suppressed by Shen Jingchen, when did he fall to the point where even an ugly monster could scowl at him? Master Of Mourning’s mood immediately soured. “Who the f*ck are you asking to shut up? Who? Look you ugly monster, you’re dealing the lowest DPS in the party and you’re still trying to act like a bitch, so the one who should shut up is you!”

“...” F*ck, her surname wouldn’t be Shen if she didn’t take care of this idiot when they left the dungeon!

“Hey hey hey, Mara, why haven’t you dispelled the resurrection buff?!” Master Of Mourning muttered when he glanced at the Lady Of Forgetfulness and noticed her resurrection buff still present.

With great difficulty, the Mara took a deep breath and focused on dispelling the BOSS’ Buff. The Lady of Forgetfulness’ resurrection buff wasn’t something that could be dispelled just like that. He’d already made two or three attempts so far that ended in failure.

“Pui, useless! You can’t even dispel a resurrection Buff! Dawn’s Twilight, you’re up! Hurry up and dispel it!”

Shen Jingchen had already prepared to intervene after noticing the Mara’s fruitless attempts. However, upon hearing Master Of Mourning’s mutterings, Shen Jingchen suddenly didn’t feel like listening to him.

Seeing his movements come to a halt, Master Of Mourning said, “What the hell are you doing, Dawn’s Twilight?! Hurry up and dispel the resurrection Buff! Stop freezing up! Are you telling me that the great God only amounts to this much?”

Shen Jingchen’s teeth nearly shattered from gritting them too hard. In that moment, he tossed out a multitude of skills without regard for their cost. It was almost as if the one standing in front of him wasn’t the Lady Of Forgetfulness, but rather, Master Of Mourning himself.

Under Shen Jingchen’s vicious barrage, the Lady Of Forgetfulness cried out before falling to the ground with a bang.

Shen Jingchen shot a look at Shen Jingbin.

Count me in. Let’s take care of this idiot together once we’re out of the dungeon!


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