Chapter 123: There’s Always A Bigger Oddball (1)

Chapter 123: There’s Always A Bigger Oddball (1) The BOSS of the third challenge was Soul Snatching Envoy. Its gimmick was crude and simple - it could blow itself up. This would happen when its Health dropped below 15%, and the resulting explosion would completely ignore the defences of all players within the range of the explosion, instantly killing them in the process.

In short, the BOSS’ ability to blow itself up aside, Soul Snatching Envoy was far easier to deal with than the previous two BOSSes.

However, Shen Jingbin felt that to her, this BOSS was much harder than the other two instead.

The reason had nothing to do with the BOSS itself, but rather it was because of Master Of Mourning.

Although she hadn’t actually done anything to him, Master Of Mourning’s hatred for her had turned his distorted perception of the previous events into reality. While they’d only been in contact with each other for ten or so minutes, everyone could tell just what kind of person Master of Mourning was.

It’d be downright strange if he didn’t try to take revenge against her.

That being said, Master Of Mourning’s narrow-mindedness closely resembled Nine Ballads.

Shen Jingbin kept a close eye on Master Of Mourning’s actions as she stayed at the back of the group and hurled skills at the BOSS.

“Be careful, the BOSS is at 16% Health,” Mistress Of Lost Splendor had been keeping track of Soul Snatching Envoy’s Health throughout the fight, and she issued a reminder as soon as the BOSS’ Health dropped to 16%.

Everyone immediately prepared to escape from the BOSS’ blast radius when they heard this.

As she’d been keeping a close eye on Master of Mourning and maintaining her distance from him, she caught sight of him turning to dash towards her. Once he realised that she was too far away, he reluctantly shifted his attention and ran towards Adoorable who was nearer instead.

Liches were a close combat class. As such, Master Of Mourning was right at the forefront and constantly plastered against the BOSS while he attacked. Before the BOSS detonated itself, it would target whoever was closest to it, which naturally led to Master Of Mourning becoming the target of its ire.  

A fear of making another mistake and enraging Master Of Mourning once again had taken root in Adoorable’s heart, prompting her to constantly shower him with Healing and status ailment recovery spells. It was far too late by the time she noticed his malicious intentions.

By this time, the BOSS had already been lured towards Adoorable by Master Of Mourning.

Nymphs in <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> were well-known for their short stubby legs, making her the slowest in the party. This meant that she wouldn’t be able to avoid the BOSS’ random acts of aggression.

In dungeons, it’d be fine for any class to kick the bucket. However, the one exception to that would be Nymphs. The death of a party’s Nymph could possibly lead to a complete wipe.

Although their party wouldn’t fall apart without the presence of a Nymph, ‘giving priority to protecting Nymphs’ had become second nature to them. Seeing the BOSS about to catch up to Adoorable, Shen Jingchen immediately called out his own pet without a moment’s hesitation.

“Great Demon King, go pull the BOSS’ aggro!”

Shen Jingchen’s eye-catching dragon, Great Demon King, immediately threw itself towards Soul Snatching Envoy with a flick of its tail, redirecting the BOSS’ aggro towards itself.

Shen Jingchen commanded Great Demon King to move in the opposite direction their party was escaping from, successfully helping them to break away from the BOSS. At this moment, Soul Snatching Envoy’s Health dropped to 15%.

Soul Snatching Envoy exploded with a “bang”. In the instant it exploded, Shen Jingchen’s Great Demon King transformed into a beam of white light and tunneled into his backpack.

Shen Jingchen took a look at Great Demon King’s Stats. Due to its death, Great Demon King had fallen into a deep sleep. It would take twenty four hours for it to wake from its slumber. To top it off, its Stats were also lowered by 10 points. While 10 points wasn’t much, it felt like a devastating blow to Shen Jingchen.

F*ck! Back then, he had had to go through a great deal of effort before he was able to capture this celestial pet! Forget allowing it to die, even seeing a single one of its scales come to harm would cause his flesh to hurt for half a day!

It was all that damn Lich’s fault!

As a Lich, Master Of Mourning had the fastest movement speed in the party. He could easily draw the BOSS away from the party, but he insisted on luring it over to Adoorable instead!

Even newbies knew that Nymphs had short legs, so Shen Jingchen was willing to write his name backwards if Master Of Mourning hadn’t done it on purpose!

Unable to bottle his anger any longer, Shen Jingchen viciously glared at Master Of Mourning.

A certain prodigy was completely oblivious to Shen Jingchen’s death glare. Realizing that the only casualty of the BOSS’ explosion was just a celestial pet and not one of his party members, he couldn’t help but curl his lips in dissatisfaction, almost as if he felt that this conclusion was a pity.

“Hey Dawn’s Twilight, are you trying to screw with me? You obviously have a celestial pet to pull aggro, so why didn’t you summon it earlier? Are you telling me I’m less important than your pet?” There were some people who clearly didn’t understand the phrase ‘looking death in the eye’. It was clearly Master Of Mourning’s own fault, but he failed to understand that. Seeing as Shen Jingchen hadn’t said anything from the start of the dungeon till now, he had come to his own conclusion that Shen Jingchen was someone he could easily bully. Now, with his confidence inflated, he was even trying to provoke him.

To be fair, Master Of Mourning really couldn’t be blamed for this. Shen Jingchen’s flirtatious reputation had spread further than rumours of his own prowess. For all everyone knew, he might be someone who was easily bullied. Wasn’t this world filled with people who clearly had strength, yet allowed others to bully them all the same? Going by that logic, Shen Jingchen might be one such person.

Or so Master Of Mourning secretly thought to himself.

He’d definitely teach Dawn’s Twilight a good lesson if he really was the type of person who’d just grin and bear with whatever came his way.

Eh, of course, this lesson would come in the form of a verbal lashing. After all, he had no way of beating Dawn’s Twilight in a duel.

That being said, was Shen Jingchen the type of person who’d just take things lying down?

Master of Mourning was clearly overthinking things.

Without saying a word, Shen Jingchen aimed the sword in his hand at Master of Mourning and tossed it. His sharp blade broke through the air and viciously plunged into the ground before Master Of Mourning, only inches away from piercing through his foot.

Master Of Mourning was utterly stupefied by Shen Jingchen’s action. He stood there in a shocked silence, too afraid to speak another word.

After Master Of Mourning froze up, Shen Jingchen coldly said, “Do you really think you’re worth as much as my celestial pet?”

Master Of Mourning’s face instantly boiled over with rage when he heard that.

Then again, so what if he was pissed off? He couldn’t beat Shen Jingchen in a fight, and neither was Shen Jingchen the type of person who could be easily bullied. In the end, he could only viciously glare at Shen Jingchen before he turned around with a flick of his hand and led the way towards the fourth challenge.

Adoorable ran up to Shen Jingchen. With red puffy eyes, she whispered in a small voice, “Thanks… for just now.”

“Don’t mention it. Just be more careful of him from now on.”

Adoorable nodded her head. As they walked past her, Mistress Of Lost Splendor and the Mara boy gave her a consoling pat on the shoulder. Seeing this, the Shen siblings shared a glance with one another.

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