Chapter 122: Running Into An Oddball In The Dungeon (2)

Chapter 122: Running Into An Oddball In The Dungeon (2) 

At this moment, the female Nymph moved to Shen Jingbin’s side and stuck out her tongue as she said, “Hello miss Daoist, are you Dawn’s Twilight’s friend? He looked so cool just now!”

Shen Jingbin felt that this Nymph was very cute, so she wore a smile on her face and replied with, “Mm.”

The smile on the Nymph’s face immediately froze. “Hey, miss Daoist, as a friend, you shouldn’t smile in the future… Eh, I didn’t mean anything bad by saying that!” Almost as if she felt that her comment wasn’t appropriate, the Nymph quickly supplemented what she said after that.

Shen Jingbin didn’t mind what she said, so she waved her hand to show she didn’t take it to heart.

[Party] Master Of Mourning: What’s the ugly monster doing with the Nymph? Stop dawdling around outside! Don’t you know that the rest of the party is waiting for the two of you?! F*ck, women are such a pain in the ass.

A message suddenly popped up in the party channel.

“What an unlikable person,” Said the Nymph as she looked at Master Of Mourning while wrinkling her nose before she stepped into the dungeon. Shen Jingbin stared at the party channel and curled her lips, then followed behind.

The three who were first to enter the dungeon were standing at the entrance waiting for them. When they entered, Master Of Mourning immediately rolled his eyes at them. Shen Jingbin even wondered whether his eyes were fake, otherwise, how could he roll his eyes so many times without going blind?

“Nymph, hurry up and buff me with Nature’s Bounty.”

Nature’s Bounty was a support skill that Nymphs had. With it, all of a player’s attributes would go up relative to how high the caster’s skill level was.

The Nymph was called Adoorable[1. Her name in Chinese is a pun on the ‘cute’ or ‘moe’ and contains the Chinese character for ‘door’ in it, so that’s how her name came about since we wanted to preserve the pun in some way. It’s definitely not a typo! =P]. Once she finished Buffing everyone and they were ready to start their dungeon run, Master of Mourning’s chilling remark rang out, “What kind of shit Nymph are you? You don’t even know how to use your class properly.”

Shen Jingbin suddenly felt like throwing her horsetail whisk at his face. This person way too repulsive!

The other three of them had roughly the same thoughts as well. Even the good-natured Daoist couldn’t help but glare at him.

Underworld City wasn’t a very difficult dungeon, but it was extremely complicated. There were nine BOSSes in total. However, there was an additional hidden BOSS that not everyone could encounter. Apart from the numerous amount of BOSSes, every BOSS within this dungeon could summon trash mobs. On top of that, some of the BOSSes had the ability to resurrect themselves, making the fights very troublesome. Each successive BOSS would become increasingly difficult to fight, with the final BOSS, the Underworld Judge, being the most difficult to handle.

The BOSS of the first challenge was Black And White Impermanence.[2. A pair of deities that reward the good and punish the evil. Click here for more info! Click] They breezed through battle and they proceeded to the second challenge

The BOSSes of the second challenge were Ox Head and Horse Face[3. Guardians of the underworld. Click here to find out more! Click]. The two BOSSes weren’t difficult to beat, but if one of them were to be slain, the other would go berserk, making it a little more dangerous.

The method for clearing the second challenge would usually be for the party to split into two groups. Each group would take one of the BOSSes while keeping their Health pools at around the same level.

Everyone in the party had done this dungeon before, so they naturally knew about this strategy. As Shen Jingchen had the highest DPS by far, the female Daoist assigned him and Shen Jingbin, who had the lowest DPS in the party, to attack Ox Head, while the remaining three party members attacked Horse Face.

This arrangement was pretty logical, so there weren’t any objections and everyone started attacking their assigned targets. However, just when they were about to bottom out the BOSS’ Health, Master Of Mourning was stunned by Horse Face, causing their DPS to immediately drop by a bit. On Ox Head’s side, one of Shen Jingbin’s skills managed to score a critical hit on the BOSS, bringing its Health to critical levels. Shen Jingchen didn’t notice this and he fired off a skill of his own out of habit, ending the BOSS.

Horse Face was immediately enraged once Ox Head was downed. Master Of Mourning did the most damage in their group of three, so all of Horse Face’s aggression was focused on him, After enraging, Horse Face immediately started to attack him, while Master Of Mourning still found himself stunned and was unable to launch any skills. When Horse Face’s skill landed on him, he immediately lost one chunk of his Health.

Adoorable was quick on her feet and jumped to Heal him. Shen Jingchen also reacted very quickly and threw a Power Skill at it, finishing it off.

Horse face had just hit the ground when Master of Mourning’s stunned state ended. He immediately turned to Adoorable and started shouting at her.

“F*ck, do you have any brains, Nymph?! Didn’t you f*cking see me getting beaten up by Horse Face? Why the f*ck are you still fighting over there? The f*ck were you hitting? You should just be a good girl and do your job by healing and don’t f*cking pretend you’re able to fight!”

His anger wasn’t sated even after he was done with Adoorable. He redirected his ire to Shen Jingbin and said, “And as for you, you ugly monster, f*ck you! Didn’t you see me getting knocked out? Then why the f*ck did you score a critical hit against the BOSS? Do you know the meaning of ‘cooperation’? If you don’t then just f*ck off and leave the dungeon. My god, I have no idea what’s going through your head. If I were you, I wouldn’t dare to…”

Before he had the chance to finish, Master Of Mourning suddenly felt Shen Jingchen’s murderous gaze being directed at him, causing the rest of his insults to be caught in his throat.

Although the female Daoist felt that this Lich’s morales were far too lacking, she still couldn’t bring herself to kick him out when they were halfway through the dungeon. So, she could only try to smooth things over by saying, “Alright, let’s all take a step back. Come on, let’s keep going.”

Shen Jingchen shot a vicious glare at Master Of Mourning before he stepped to the front of the party and lead them towards the third challenge. Following behind him was Adoorable with her puffy red eyes, the Mara boy, and then the female Daoist brought up their quartet.  

Master Of Mourning followed behind the female Daoist. When he walked past Shen Jingbin, the way he glared at her made her feel as if he wanted to rend her flesh and slurp on her blood.


Shen Jingbin’s eyes immediately narrowed when she heard his whispered insult.

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