Chapter 121: Running Into An Oddball In The Dungeon (1)

Chapter 121: Running Into An Oddball In The Dungeon (1) Underworld City was a level 80 six man dungeon. The main reason why Shen Jingbin chose to come here was because it gave a generous amount of Experience when it was cleared. Not only that, the mini BOSS gave a decent amount of XP, and there was a chance of the BOSS dropping several precious herbs once it was slain.

After all, since she was determined to become a Grandmaster Apothecary, it was about time for her to start gathering some herbs.

Underworld City was located in Hundred Blossoms Town, which was situated within the central plains. Hundred Blossoms Town sounded beautiful, but the reality of it was far from the rosy image that it gave off.

Actually, that wasn’t so accurate either. Hundred Blossoms Town remained beautiful in the day. Surrounded by flowers, an incomparably beautiful picture would be painted for anyone who laid eyes upon it. However come nightfall, Hundred Blossoms Town would be transmogrified into a ghost town instead. All of the plants within the area would wither and die. All sorts of undead, such as wandering spirits and ferocious ghosts, would appear out of nowhere; emerging from dead vegetation to roam about. When paired with the desolate sound effects accompanying the altered nightscape, Hundred Blossoms Town could be called the least visited location in the game.

Shen Jingbin thought she was pretty gutsy in the beginning, but after being tricked into entering Hundred Blossoms Town at night, she wasn’t able to sleep properly for a full two nights.

However, she actually quite liked Hundred Blossoms Town if it wasn’t nightfall.

In the deepest recesses of a park in Hundred Blossoms Town that had the most flowers, Shen Jingbin and Shen Jingchen had completely disregarded their dignity, and were squatting in front of the dungeon’s entrance. There, they waited to see if there were any pick up groups that lacked party members.

Compared to Quiet And Steadfast’s low-profile style of operating, Shen Jingchen was very flirty. In fact, everyone but the greenest of players knew him! Ah no, there were even some newbies that rushed straight up to him!

Although, this really wasn’t intentionally caused by him. In truth, he maintained a cold facade in front of strangers most of the time, but that didn’t stop his manly charms from oozing out of his Adonis like countenance. Girls these days probably have some masochistic tendencies; their affection for someone increases the more they’re ignored, which meant that Shen Jingchen would never be able to maintain a low-profile.

Due to Shen Jingchen’s presence, the two of them only had to linger around the entrance for a few short minutes before they received countless invitations to join various parties.

More accurately speaking, Shen Jingchen received countless invitations. As for Shen Jingbin...

Not a single person bothered about her.

And that wasn’t even the saddest thing. What’s worse was that the moment the party leader heard that Shen Jingchen wanted to bring her along into the dungeon, even his status as a God wasn’t sufficient.

Shen Jingbin was in an extremely foul mood.

“Why. Are. They. Snubbing. Me!”

There was even one time where, after they were rejected, Shen Jingbin blew her top and throttled Shen Jingchen’s neck.

As Shen Jingchen struggled to break free from his torment, he said, “It’d be weird if they didn’t!”

“I’m the Lead Disciple of White Cloud Temple! I’m going to go back to my Master and tell on them!”

Shen Jingchen eyed her with disdain. “Haven’t you realized that none of the previous parties had a Daoist in them? There’s no point even if you complain to your Sect Leader!”

Shen Jingbin: Sob sob sob, why is this game so difficult? Screw this, I quit!

Just when Shen Jingbin was about to lose all hope in the game, she received a party invite.

“Player Mistress Of Lost Splendor has invited you to join a party. Do you agree? Yes/No.”

Shen Jingbin lifted her head and saw a delicate and pretty female Daoist smiling back at her.

Practically on reflex, she turned her head to look at Shen Jingchen. When she noticed him staring blankly at the sky with his head tilted at a forty five degree angle, she immediately knew that this Daoist had sent the invite because of her, and not because of Shen Jingchen’s presence!

What the f*ck, so the heavens aren’t blind after all!

Shen Jingbin was so moved that her cheeks were streaming with tears as she hurriedly accepted the invitation.

With the inclusion of her, their party had a total of five people. There was one slot left, so she stood up and faced the female Daoist with a smile on her face. “Fellow Daoist, the person over there is my friend, can he join too?”

The female Daoist looked like a good natured person. She smiled and nodded her head taking a look at the stupid expression on his face. Soon after, Shen Jingchen received an invitation to join the party.

And with that, a full party was formed.

The remaining three members of the party were instantly teleported over when the female Daoist entered the dungeon. Shen Jingbin glanced at the three party members to find that they were; a female Nymph, a male Mara, and another male Lich.

The female Nymph and the young Mara were given a fright when they first laid eyes on Shen Jingbin, but they immediately flashed a somewhat apologetic smile at her after that. The male Lich was the only one whose eyeballs nearly popped out upon seeing Shen Jingbin.

“Hey hey hey, why are we bringing this noob in? Forget the fact that she’s ugly, she’s wearing crappy equipment too. Is she really here to run a dungeon, or is she here to make a fool of herself?” An endless stream of ridicule spewed forth from the Lich’s mouth the moment he spoke.

“It’s alright. Either way, it’s only a level 80 dungeon, so it’s not that hard. It won’t make much of a difference even if we bring her along. Furthermore, her friend is really strong, so that makes up for it, right?” The good natured Daoist replied.

Shen Jingbin glanced at the party list and found that the Lich’s name was Master Of Mourning.

Tch, you say I’m ugly, but you look rather miserable yourself.

“Her friend? An ugly monster like her actually has a strong friend? I’ll say this now: I’m here to farm for medicinal ingredients, so I’ll never forgive you guys if you screw me over,” Master Of Mourning said bluntly as Shen Jingbin caught the female Nymph and the male Mara secretly shooting looks of disdain at him.

Mistress Of Lost Splendor was a little disgusted by Master Of Mourning’s attitude. Her brows furrowed and she was about to say something in reply, when Shen Jingchen interjected.

“Aren’t I enough to make up for it?” Shen Jingchen said as he stood up from the ground. He was half a head taller than Master Of Mourning, and an exceptional aura of intimidation rolled out from him as he overlooked the Lich.

Master Of Mourning obviously recognised Shen Jingchen and no longer dared to speak out. He silently glanced at Shen Jingbin, before he took the lead and entered the dungeon.

“Alright, let’s go in,” Said the female Daoist. After which, she stepped into the dungeon as well.

The male Mara laughed and patted Shen Jingchen’s shoulder before walking in, with Shen Jingchen himself following close after.

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