Chapter 120: It’s A Small World (2)

Chapter 120: It’s A Small World (2) 

They had been far away from Qu Yanxin when Shen Jingbin had come to pick her up the previous day. They only thought that this Big Sister was very beautiful. It wasn’t until today, after getting a closer look at her, that were able to tell she looked familiar.

“Ah, I’ve thought of it!” She suddenly cried out several seconds later.

Everyone’s attention was drawn to her.

“What did you think of?”

“Any gossip to share?”

“I felt that she looked familiar when I saw her just now too.”

Zeng Lingling interrupted the girls who started chattering away by shooting several glares at them. “Can you guys shut up? Let Xuanxuan finish!”

Zeng Lingling was like a Big Sister to the girls of the group. Once she spoke, the girls who were previously talking away obediently kept their mouths shut and looked towards Xuanxuan.

While fishing through her bag for her handphone, Xuanxuan said, “In the past, I used to follow a game developer’s Weibo. Oh, it’s that VRMMO that was really popular two years ago. I had originally thought of playing that game, but the game was age restricted so I couldn’t join… A few days ago, I saw a post on their Weibo. They were willing to pay a huge sum of money for a beautiful girl’s contact details. And, that Big Sister from just now looks like the one they were looking for…” As she said that, she managed to grab ahold of her handphone and pulled it out. With just a few taps, she found the Weibo post in question.

She then handed her phone to her nearest companion and said, “Here, take a look.”

Zeng Lingling snatched the phone out of that girls hands, and Shen Jingbin’s picture was reflected in the display.

“Soaring Roc: The company’s Executives have taken a liking to the girl and want her to be the game’s Ambassador. However, we have no way of contacting her! ಥ_ಥ Dear followers, do any of you know who this girl is? Please send a private message! Please send some information! There’ll be a sizable reward to those who find this girl! ಥ_ಥ”  

Glancing at the comments section beneath the post, she found that the post had only been sent out one or two days ago, but the comments and shares had already gone past ten thousand. However, on closer inspection, all of the comments were just begging for more information about the girl in the picture. Those who actually knew who she was were few and far between. Even then, those who knew her would only admit to knowing her and ‘lick the screen’[1] before they clammed up.

Xuanxuan looked at Lingling who was staring at the phone’s screen without a word, before she suddenly burst out and asked,  “Lingling, is the Big Sister we saw just now the same as the one in the picture?”

After taking another look at the name of the original poster, Zeng Lingling calmly handed Xuanxuan’s handphone back to her and said, “Mm, she should be the one.”

“In that case, can’t we expose her? Didn’t the post say that there’d be a huge reward? We can split the reward evenly amongst ourselves,” Someone else said.

She was suddenly glared at by Zeng Lingling and Xuanxuan when she said that. It was so sudden that her heart skipped a beat. Lowering her voice, she meekly asked, “What’s...what’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?”

Xuanxuan rolled her eyes at her and replied, “Do you know her name, her number, and where she lives? We’ve only caught a glimpse of her, what’s there to reveal?”

“We can ask Qu Yanxin!  She definitely knows!” The girl retorted, feeling indignant.

“And why would she tell you anything?”

“….” Rendered speechless by their retort, the girl tried to stammer out a reply before she lapsed into silence.

Xuanxuan cast a smug glance a the girl.

Who the hell would split the reward with you guys. I’ll question Qu Yanxin and take that reward for myself.  

Zeng Lingling had taken notice of Xuanxuan’s expression. After giving her a meaningful look, she said, “I advise you guys not to try anything funny. Didn’t any of you notice? No one on Weibo dared to say anything about her. Furthermore, think back to that car they picked Qu Yanxin up in and they car they drove just now… They’re not people we can interact with. If you plan to blab about it, be careful of offending people you can’t afford to offend, otherwise you might end up biting off more than you can chew.”

The ones present here were all regular senior high students. Although they were a little willful and barbaric, they were still very pure. They immediately looked at Zeng Lingling in astonishment when they heard her warning.

Xuanxuan’s face in particular had paled to a ghostly white as she unconsciously raised her head to look at Zeng Lingling.

Zeng Lingling intentionally shot a faint smile at her before saying to the rest, “Don’t worry, nothing at all will happen to you guys as long as you don’t go around blabbing about it. Alright, alright. Qu Yanxin herself has already left, so let’s find something to eat before we return to the hotel.”

Some of the girls in their group still had lingering fears as they nodded their heads in agreement. They then followed Zeng Lingling in search of a place to have lunch. When no one was looking, Zeng Lingling peeped at Xuanxuan’s expression before a sneer crept across her lips.

Don’t think I’m unaware of all your little schemes. Hmph, I won’t let you get in the way of my plans.

After fetching Qu Yanxin, Shen Jingbin had lunch with everyone before she went upstairs to game with Shen Jingchen.

After all, both of them were homebodies. Apart from playing games, the two of them really had no other forms of entertainment.

After logging in, Shen Jingbin decided to run some dungeons to raise her level, so she opened up her friend list and looked for someone who could carry her.

She might have logged in at a bad time or something, but other than Shen Jingchen, not a soul was online in her friends list.

So be it. She’d just hunt some monsters in the field instead.

Summoning Mascot, she made her way towards the entrance of the Underworld[1] City dungeon, while she informed Shen Jingchen at the same time.

“What’re you doing? Come with me to Underworld City!”

“Alright, alright. Your big bro had nothing better to do anyway! Do you have a party?”

“No, I was planning to hunt some monsters in the field.”

“F*ck, why’re you calling me along if you just plan to hunt monsters?”

“As insurance in case I run into a party and they think I’m too much of a noob to join. With you around, I can act like I’m a free gift~”

“Pui, I wouldn’t even want to buy the actual product if you were the free gift!”

“... Are you looking for another beating?”

“You hoodlum!”

Shen Jingbin stared upwards at a loss for words. Just how am I the hoodlum here?

  1. It’s a Chinese web slang to show that the person writing the message likes something to the point where they want to lick it. Hence, lick the screen.
  2. Refers to the underworld of Chinese mythology

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