Chapter 119: It’s A Small World (1)

Chapter 119: It’s A Small World (1)When the bell signalling the end of the competition rang, Qu Yanxin immediately packed her belongings and made to leave.

“Qu Yanxin, why the rush?” Just as she had a foot out the door, she heard someone call her name.

“Nothing much, just going home.”

“Going home?” The person who’d called out to her sounded like they’d just heard a great joke. They brought a few other girls along with them and surrounded Qu Yanxin. “Which house are you going back to? How come we’ve never heard of you having a house over here?”

Qu Yanxin furrowed her brows at looked at the person. “What do you want?”

“Nothing, I was just curious,” The girl inclined her head and cast a glance at the teacher who was still collating the exam papers at the lectern, and said, “Going back to the hotel is too boring. How about you bring us over to your place for some fun?”

Qu Yanxin looked over at the teacher who was standing at the lectern. She hoped that he’d lend a hand and stop this group of women, but the teacher was far too preoccupied with his own work and was completely oblivious to what was happening.

In reality, the proctor had long since noticed the disturbance by the entrance. He wasn’t blind nor deaf, but these weren’t students from First High, so he had no obligation to bother with them. Furthermore, those who could come for this exam were all good students; even if they quarreled, it wouldn’t amount to anything big. One more incident wouldn’t really matter anyway, so he decided that it’d be best for him to pretend he hadn’t seen anything.

These girls who were obstructing Qu Yanxin were from her neighbouring class. Although their grades were good, they had terrible personalities. Qu Yanxin didn’t normally talk much with them, only knowing some of their names at best. She had no idea why they suddenly decided to look for her today.

“It’s inconvenient,” With that, she no longer bothered with them as she turned around to leave. The Shen siblings were still waiting for her, and she had no intention of wasting her time with these people.

“Tch, what’s she acting so stuck up for,” The girl leading the group eyed Qu Yanxin’s back disdainfully as she let out a cold hmph.

“Hey, what should we do now since she’s gone?” Asked a girl.

“What should we do? Follow her of course! The road doesn’t belong to her. What can she do if we insist on following her?” The leader of the group motioned with her hand and followed after Qu Yanxin.

After sharing a glance with each other, the girls behind her decided to follow along as well.

The Shen siblings had impeccable timing, as they saw Qu Yanxin stepping out of the school the moment they stopped the car. Shen Jingbin gently honked the car’s horn, letting Qu Yanxin know where they were.

After hearing the horn, Qu Yanxin immediately jogged over. “Big Sis Shen.”

When Shen Jingbin saw a few other girls following behind Qu Yanxin, she asked, “Are they your schoolmates?”

Qu Yanxin glanced behind her and noticed that the same few girls from before in the classroom were actually following her. When these girls saw the beautiful girl sitting in the driver’s seat look over at them, they immediately ran up to the car.

The girl leading the group immediately snatched the opportunity to speak first and said, “Hello Big Sister, we’re Qu Yanxin’s schoolmates.”

Shen Jingbin cast a glance at Qu Yanxin’s nervous face before she turned to the group of girls with an indifferent expression on her face and said, “Nice to meet you.”

As Zeng Lingling gazed at the beautiful and alluring woman who seemed detached at the same time, she found that everything she’d previously planned to say was mysteriously stuck in her throat. She was unable to utter a single word.

Shen Jingchen who was sitting in the passenger’s seat was wondering why Qu Yanxin didn’t board the car. As for the group of girls, they were just standing dumbly on the spot without saying a word. “Is there anything else?”

Failing to take notice of the person who’d been sitting in the passenger’s seat, Zeng Lingling and her posse were startled by the sudden voice as they bent their bodies a little to look over at him.

A few of them immediately flushed red when they saw him.

Oh my god, he’s so handsome!


If there’s nothing else then why are you guys standing around here like idiots?

Shen Jingchen’s eyebrows arched up a little as he took in the scene of these girls’ bashful appearances. It was so easy to tug at the heartstrings of young girls. But alas, he had no interest in lolis.

No longer bothering about the girls who were standing tongue-tied by the side of the car, Shen Jingchen looked at Qu Yanxin and said, “Qu Yanxin, get in the car.”

“Ah, okay,” Qu Yanxin looked as if she’d just woken up from a dream as she gave a word of reply before she quickly moved to the back of the car and hopped into it. Of course, she didn’t forget to say goodbye to the girls who’d followed her.

Shen Jingbin immediately drove off once Qu Yanxin was seated. In that moment, the luxury car’s superior pick up was put on full display.  

When the car disappeared from view, a girl standing behind Zeng Lingling roused herself from her stupor and half grumbled to herself, “Lingling, why didn’t you say anything just now? We’ve lost all traces of that person.”

Zeng Lingling glared at the girl. “Then why didn’t you say anything just now?”

The girl curled her lips and didn’t say another word.

At this moment, another girl said with some uncertainty, “That Big Sister from just now looks very familiar,” She furrowed her brows as she began sifting through her memories.

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