Chapter 118: Rumour Has It There’s Gods About (2)

Chapter 118: Rumour Has It There’s Gods About (2) 

Shen Jingchen and his roommates took their time coming over, so Huajuan and the rest naturally made fun of them.

Shen Jingchen eyed the mass of people that were still lingering around the lecture hall even after the lesson was clearly over with puzzlement. “Do you guys have another class after this? Why’re there still so many people hanging around?”

With the appearance of Shen Jingchen, the girls who hadn’t left yet were so overcome with excitement that they nearly passed out. They whipped out their phones and started madly taking pictures of him.

“You should know just how charming your little sister is,” Huajuan replied.

Xiaohe felt that the number of people that had been slowly decreasing began to swell once again, so she immediately said, “Tch, you siblings are walking disasters. We’d better leave first, otherwise we won’t be able to leave once your fans catch wind of you guys.”

Shen Jingchen’s roommate and Jiangmeng recalled how the Shen siblings’ rabid fans acted, and unconsciously shivered.

“Let’s go! Hurry up and go!”

Thus, their group ran for their lives under the watchful gazes of everyone present, leaving behind a lecture hall filled with bitter and resentful children.

Hey, God and Goddess, where do you think you guys are running off to?

Luo Xiaoqian had just finished class when she heard that Shen Jingbin had not only returned to school; she had even attended class. She immediately cast off her friends and anxiously ran over to the Management Department.

She’d long since known Shen Jingbin’s and co’s timetable by heart, and she clearly knew where their lectures were held. She broke into a sprint and dashed all the way to their lecture hall without stopping.

“Where’s Shen Jingbin?!” Luo Xiaoqian shouted the moment she slammed open the lecture hall doors.

However, all she saw in response, was an entire lecture hall filled with stupefied expressions.

“You’re looking for Shen Jingbin?” Shen Jingbin’s Class President was the first to speak out as she was sitting beside the door.

The Class President carefully sized Luo Xiaoqian up several times.

She looked a little familiar, but she didn’t look like someone from the Management Department.

Eh, in that case, she should be one of Shen Jingbin’s admirers from one of the other departments.

Tsk, their class’ Goddess was way too awesome!

However, unfortunately for this little fan, Shen Jingbin and co had already left.

The Class President had already come up with her own scenario of: ‘the scene where the poor fan missed the Goddess’. She looked somewhat sympathetically at this beautiful girl and said, “You’re too late junior sister, your Goddess has already left… Sigh, don’t feel too bad about it, there’ll be other chances in the future.”

??? Excuse me?[1] Since when did Shen Jingbin become my idol?! I was here to pick a fight with her, alright?!

However, regardless of how unhappy Luo Xiaoqian felt, Shen Jingbin’s group was happily strolling along one of the food streets by the school’s back gate.

Although this street mainly catered to students, the second and third year seniors didn’t have the time to come out so early and forage for food. Of the second and third years, most of those who had lessons would immediately rush back to their dorms to catch up on some sleep, leaving this food street to be mostly occupied by students from nearby residents and the nearby university city, or first years who’d just enrolled.

The new students that knew or had met the Shen siblings before were few in number, so they didn’t need to worry about being accosted by someone.

Aside from the Shen siblings, the rest of their party hadn’t eaten their breakfast. Since they had someone footing the bill, they went all out and sampled everything the street had to offer; from the start of the street, all the way down to the end. This caused Shen Jingbin to stare on with a look of utter stupefaction on her face.

When it was almost eleven, the Shen siblings waved goodbye to their companions and started slowly making their way back to First High.

“Make another trip back here with me next week at the same time,” Shen Jingbin said when they stopped at a red light.

“Why’re you going back again?”

“Abbess Li said that an entrepreneur will be coming next week to give a speech. She wants me to drop by and listen,” Replied Shen Jingbin as she occasionally tapped on the steering wheel with her fingers..

Shen Jingchen’s brows furrowed. “An entrepreneur?”

Shen Jingbin nodded her head.

“What entrepreneur? What’s there to listen too? It’s just someone playing around. If you really want to listen to something, you should just go home and ask Mom and Dad about their experiences instead. That would be much more reliable than listening to the ramblings of some unknown entrepreneur…” Before he finished speaking, Shen Jingchen suddenly thought of something, and a light bulb went off in his head as he was struck by a sudden realization. “Ah, that’s not right. You’ll need to deal with our family’s property in the future, so it’s good for you to broaden your experiences a little. Since this is someone the school invited, he should have some talent… Mm. Let me know when the time comes, I’ll keep you company~” Shen Jingchen even raised his pitch a little at the end to make himself sound cute.

Shen Jingbin eyed him suspiciously. She felt that Shen Jingchen’s sudden change in attitude was extremely suspicious, so she couldn’t help but squint her eyes and say, “Do you know about something behind the scenes?”

“Nope, what kind of inside information would I know?! Don’t forget, I’m just someone from the Financial Department, so how am I supposed to know what’s going on in your Management Department?”


Seeing how her brother was so adamant in insisting that he knew nothing, even though he clearly did, Shen Jingbin shot him a scathing glare before shifting her gaze back to the road.

Hmph, little thing. There’s definitely something going on! Not willing to say anything? Well, no rush then. She had ways of making him talk!

  1. This was written in English in the raws.

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