Chapter 112: The Future Wife (2)

Chapter 112: The Future Wife (2) 

“What wife? Does Second Young Master have a wife already?” Chenyi hurriedly asked.

After swallowing the cake in his mouth with great difficulty, Xuya ignored Chenyi’s question and instead turned to face Li Nanjing. “The pastries that you bought from this shop are all soft and dry. They’re not nice, find a different shop next time.”

“These pastries were from Honeymoon Dessert,” Li Nanjing said, looking a little dumbstruck.

“Honeymoon Dessert’s the number one pastry shop in B City.”

“Honeymoon Dessert’s pastries don’t give you much of a ‘honeymoon’ feel though.”

Looking as if he’d just received a lesson from Xuya, Li Nanjing dumbly nodded his head in response.

Xia Qihui rapped Xuya’s with his knuckles and said, “Stop kicking up a fuss. What wife are you talking about? Since when did Ah Ning get a wife?”

“Oh, she’s not his wife yet. More accurately, she should be called his future wife… Eh, stop staring at me, Brother Xia. It’s the same person I was telling you about last time.”

“Are you talking about the same girl who came to my restaurant for a meal last time?” Chenyi asked.

“Ah, that’s right. Boss Chen’s seen her before too… That’s right, she’s the one. She’s really beautiful, right?”

Chenyi: ...

Beautiful my ass! She definitely wasn’t going to admit that!

Xiangpeng had a look of bewilderment on his face. “Wait a minute, what’re you guys going on about? I haven’t the slightest clue what’s going on.”

Xuya gave him a sympathetic look and said, “You’re Brother Ah Ning’s classmate from senior high, right? I heard that you’re trying to undermine Brother Ah Ning’s efforts.”

Xiangpeng felt like he’d been unjustly accused. “No, I would never try to undermine the Great God! I only wanted his help in making some enquiries about a certain person… See, she’s the one!” Xiangpeng pulled out the picture of Shen Jingbin once again and handed it to Xuya. “My company wants to work together with her, but I haven’t been able to contact her.”

Xuya snatched over his handphone. After a few taps, he handed it back to Xiangpeng with Shen Jingbin’s photo deleted and said, “Hey, are you an idiot or something? This girl is Brother Ah Ning’s future wife, so how could he possibly be willing to reveal anything about her? Have a heart, bro. Stop asking him about it and tell your Bosses that she isn’t interested. Don’t bother her anymore.”  

Xiangpeng gripped his handphone and stared at Xuya with a blank look on his face.

Guessing that Xiangpeng had probably heard what he’d said, Xuya felt that his mission was now complete. Standing on his tiptoes to get a better look, he placed his hand around Xia Qihui’s shoulders and suggested, “Brother Xia, Brother Xia, let’s go over there and play instead.”

Xia Qihui’s head was completely filled with curiosity towards “Ah Ning’s future wife”, so of course he immediately nodded his head in agreement. He needed to find a quiet place to sort his thoughts out!

Wasn’t Ah Ning just bringing out a pretty girl to play last time? Why did she suddenly become his future wife? Did his parents know how fast he was taking things?!

After walking a few steps, Xuya suddenly turned behind and said with a stern expression on his face, “Oh, that’s right. Bro, remember to delete that picture if you or that company of yours still has copies of it. Otherwise, Brother Ah Ning might come after you guys if he ever loses it. If that time ever comes, don’t say I didn’t warn you guys.”

Xia Qihui gave Xuya a good smack on the head, and Xuya’s serious facade instantly fell apart.

“Stop scaring other people with these childish antics of yours,” Xia Qihui said.

The remaining three people stood rooted to the spot as they stared at each other in shock.

What should they do? It was far too much information for them to take in and they couldn’t digest it.

While the people in B City whiled their time away by partying, Shen Jingbin was bringing Aunt Zhang, her daughter, and Shen Jingchen around for a stroll along the tranquil streets of A City.

Qu Yanxin looked like she was enthralled by everything she saw along the streets, pulling Shen Jingchen over and asking him about every single thing she came across. As Aunt Zhang was also present, Shen Jingchen could only quell his temper and patiently answer her questions.

And during this whole time, Shen Jingbin gleefully reveled in his misfortune.

Aunt Zhang was getting on in age so she wasn’t able to keep up with someone as youthful as Qu Yanxin, which caused her to eventually fall behind. Shen Jingbin very considerately slowed down her pace and remained by Aunt Zhang’s side.  

Seeing how happy her daughter was, Aunt Zhang sighed and said, “Xinxin looks like she’s very attached to Little Chen.”

Shen Jingbin eyed the two people in front of her. “Shen Jingchen has always been rather welcoming of little girls.”

Aunt Zhang laughed and said, “That’s true. Little Chen has grown up to be a fine young man. He’s probably the type of guy that’s popular with girls these days, right? Speaking of which, both you siblings have grown up wonderfully. Finding suitable partners for the two of you is going to be a problem.”

“Finding one for me isn’t much of an issue, I’m fine with anyone as long as we can get along. Shen Jingchen, on the other hand, is a different story.”

“Haha, I think it’s the other way around though. It’ll be easy to find a suitable partner for Little Chen. Finding one for you is the real challenge.”

“Why’s that?” Shen Jingbin asked with a look of bewilderment on her face.

Aunt Zhang turned her head and examined Shen Jingbin closely, before she sighed and said, “Little Jing, you’re far too beautiful, and today’s society is filled with malicious intent towards women. Take for example the outside world; people believe that beautiful women will never remain faithful. But on top of being beautiful, you also come from a good background and you’re capable. A woman who embodies these traits would be fatally attractive to most men.”

“I could always look for someone who’s comparable to me.”

“Over the years, I’ve served as a nanny for many rich households. Children of families that were comparable to yours were either drunk on their own abilities, or those without any abilities just lived lives of debauchery; you definitely wouldn’t look upon any of them favorably. Saying you want to look for a comparable partner is easy, but actually doing so is a challenge. And, based on my experience, mostly Mothers aren’t willing to take in a Daughter-in-law like you who has a background that’s as impressive as yours, for fear of not being able to throw about their weight as the Mother-in-law.”

Upon hearing what Aunt Zhang said, Shen Jingbin suddenly thought of Zhao Chengning.

In terms of family background, the Shen and Zhao families were about the same. Zhao Chengning himself had one of the best personalities amongst all of the men she knew. The comparable man she was talking about was referring to him, but...

She thought back to Mama Zhao’s attitude towards her.

She always couldn’t figure out why Mama Zhao had been so hostile towards her during their first meeting. But, after listening to what Aunt Zhao said, everything suddenly made sense.

So, she ended up unintentionally threatening Mama Zhao?

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