Chapter 111: The Future Wife (1)

Chapter 111: The Future Wife (1)Although Xiangpeng was a nerd, he was still able to discern the meaning behind Chenyi’s expression as he had been mingling about in the workplace for all these years. As for him not managing to get a promotion, that could only be attributed to his own incompetence.

He concluded that Zhao Chengning did indeed know who the beauty was! Not only that, the woman in front of him was acquainted with her as well.

Xiangpeng was able to uncover the truth within these one to two seconds. So keeping his phone open while looking as if he was pondering over something, he then aimed an expression of flattery towards Zhao Chengning. “Great God, are you really unable to help me? Remember how I helped you during that gathering in senior high? How I helped you fend off the innumerable number of girls in love with you? Or what about the number of love letters I helped you to reject? Oh Great God, won’t you please take pity on me and help me out? ~” At the end, Xiangpeng even took on a coquettish tone of voice.

Unable to control himself, Zhao Chengning shuddered when he heard it.

For better or for worse, Xiangpeng was a big man who stood at 180cm tall. He had a squarish face and looked to be an upright and outspoken person. His tone sounded absolutely nothing like how a lover would sound like!  

“I do know who she is, but I still can’t give you her contact details…” Zhao Chengning said as he held back the urge to splash his glass of cocktail all over Xiangpeng’s grief ridden face. “To be honest, I already discretely asked her about your company’s invitation, and she said she wasn’t really willing to meet you with guys.”   

“Why would she upload her picture if she wasn’t willing to show herself? Second Young Master, it looks to me like she was just being modest with you. She wasn’t really intending for you to take what she said seriously. What would you do if you ended up destroying her future?” Chenyi said as she cut into the conversation.

Zhao Chengning really felt like rolling his eyes at Chenyi, but his upbringing didn’t permit him to do so. He furrowed his brows in frustration and said, “She’s not that kind of person…”

Before he had the chance to finish, Chenyi gave a charming laugh as if she’d heard a joke, “Oh Second Young Master, you’re far too ignorant about women, so you should stop trying to figure that woman out. Wasn’t there a saying: a woman’s mind is as complex as the ocean is vast.”

Although he didn’t know why the beauty in front of him was speaking up for him, Xiangpeng very tactfully added, “Great God, Great God. Are you sure she’s unwilling to accept the invitation, or is she just shy? You have to be sure about this! Otherwise, if she misses this chance because of you, she may bear a grudge against you next time.”

Pui, the girl he fell for definitely wasn’t the type of conniving bitch who enjoyed playing coy!

Zhao Chengning really felt like giving the two of them the stink eye to express his dissatisfaction.

However, before he had the chance to do that, Xia Qihui, Xuya, and birthday boy walked towards them.

“Eh, what’re all of you gathered around here for?” Xuya asked.

“So this is where you were Brother Xiang. Linghua’s been looking all over for you,” Li Nanjing had a look of astonishment on his face as he looked at Xiangpeng. “Brother Xiang, you know Second Young Master as well?”

“The Great God was my classmate in senior high!” Xiangpeng proudly announced.

Zhao Chengning facepalmed. Couldn’t he at least act like he didn’t know him?

“Boss Chen is here too,” Xia Qihui said.

Chenyi looked to Xia Qihui and raised her glass, “Boss Xia.”

“Boss Chen, it looks like your Blooming Flower Pavilion’s business is getting better and better. The entirety of the next month’s booking was filled the last time I tried to make a reservation.”

“Haha, stop pulling my leg, Boss Xia. Just give me a call if you ever want to pay a visit to my restaurant.”

Xuya had absolutely no interest in exchanging pleasantries. Going straight to Zhao Chengning’s side, he said in a whisper, “Brother Ah Ning, what were you guys talking about just now? Even from where I was, I could tell you weren’t looking so good.”

Zhao Chengning glanced at Chenyi who was currently engaged in conversation with Xia Qihui. His gaze then shifted to Xiangpeng who was animatedly regaling his little sister’s boyfriend with tales of what his idol was like in senior high. Mimicking Xuya’s drop in volume, he said, “It’s that man,” And he jerked his head towards Xiangpeng. “He wants to me to hand over Little Jing’s contact details.”

Xuya’s eyes went wide as he took another look at Xiangpeng and Chenyi, disbelief colouring his expression. “It can’t be, even he’s trying to steal Big Sister Jing from you? He’s biting off way more than he can chew. Don’t worry Brother Ah Ning, steamroll him with your bastar- I mean, overbearing aura of a CEO!”

“No can do. He’s an old classmate, so it wouldn’t be nice to take action against him,” Zhao Chengning quietly pointed at Chenyi once again. “He’s got an accomplice too, so the two of them are cooperating against me. What do you think I should do?”

Xuya’s eyes rolled about in thought before he said, “Don’t be afraid Brother Ah Ning, I’ll take care of this.”

Zhao Chengning gave Xuya a satisfied pat on the back and said, “Mm, your big bro knows you’ll definitely be able to think of something. These two are trampling all over my goodwill! I’ll sneak off in a bit, so help me look after Brother Xia while I’m gone~ When I’m back, I’ll bring you over to A City to meet Little Jing.”  

Xuya’s eyes lit up. “Really?!”


“Alright, you promised! Don’t worry and leave it to me!”

Zhao Chengning gestured for Xuya to “do his best” with a smile on his face, before he quietly snuck to the back of the buffet table, slinking away from the party when the opportunity presented itself. The next thing Xia Qihui and the rest knew, he was gone.

“Xuya, where’d Brother Ah Ning run off to?”

Xuya stuffed a piece of cake into his mouth and gave a vague reply, “He went back home to deepen the bond with his wife.”

Everyone was stunned into silence.

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