Chapter 110: Meeting Xiangpeng (2)

Chapter 110: Meeting Xiangpeng (2) 

Under Xia Qihui and Xuya’s ardent gaze, after getting off work, Zhao Chengning got into the car with them and they made their way towards the rumoured birthday party for the developer’s son. Due to some delays along the way, the party was already in full swing by the time they arrived. Zhao Chengning swept a glance at the scene in front of him and found that only youths were present. There were even some who looked rather familiar further inside.

“Brother Xia, you guys are here… Eh? Brother Xia brought the Second Young Master from the Zhao family over!” The moment they stepped onto the party grounds, a fair skinned boy made his way over to the three of them with a smile on his face. Upon seeing Zhao Chengning standing behind the two of them, he had happily cried out.

Xia Qihui patted the boy on his shoulder and said, “Don’t act so shamefully, Second Young Master will make fun of you.”

The boy’s fair complexion flushed red as he fixed his gaze on Zhao Chengning and said, “Second… Second Young Master, my name is Li Nanjing… I-I’m a fan of yours!”

“Alright,” Zhao Chengning looked towards the boy and nodded his head.

Li Nanjing’s face immediately lit up upon receiving his idol’s acknowledgment. “Second Young Master, you must have just gotten off work, right? I… I’ve prepared a lot of tidbits, would you like to sample some?”

“Alright, thank you,” After saying so, he suddenly remembered that the party was held for the boy in front of him and said, “Happy birthday.”

The boy was immediately overcome with joy as his entire face turned red. “Thank you… thank you Second Young Master!”

Zhao Chengning gave a wave of his hand and walked further in, making his way towards the pastry section.

Li Nanjing’s words really did ring true. He’d been working for the entire day and was dragged here immediately after getting off work. He was feeling ravenous, and although he didn’t like pastries, it would suffice to fill him up.

Birthday parties had to be lively, and intense music was being blasted at the venue. Countless youths stood at the center of the party and swayed their bodies to the beat of the music.

Zhao Chengning leaned against the side of a table with a small piece of cake in hand, considering whether he should take a bite.

“Second Young Master?”

Just as he was silently observing the group of youngsters filled with vigor, he suddenly heard the familiar sounding voice of a woman from behind his back. Zhao Chengning set down the small unfinished portion of his cake and turned around.

It was the lady Boss of Blooming Flower Pavilion, Chenyi.

Seeing him face her, a brilliant smile appeared on her face as she took small strides to run towards him.

“It really is you! I thought I’d gotten the wrong person at first,” After reaching his side, Chenyi cast a suspicious glance about the area before she finally said, “Eh? Why are you by yourself today, Second Young Master? Where’s that beautiful girl I saw you with last time?”

Zhao Chengning’s gaze gently brushed past her as he said, “She’s gone home.”

“Speaking of which, I still don’t know what her name is. Really, Second Young Master, you should have introduced her to me last time!”

“It was unimportant, so I didn’t make any introductions,” Zhao Chengning held a cocktail up to his lips and gently sipped from it.

Chenyi’s mood was immediately uplifted.

She’d originally thought of Shen Jingbin as a formidable opponent, but little did she know that Shen Jingbin was actually just some mob character.

She should have expected as much.

Zhao Chengning shot a glance at Chenyi, whose mood suddenly seemed to have brightened up, and felt that she was being a little weird.

Why did she look so happy when he had just called her unimportant?

He really couldn’t understand what went on in the minds of women.

It looked like he needed to give Shen Jingbin a call to find out how the minds of women worked.

“God Zhao!” While the two of them were absorbed in their own thoughts, someone suddenly appeared by Zhao Chengning’s side and gave him a vicious slap on the shoulder.

Zhao Chengning almost choked on his cocktail as he hurriedly set the wine glass down, then turned around to see who the fool was who’d smacked him on the shoulder while he was having a drink.

“Xiangpeng?” A very familiar, squarish face was reflected in his eyes.

Seeing that his old friend still remembered his name after all these years, Xiangpeng rubbed his head and laughed out loud, “It’s me, it’s me. I can’t believe God Zhao still remembers me!”

“I see you popping up everyday in Moments. It’d take some real skill for me to forget you.”

“Hahaha, don’t be like that God Zhao… But I didn’t expect to run into you here.”

“Me neither.”

“Hahaha, the birthday boy is my little sister’s boyfriend. It’s all thanks to my little sister that I’m able to experience the world of high society that you guys live in,” Xiangpeng said as his smile remained plastered on his face.

Zhao Chengning knew what the financial situation of Xiangpeng’s family was like; his parents were both middle class salary workers. If it weren’t for his other connections, there’d be no way for him to appear in a place like this.

“Ah, that’s right. Great God, are you really acquainted with that beauty from Weibo that I asked you about? Help me pull some strings if you know her, because this involves whether or not I can be promoted! On account of our three years spent together as fellow classmates, please help me out,” After seeing Zhao Chengning, Xiangpeng immediately thought of the previous incident where he had asked for help in identifying the beauty on Moments. And, according to his intuition, Zhao Chengning definitely knew who this beauty was.

Chenyi had been sizing Xiangpeng up ever since he appeared. Now, after hearing them bring up some other woman, she couldn’t help but curiously ask, “What beauty are you guys talking about? Can I take a look?”

It was only then that Xiangpeng realized that there was another beauty around. His eyes flickered over to her and he immediately pulled out his handphone, pulling up the picture of Shen Jingbin that he’d saved.

He felt that this beauty was probably dating Zhao Chengning, so she’d probably know whoever he was associated with. In fact, he might even get something out of it.

Xiangpeng was pretty good. Chenyi was able to instantly tell that the woman in the picture was the same person Zhao Chengning had brought to her restaurant!

She looked up in astonishment and stared at Zhao Chengning.

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