Chapter 109: Meeting Xiangpeng (1)

Chapter 109: Meeting Xiangpeng (1) “Knock knock knock.” Came the sound of the door being rapped on.

Zhao Chengning had his head buried in a pile of documents. “Enter,” He said without raising his head.

Special Assistant Keyuan opened the door and walked in. “Boss, Mr Xia is looking for you. He’s waiting outside the office.”

The pen in Zhao Chengning’s hand paused for a moment. Raising his head, he looked at his young aide and asked, “Xia Qihui?”

Zhao Chengning’s brows furrowed upon seeing Keyuan nod his head. “Just him alone?”

Keyuan shook his head and replied, “There’s also Mr Xu, but it looks like Mr Xu is still parking his car, so he hasn’t come up yet.”

Zhao Chengning set down the documents in his hand and leaned heavily against the chair’s backrest. He rubbed his brows, feeling a bit of a headache starting and said, “Why did those two disasters come… It definitely can’t be for anything good.”

Keyuan tried to help out his Boss by offering a suggestion, “If Boss doesn’t want to meet them, I could help you…” Before he had the chance to finish speaking, Keyuan saw Zhao Chengning raise a hand to reject his suggestion.

“Don’t. It’ll be even more troublesome if I don’t meet with them today… Bring them in once Xuya comes up.”

“Alright,” Keyuan nodded his head, before walking out and very considerately closing the door behind him.

Zhao Chengning stood up from his seat and moved his stiff shoulders around for a bit. Shortly after he was done, knocking could be heard on his door once again.

However, the encounter this time around wouldn’t be as mild and gentle as the previous one.

As the door opened, an excited voice reached Zhao Chengning’s ears.

“Hahahaha, Brother Ah Ning! Brother Xia and I have come to see you! You didn’t expect it, right? You’re feeling overjoyed, right? You’re feeling moved, right?!” Xuya was just like Wang Xifei[1. A character from one of the Chinese classics. Click here to find out more about her!], you’d hear him before you see him.  

Overjoyed? Moved? My ass!

Zhao Chengning really felt like tossing the documents on his table at Xuya’s face.

“Xuya, Brother Ah Ning will probably do something to you if you continue being like this,” The towering man who was standing beside Xuya said. He had a smile on his face as he grasped Xuya’s shoulder. After stepping into the room, he stretched his leg out and shut the door behind him.

Outside the office, the secretaries who were craning their necks out to get a better look had expressions of disappointment on their faces as they watched the office door close on itself; their maiden hearts shattering into tiny pieces.

“Hey hey hey, did you guys see that? The two people who just walked in were the Young Master Xia and the other is the Xu family’s Young Master! They’re both top quality single men! Getting either of them will set us up for the rest of our lives!” A lavishly dressed woman said as she looked at her colleagues with sparkles in her eyes.  

Another more natural looking woman shot her a look of disdain and said, “Lisha, the Xu family’s Young Master looks like he’s only around twenty. You’re even willing to sink your fangs into someone as young as him?”

“Tch, so what if he’s twenty? The Young Masters of these rich families have already been living lives of debauchery since they were fifteen or sixteen. They’re already old hands by the age of twenty!” Lisha gave a snort of disdain. “Besides, what if he’s the type to go for older women? Wasn’t there a saying that young rich men enjoy conquering older women?”

“Cough, do you think that someone of Young Master Xu’s pedigree would want an old woman like you?”

“Who’re you calling an old woman?!”

“Whoever answered me.”

“Why you…”

“Special Assistant Ke is still over there, can’t the two of you exercise some restraint? You’re going to get into trouble he finds out you’re gossiping about the Boss’ friends,” The most honest secretary of the group, Weiwei, hurriedly spoke up when she noticed their conversation getting increasingly heated.

Hearing Special Assistant Keyuan’s name being brought up, the two secretaries glared hatefully at one another, before reluctantly settling back into their seats. They then perked up their ears and continued listening for any sounds coming from within the office.

Meanwhile, having clearly heard everything the women of the secretarial department had said from where he was, Keyuan shook his head as he gently drew cross marks on the two pieces of paper he held in his hands.

Going back to the trio in the office, Zhao Chengning was currently seated back in his chair. Propping his arms up on the table, he had interlaced his fingers so he could rest his chin atop them. “Why are the two of you here? Did something happen?” He asked the pair on the opposite side of his desk.

“There’s nothing wrong. We just felt like meeting you…” The moment he said that, he could feel the cold gaze of a certain someone named Zhao being directed at him, so he gave two forced chuckles and quickly corrected himself, “Ah no. Brother Ah Ning, Brother Xia and I were just worried about you… You haven’t hung out with us ever since Big Sis Jing left. It’s always been work work work. What would we do if you ran yourself ragged? So, I had a chat with Brother Xia about it, and we decided to personally pay you a visit and also bring you out to relax for a bit!”   

Xia Qihui also chimed in from the side, “Ah Ning, forget about you not letting me see the woman you’ve fallen for, don’t tell me you’re not even willing to play with me anymore?”

Zhao Chengning shifted his gaze to Xia Qihui and gave him a once over. “So you guys are thinking of bringing me out for some fun?”

Xia Qihui flashed a smile at him and asked, “Do you still remember Northern City’s real estate developer?”

Zhao Chengning pondered for a moment and had some slight recollection of them, so he nodded his head.

“Today is the son’s birthday and he’s throwing a birthday party. Both Xuya and I have been invited, so we thought of bringing you along as well,” Upon seeing the look of disdain on Zhao Chengning’s face, he added, “Don’t give us that kind of face, that kid is an honest person. It won’t be more than that since he’s already said that it’s only going to be a birthday celebration. There won’t be any other nonsense.”

“I can consider that,” Zhao Chengning said in response.

Xia Qihui raised his hand and looked at his wristwatch. “The birthday party is at 7pm. There’s another two hours left. To prevent you from regretting your decision later, Xuya and I will wait here till you get off work.”

Zhao Chengning: ...

I’m already regretting it!

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