Chapter 108: The Young Girl’s Schemes (2)

Chapter 108: The Young Girl’s Schemes (2) 

Qu Yanxin didn’t see the Shen siblings for the entire afternoon. She was under the impression that they were gone for class till it was dinner time and she saw the duo discussing something as they were walking down the staircase.

Qu Yanxin was standing at the kitchen’s entrance with dishes in hand when she saw the siblings. She looked back to her Mother in surprise and asked, “Eh? Aren’t Big Brother Shen and Big Sis Shen students? Why don’t they have to go to class?”

“It seems like they’ve gotten enough course credits or something like that… Sigh, I don’t know anything about what’s going on in their university. Anyway, I know they’re both outstanding individuals who don’t need to go to school… Xinxin, I’ll be able to wake up with a smile on my face if you can carve out a future that’s as promising as those two.”

“How annoying! Why’re you dragging me into this?” Qu Yanxin said as she wrinkled her nose in displeasure. Turning around, her line of sight fell on Shen Jingchen and her eyes automatically lit up.

The two siblings were sitting at the dining table and talking about the game when Shen Jingchen suddenly felt an intense gaze on him and he unconsciously shivered.

Seeing this, Shen Jingbin asked, “What’s wrong with you? Are you having an epileptic fit?”

“I don’t know. I just suddenly felt a surge of malice that automatically activated the warning mechanism in my body!”

“... Rumpus youth, you’re way too old to be suffering from chuunibyou, alright[1. For the rare few of you who don’t know what chuunibyou means :P]?”

“Tsk, I can’t even crack a joke. Why’re you so boring?”

“I’m boring? Then you better go and find a more interesting person to sit with. Don’t sit next to me,” Shen Jingbin ruthlessly countered as she rolled her eyes at him.

Shen Jingchen’s face fell. He was just about to explain the theory behind “the eldest taking the role of the father” so that she’d learn to show her big bro some respect when he was suddenly interrupted by someone.

“Big Brother Shen, what’re you guys talking about? It looks very interesting.”

The duo heard a voice and turned around. The one who’d asked the question with an innocent smile on her face was Qu Yanxin. She was holding a dish in her hands as she stood behind the siblings.

“It’s nothing, we were just talking about a game,” Shen Jingchen said as he shifted to the side, making it easier for her to set the dish on the table.

After placing the dish on the table, Qu Yanxin straightened herself and asked, “What game? Is it fun? Can I play with you guys?”

Shen Jingchen’s eyebrows knitted together a little, and he was no longer wearing the frivolous smile he had on his face just moments before. Yet, this just made Qu Yanxin’s heart skip a beat.

“You’re in your final year of high school. Focus on your studies. Games don’t suit you,” Came Shen Jingchen’s incomparably stern reply. Shen Jingbin couldn’t help but do a double take upon hearing it.

Tsk, tsk, tsk! Someone like you actually knows how to say something like that. How horrifying.

Bah! Your elder brother is actually the pillar of our motherland, alright?!

You’re more or less the termite that wrecks those pillars!

The siblings started communicating telepathically. At this moment, Aunt Zhang walked out from the kitchen. When she saw that her daughter was still standing behind the Shen siblings, she couldn’t help but comment with a strange look on her face, “Xinxin, what’re you doing just standing there? Quickly, get back to your seat.”

Qu Yanxin muttered under her breath and took another glance at the duo who were currently communicating telepathically. An enigmatic expression crossed her face as she ran back to her seat. Shen Jingchen was a carnivore and wouldn’t be happy without meat. Qu Yanxin noticed this when they were eating lunch in the afternoon. Hence, it was unknown whether she did it on purpose or not, but she would always go after the same piece of meat as he did during their meal.

Every time Shen Jingchen raised his head to look at her, she’d wear an embarrassed look on her face and give up on the meat that she was after. After which, her gaze would swiftly move towards her bowl of rice and she’d take a huge mouthful of it.

“You guys have the same tastes in food,” Shen Jingbin commented as she eyed them curiously.

“That can’t be. This child would always make a fuss about wanting to lose weight in the past and refused to eat even a slice of meat. I reckon she wanted to eat some meat because she’s been worrying about the competition for the past two days,” Aunt Zhang hurriedly explained.

Shen Jingchen felt embarrassed about having to fight with a little girl over food. He’d be the first one to give up whenever he went for the same dish that she did. As a result, both would end up giving up on the very piece of meat that caused the fight.

Shen Jingbin took the piece of meat and placed it in Qu Yanxin’s bowl before she said, “Since that’s the case, you better eat more.”

Qu Yanxin quietly raised her head and glanced at Shen Jingbin who was in front of her. For some strange reason, Shen Jingbin’s heart suddenly tightened when she saw the dull, lifeless look in the other party’s eyes, causing feelings of guilt to arise from the bottom of her heart with a thud.

“Alright, thank you Big Sis Shen.”

Following that, the meal continued on without incident.

Aunt Zhang wanted to take her daughter and the siblings for a walk after dinner, so the siblings sat on the sofa and waited for her to finish tidying up.

Shen Jingbin looked at Qu Yanxin’s back as she helped her Mother around the kitchen and said to Shen Jingchen, “Why do I think that this little girl isn’t as simple as she appears to be?”

Shen Jingchen’s eyes went wide as he looked at her and exclaimed, “I think so too!”

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