Chapter 107: The Young Girl’s Schemes (1)

Chapter 107: The Young Girl’s Schemes (1) Shen Jingbin was able to take Qu Yanxin away after explaining the situation to her teacher in charge and giving Aunt Zhang a call in front of her.

Shen Jingbin realized the students were still standing in a daze when they passed by them again. Puzzled, she asked, “Your classmates… what’s wrong with them?”

At first, she wanted to ask whether her classmates were a little mentally challenged, but felt that the question would be a little too disrespectful. Moreover, all of them were here in First High to attend a competition. If she were to ask that question, they’d probably think that she was looking down on them.

“Nothing, Big Sis Shen is just too beautiful. They’ve never seen someone as good-looking as you before so their mind’s turned to mush for a while,” Qu Yanxin discretely shot her classmates a smug grin before she tilted her head back and replied in a joking manner.

Kids these days really did have a way with words.

Shen Jingbin cast a sidelong glance at her, but chose to remain silent.

After the both of them got into the car, Shen Jingchen stopped playing with his phone and asked, “Did you get her?”

Shen Jingbin pointed at the backseat, so Shen Jingchen turned back and saw Qu Yanxin sitting there very obediently.

He gave a slight nod in Qu Yanxin’s direction and said, “Hi, I’m Shen Jingchen.”

“Hi, Big Brother Shen. I’m Qu Yanxin.”

Shen Jingchen let out an indifferent grunt in response as he turned back and returned his attention to driving. Shen Jingbin wasn’t the type of person who initiated conversation with others, so the journey back home was done in silence.

Just as they were about to reach home, Shen Jingbin gave Aunt Zhang a call. Therefore once they arrived, Aunt Zhang could be seen standing by the front door looking out for them.

Thinking that Aunt Zhang would want to exchange a few words in private with her daughter, Shen Jingbin asked Shen Jingchen to drop Qu Yanxin off at the front door before she accompanied him to park the car in the garage.

The moment Qu Yanxin got off the car, Aunt Zhang went straight up to her and held her daughter’s hands in her own. “Xinxin! How was it like going to First High?” Aunt Zhang asked, her voice tinged with concern for her daughter.

Preoccupied with sizing up the Shen siblings’ villa, Qu Yanxin gave a half-hearted reply, “What do you mean how was it? I was only in First High for the examination. What does it matter to me how First High is like...? Mom, do you stay here with Big Brother Shen and the rest? Just the three of you are staying in such a huge house?”

“That’s right, just us three. But Little Chen and Little Jing will occasionally stay over elsewhere as well.”

Qu Yanxin’s lips curled. “What a waste! They should make full use of their resources.”

Although she’d gone home not too long ago, Aunt Zhang still missed her daughter very much. She hurriedly ushered her daughter into the house and said, “Stop standing by the entrance, let’s go inside. I specially cooked your favorite dishes for you today.”

Looking back, Qu Yanxin saw that Shen Jingbin had already gotten off the car and was waiting by the garage door for Shen Jingchen. The man in question had just gotten out of the car and his long, slender, pencil-thin legs were exceptionally eye-catching in contrast with the obscenely red sports car.

“Is it alright for us to go in without waiting for Big Brother Shen and Big Sis Shen? No matter what, they’re still the owners of the house,” Qu Yanxin broke free from her Mother’s grasp and rubbed her wrist, intent on waiting by the front door for the siblings.

Aunt Zhang slapped her head. She was so happy to see her daughter that she’d forgotten about the Shen siblings. Thankfully, her daughter had reminded her in time. Thus, the two of them waited by the front door for the Shen siblings.

Shen Jingchen saw Aunt Zhang and her daughter standing outside the front door when he got down from the car. He locked the car door as he walked towards Shen Jingbin and asked, “Why haven’t they gone in yet?”

Shen Jingbin waited till Shen Jinchen caught up with her before they made their way to the front door. “I don’t know. They’re probably waiting for us.”

“Tsk, I thought Auntie would’ve definitely been so happy to see her daughter that she’d forget about us.”

“It’s possible for her to forget you since you don’t really have a presence, but she definitely wouldn’t forget about me,” Shen Jingbin casually remarked.

“...” Would it kill you to not argue with me?! Shen Jingchen grumbled angrily in his heart.

Their long legs brought them in front of the mother-daughter pair in just a few steps.

“Auntie, why didn’t you go in first? I’m starving! Let’s quickly go in and eat!” Shen Jingchen said the moment he neared them.

“Well, isn’t it because I’m waiting for you and Little Jing?” Aunt Zhang smiled and said.

“Let’s go, Auntie,” Shen Jingbin said.

Aunt Zhang gave a chuckle and pulled Qu Yanxin along with her as they followed behind the siblings.

The piping hot dishes were already neatly laid out on the dining table. Once they stepped inside the house, they were greeted by a rich, fragrant aroma. The four of them sat down and shared an enjoyable meal.

Of course, most of the conversation consisted of Qu Yanxin conversing with her Mother whilst the Shen siblings quietly listened to the side, only offering a few words in response when questions were directed at them.

The siblings went upstairs after they finished eating. Qu Yanxin helped her Mother tidy up in the kitchen, stealing glances at the second floor in the process. While she was at it, she conveniently asked her Mother about the siblings.

“Mom, do Big Brother Shen and Big Sis Shen stay on the second floor?”

“That’s right. You better be careful, the second level is their private space, so you shouldn’t go up there without permission.”

Dissatisfied with her Mother’s reply, she mumbled to herself, “Then where am I going to stay?”

Aunt Zhang handed her a dinner plate that was completely covered in soap and motioned for her to clean it. “You’ll be staying with me on the first floor,” She announced.

Qu Yanxin was even more put off by her response, “No way Mom. How can I stay with you at my age? I don’t want to!”

Aunt Zhang rapped her head. “Hey, are you snubbing me? I don’t want to room with you either. You’ve got lousy sleeping habits and you even kick people in your sleep. There’s a spare guest room on the first floor. I’ll tidy it up for you in a bit and you can sleep there.”

Qu Yanxin quietly muttered something under her breath, but Aunt Zhang couldn’t hear her well. “What did you say?” She asked.

“Nothing… Mom, what’s your relationship with the Shen siblings?”

“Little Chen and Little Jing are good children. They treat me very well and don’t think of me as a nanny at all,” Aunt Zhang said, overcome with emotion.

Hearing her Mother say this, an idea secretly started to sprout in Qu Yanxin’s heart.

She shot a sidelong glance at her Mother who was wiping the kitchen countertop clean and a lovable smile suddenly formed on her face as she said, “Mom, take me for a stroll around the area once you’re done tidying up the room. Even though I’ll only be here for one or two days, it’s still better for me to familiarize myself with the area. Otherwise, I’ll end up inconveniencing the Shen siblings if they have to look for me when I get lost.”

“Alright, alright. Whatever you say.”

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