Chapter 106: A Young Girl’s Vanity (2)

Chapter 106: A Young Girl’s Vanity (2) 

The next day, Shen Jingchen and Shen Jingbin arrived at First High’s entrance at the designated time.

“Keep a look out for me, your big bro is gonna play a few games of Anipop[1],” After parking the car somewhere shady by the school’s entrance, Shen Jingchen pulled out his handphone and started playing a game.

Shen Jingbin rolled her eyes at him. “Useless!”

After all, Shen Jingbin had only seen Aunt Zhang’s daughter in the photos, so she was worried she might miss her. To make sure that wouldn’t happen, she got out of the car and waited. She didn’t know what had gotten into Shen Jingchen’s head, but today he brought out his dark red Ferrari that had been collecting dust in the garage. As a prestigious school in A City, apart from scholars, there were plenty of rich kids attending First High, giving rise to no small amount of luxury cars parked at the school’s entrance.  

Their car wasn’t the most eye-catching one at first, but after Shen Jingbin got out, everyone’s gaze was attracted to them in minutes.

What was pairing beauties with glamorous cars?

This was!

When she walked out of First High’s entrance, not only did Qu Yanxin catch sight Shen Jingbin and the luxury car beside her, her friends took notice of it as well.

Seemingly not have seen anyone as beautiful as Shen Jingbin before, the excited students immediately started talking about her.

“Quick, take a look over there! The big sister over there looks so beautiful!”

“The car beside her looks so cool! She really is someone from the city, she looks so fashionable!”

“It would be so amazing if I had a big sister as beautiful as her! I wonder who’s the lucky one who has such a beautiful person as their older sister.”

Qu Yanxin thought of her mother’s description of the people she was taking care of and immediately came to the conclusion that this beautiful big sis was definitely waiting for her. Looking at the praise and envy directed towards this beautiful girl waiting for her, Qu Yanxin’s sense of vanity felt like it was completely satisfied.

“Stop guessing, she’s here to pick me up,” Qu Yanxin proudly raised her and declared to the students around her.

“Tch, don’t lie to us. When did you have a relative like that? Why don’t we know about it?” After hearing her announcement, someone immediately called what she said into question.

“That’s right. Qu Yanxin, don’t tell us you’re so nervous that you’ve gone crazy. We all know that you’re an only child,” In small towns, families within the same neighbourhood more or less knew all their neighbours, so these students were very clear about what her family was like.

“See that car over there? It’s worth at least a million dollars. Qu Yanxin, isn’t your mother a nanny? How would you know someone as rich as them?”

A boy who was knowledgeable about cars immediately discerned how much Shen Jingchen’s car was worth. “Even if you want to shoot your mouth off, you should at least find something more believable to brag about,” He ridiculed.

“Hmph, just you wait and see then,” Seeing as no one believed her words, Qu Yanxin let out a harrumph and walked like a tsundere over to the one woman and one car pair that everyone’s eyes were glued on.

Behind her were her schoolmates who were mocking her.

“Hey hey hey, I think Qu Yanxin’s gone mad, she’s actually walking up to her!”

“I’m already making a recording of it. We definitely have to record the look on her face when she’s rejected so we can show it to the rest of the school!”

“Hahaha, send me a copy when the time comes!”

Shen Jingbin folded her hands across her chest, looking bored out of her mind as she leaned against the car and waited. She waited for a long time till the gates of First High opened up and a group of students wearing other uniforms emerged from within. Shen Jingbin was scanning the crowd for Aunt Zhang’s daughter, when a girl with a ponytail and a canvas bag on her back started making her way over, looking very ladylike.

“Excuse me, are you Big Sister Shen? I’m Qu Yanxin,” The girl stopped in front of Shen Jingbin as she raised her collagen filled face up and asked.

Qu Yanxin… I think that’s the name of Aunt Zhang’s daughter?

Shen Jingbin scrutinized the girl in front of her. She bore around an eighty percent resemblance to the girl in the picture, but seemed more elegant in person. Either way, she should be the right one.

“Mm, I am. I’m here to pick you up, can we leave now?”

A look of embarrassment surfaced on the girl’s face. Noticing it, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“About that… Big Sis Shen, since we’re staying together as a group in a hotel, we need to report to our teacher in charge when we’re leaving. Can you come with me to have a word with my teacher in charge?”

Shen Jingbin blanked out for a moment before she said, “Oh, okay. Let’s go over then.”

Hearing her reply, Qu Yanxin’s face immediately lit up light a lightbulb. “Thanks, Big Sis Shen.”

“Don’t mention it. Hold on for a moment, there’s a big brother in the car as well. Let me have a word with him.”


Shen Jingbin turned around and knocked on the car’s window. Noticing the noise, Shen Jingchen wound down the window.

“What’s up?”

Shen Jingbin pointed at Qu Yanxin who was behind her. Seeing this, Qu Yanxin took the initiative to flash an enchanting smile and greeted him.

“I’ll be going with her to speak with her teacher in charge. Wait here for a bit.”

“Go on, go on,” Shen Jingchen was more concerned about his Anipop. After casting a glance at Qu Yanxin, he quickly shifted his gaze back to his phone and gave a half-hearted reply.

“Let’s go,” Shen Jingbin said to Qu Yanxin after Shen Jingchen wound up the window.

It was only then that Qu Yanxin retraced her gaze that was trained on Shen Jingchen, and she shot another sweet smile at Shen Jingbin before she led the way. The bus from Qu Yanxin’s school was at another side of the school, and the teacher in charge was waiting for them in the bus.

As Qu Yanxin was leading Shen Jingbin over to the bus, she pretended to casually introduce her to her group of schoolmates who were staring at her dumbfounded, “Big sister, these are the students from my school who are attending the competition this time around.”

Shen Jingbin glanced at the group of youths and lively children in front of her before she gave a kind nod towards them as a form of acknowledgement. She then continued along with Qu Yanxin to look for her teacher in charge.

But what she didn’t know was that behind her, the jaws of the students she’d just passed had dropped to the ground.

  1. A Candy Crush like game.

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