Chapter 100: Undying City (2)

Chapter 100: Undying City (2) 

Shen Jingbin gently stroked her chin as she continued observing the four of them with interest. In her mind, she imagined a scene of an incomparably bloody four-way battle for love.

“Brother Pure, there’s nothing here. Delly and I have explored the entire city already, but there isn’t a single NPC in sight,” Black Hawk frowned, looking a little disheartened. “I thought we got lucky since finding the teleportation point is so difficult, but who would’ve expected this place to be a ghost town.”

“Brother Pure Crane, did you find anything outside the city?” Delicate Flower[1] asked after walking up and patting Black Hawk on the shoulder to console her.

Pure Crane shook his head, “There’s nothing. Everything one meter past the city walls is pitch black, you can’t see anything. I was afraid you guys wouldn’t be able to find me if I went any further, so I refrained from further exploration.”

Pure Crane discreetly extricated himself from Black Hawk’s grasp and said, “Oh right, I didn’t find anything else, but I did run into one of my friends. Here, let me introduce her to you guys,” After saying so, he turned around and led the three of them into the tavern.

Having the hand she was holding on to suddenly removed caused her spirits to drop a little, but she immediately adjusted her state of mind. She raised her head and beamed a smile as she walked into the tavern with Pure Crane.

“This is Nutjob, a Daoist. She’s someone I’ve met in the past and I happened to run into her when I was outside the city. It looked quite dangerous for her to be by herself, so I offered to let her join us.”

“Hello everyone,” Shen Jingbin very respectfully stood up and nodded towards the three of them.

“Greetings, my name is Delicate Flower, a Mara,” Delicate Flower took the initiative to introduce herself. Her voice was on the low side, making her different from all those other cutesy girls. However, Shen Jingbin found her voice to be particularly pleasant, causing a smile to bloom on Shen Jingbin’s face.

Delicate Flower suddenly choked on her own saliva.

Shen Jingbin: “...”

The smiling man was next to introduce himself, “I’m Cheshire Cat, a Nymph.”  

A male Nymph… Shen Jingbin’s line of sight gradually crept towards the man and sized him up. How rare, but it really does fit the personality he’s portraying.

Once Delicate Flower and Cheshire Cat were done introducing themselves, Black Hawk slowly opened her mouth and said, “Hello Miss Daoist, my name is Black Hawk, also a Nymph. Miss Daoist, why are you by yourself? This area is very dangerous.”

“My friends were busy, so I decided to come on my own and take a look around.”

“So it’s like thaaatttt…” Said Black Hawk as she dragged out her response. “In that case, was Miss Daoist also transported to Undying City? Why haven’t we seen you before this?”

“Nutjob came from outside of Undying City. She probably wandered over here while she was exploring,” said Pure Crane in Shen Jingbin’s stead.

All of a sudden, Black Hawk’s voice rose an octave as if she’d realized something, “Eh, I’ve been meaning to ask you since just now, but Miss Daoist, you’re called Nutjob, right? Is that the same Nutjob that I’m thinking of? Why’d you give yourself such a name?”

“My name was randomly selected by the system. You guys can call me Little Jing or Nutty.”

“Nutty sounds a little awkward. I’ll call you Little Jing,” Black Hawk said as she smiled sweetly at her.

Shen Jingbin was just like any other normal person and had a fondness for good-looking people. Black Hawk may look like a lovely woman, but she was also very cute, giving Shen Jingbin a very good impression of her.

“Mm,” Shen Jingbin nodded her head in assent.

Pure Crane seemed very satisfied by this and nodded his head. He turned to Cheshire Cat and Delicate flower and spoke, “We still have over ten minutes. Let’s scour the city once again. The development team doesn’t have so much free time that they’d create an entire city filled with nothing. That serves no purpose. There’s definitely some sort of clue that we’ve yet to discover.”

Delicate Flower seconded his proposal, “I agree. We only have around ten plus minutes left, so we wouldn’t be able to go far even if we left the city. In fact, we might even run into that crazy PKer.”

Black Hawk would unconditionally agree with whatever Pure Crane said. Cheshire Cat, on the other hand, had been smiling the entire time, looking as if he was fine with whatever.

Since there was no objection, a decision was swiftly made. Pure Crane’s group of four, plus Shen Jingbin who’d they picked up along the way, started to search through Undying City once again.

Undying City was far larger and complicated than Shen Jingbin had imagined. Street after street could be seen connecting in all directions. She’d definitely have gotten lost if she was by herself.

Undying City was just like what Black Hawk and co. had said. There wasn’t anything else aside from streets that were filled with junk strewn all over the place and a couple of spiderwebs. Their footsteps and occasional conversations were the only things that could be heard in this deathly quiet city.

Shen Jingbin walked right at the back of the group. Although she knew Pure Crane and his companions held no hostility towards her for now, she still wasn’t comfortable with exposing her back to someone she’d met for the very first time.

Of course, this wasn’t her first time meeting Pure Crane. But to her, it was as good as it being their first one.

Shen Jingbin always had this feeling that Undying City was very strange, so she paid close attention to nooks, crannies, and various other small areas.

The people who used to live here seemed to enjoy watching performances. As she walked by another one of the stages, Shen Jingbin couldn’t help but glance at it once again.

It felt similar. It wasn’t just Shen Jingbin who felt it, Delicate Flower also discovered this oddity. “There’s an abundance of stages over here. We managed to find at least ten stages just by wandering around here.”

Pure Crane paused his footsteps and thought for a bit. “Let’s go over and take a look.”

Pure Crane did an about face and led them back towards one of the stages they’d previously passed.

This stage was far more crude than the one Shen Jingbin had seen in the tavern. The bright red cloth that was laid on top of the stage had been faded by the wind and rain, leaving ugly patches of light red in its wake.

They gathered around the stage.

Black Hawk had the lively personality of your typical young maiden. The moment she got close, she impatiently stretched out her hand and tried to touch the fabric.

“Beauties and commoners aren’t fated to be, while romance taken lightly births regrets.”

The voice of a woman’s lingering resentment rang out in her ears when her fingertips touched the mottled cloth. In that moment, Undying City’s tranquility was broken by a sudden noise and numerous hazy figures appeared on its streets.  

The horror movie like development caused Black Hawk’s face to pale in fright as she screamed and flung herself into Pure Crane’s arms.

Pure Crane subconsciously stretched out his hands and caught Black Hawk. He furrowed his brows and was about to say something when the group suddenly heard the system notification in their ears.

“The exploration time has ended. Commencing teleportation.”

“Teleportation in progress, please wait…”

Before they could even regain their composure from the sudden notification, they felt the scenery in front of them distort.


Everyone couldn’t help but curse in their hearts.

  1. In case any of you were wondering, Delly is Delicate Flower’s pet name

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