Chapter 10: Jade Sea Pavilion

Chapter 10: Jade Sea Pavilion

“You have joined ‘Jade Sea Pavilion’. Till now, both parties have been separated by the land and sea. Now joined, may you work together to better yourselves and overcome your tribulations.”

After the system’s notification, a translucent chat window popped up in front of Shen Jingbin’s eyes, the words on it flying by at incredible speeds.

The guilds in <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> used a chat window for communication to prevent large guilds from creating too much of a commotion. When a player entered a guild, the chat window that was closed by default would automatically open so the player could interact with their new guildmates.

[Guild] System announcement: There is strength in numbers. Congratulations to player Nutjob for joining the guild.

[Guild] I’m Not A Monster: What the f*ck, that name is so cool!

[Guild] I’m Really Not A Monster: It’s even cooler than our names.

[Guild] Actually, I Am A Monster: I bet my ass on this person being a guy.

[Guild] I’m A Monster, Dare To Hit Me: I’ll throw in my ass as well and bet that he’s gay!

[Guild] Gentle Flower: Can you four be a little more reserved!! You’re gonna scare off the newcomer!

[Guild] Long Life: Don’t be afraid newbie, big brother will protect you.

[Guild] Eternal Rest: The one on top is an idiot. Don’t worry newbie, big sister will protect you.

[Guild] Slight Chill: Only level 20? Who took this person in?

[Guild] Dawn’s Twilight: I did, that person’s my friend. It’s their first time playing the game, please look after them.

[Guild] Slight Chill: Oh, personal connections. How interesting.

Shen Jingbin had already typed out her greetings in the chat window, but upon seeing what Slight Chill wrote, she suddenly felt a little embarrassed. Shen Jingbin silently deleted what she wrote and turned to face Shen Jingchen.

Shen Jingchen’s handsome face fell. He took a deep breath and gave her a look that seemed to say: Don’t worry, your big brother will take care of everything!

In truth, Shen Jingbin really felt like saying: You were the one that dragged me into the guild, so you’re definitely gonna be the one to handle it if anything comes up!

[Guild] Dawn’s Twilight: Personal connections are also a form of strength. At the very least, she isn’t inferior to you.

[Guild] Slight Chill: What a joke. Are you saying I can’t even compare to a level 20 noob? Are you blind or an idiot?

[Guild] Yanmen Imperial Sister: Let’s talk things out nicely, what’s the point of quarreling everyday? Slight Chill, don’t be so sarcastic towards others. Dawn’s Twilight, you should know the guild’s rules for accepting new members. Give me a valid reason to keep her.

[Guild] Dawn’s Twilight: She’s the noob who was taken in as a disciple by White Cloud Temple’s Sect Leader.

Quite a few players were immediately blown out of hiding when he said that.

[Guild] Lingering White Clouds: What the f*ck! The old guy from White Cloud Temple accepted this lucky bastard as his disciple?

[Guild] Eight National Treasures: Hurry up and let us take a look at them! Come on, say something.

Shen Jingbin very obediently typed the word “something” into the chat window.

[Guild] Nutjob: Something.

[Guild] Next Week Is Unlikely: Hahaha, let’s keep her! Let’s keep this guy! Who cares about level and equipment? All you need is a bit of time and money and you’ll be able to square it off, but you can’t just pay an illustrious NPC to take you in as their disciple. I’ve decided, we’ll keep the new guy and no one can say otherwise! Hey new guy, you can hang out with big brother next time!  

[Guild] Nutjob: Mhmm, thank you.

The player called “Slight Chill” no longer said anything once Next Week Is Unlikely made his declaration. The group of lurkers, on the other hand, extended their greetings towards her in succession, making her feel a little overwhelmed by the attention.

She reached out her hand and viciously pinched Shen Jingchen’s arm before asking, “Who’s that? What’s the big deal about me becoming Song Yuqing’s disciple?”

Shen Jingbin had placed a fair bit of force into that pinch of hers, which left Shen Jingchen crying out in pain. Even his reply was tinged with ragged gasps, “What the f*ck… You’re far too vicious! My flesh was practically torn off by you.”

Shen Jingchen gently massaged his now red arm and explained, “Next Week Is Unlikely is one of the founders of our guild. He’s also good friends with the guild leader in reality. His good family background, willingness to put in the effort in the game and his upright personality makes him popular with others. Now that he’s made his decision, the woman called “Slight Chill” has no choice but to accept you even if she’s unwilling. As for the matter of you being Song Yuqing’s disciple… Do you know what the game’s setting is?”

Shen Jingbin shook her head. How would she know something like this.

Shen Jingchen wore a look that seemed to say: “I shouldn’t have asked”. He explained, “The game company originally focused on freedom as its unique selling point when it was first announced. To facilitate that, the NPCs within the game were designed to be extremely realistic. You apprenticing yourself to White Cloud Temple’s Sect Leader means that you’re now White Cloud temple’s Lead Disciple. Putting aside the fact that you’re a player, all the NPC disciples of your sect are now your junior disciples. As the eldest sister disciple, you have the authority to mobilize them. Although this game has been in operation for two years, and the game’s administrators have divulged some information on this subject, due to the information on hand being vague and the fact that no one has ever actually accomplished this feat, people have gradually forgotten about it over time. While no one knows how you lucked out and managed to apprentice yourself to the Sect Leader, you being able to do so means that you have the entire White Cloud Temple as your backing. Anyone with even a bit of brains wouldn’t think of provoking you. You get it now?”

Shen Jingbin was left stunned for several seconds before she gave a heavy nod of her head.

Doesn’t this also mean that if anyone bullies her, she can round up the entirety of White Cloud Temple’s disciples and majestically swoop down on them for revenge? No wonder Next Week Is Unlikely stood up for her, she was practically a cheat-like existence!

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