Chapter 99: Life-saving “Panda” Blood

“She is such a cute, sweet girl. How could you be so heartless and hit her?”

Mo Suqing’s grievous voice could break anyone’s heart. Leng Haoyun’s strong body couldn’t support him anymore. He bent over as if in great pain and a single tear fell to the floor.

Ye Zhongjue pulled Mo Suqing into his chest and looked away, not having the heart to watch him.

The whole city knew how much Leng Haoyun loved his niece. Therefore, if something did happen to Leng Xiyao just after he had hit her…

Ye Zhongjue couldn’t begin to imagine how Leng Haoyun would take it.

People were made of flesh. He remembered how much it had hurt and how he could barely look at Mo Suqing’s bloodied palms the day she had had a breakdown and harmed herself. It must hurt a million times over for Leng Haoyun to see his niece in such a critical danger.

When Guan Zixuan arrived, Mo Suqing was like a wooden puppet who allowed herself to be held by Ye Zhongjue, albeit the tears still streaming down her face, while Leng Haoyun looked so aggrieved that the hallway was full of despair.

Guan Zixuan stopped short and then resumed walking toward them.

He knew it was not time, but he couldn’t help but feel jealous to see Mo Suqing in Ye Zhongjue’s arms.

He regretted leaving them for the filming studio today. If he could have known it beforehand, he would have accompanied the women to look for an apartment and none of this would have happened!

The news that Leng Xiyao was critically injured had attracted countless journalists to the hospital. The entrance of the building was completely jam-packed with them.

If it weren’t for the security personnel Ye Zhongjue and Leng Haoyun had arranged, they probably would have got inside long ago.

Guan Zixuan walked over and stood in front of Mo Suqing.

Then, without hesitation, he pulled her away from Ye Zhongjue and into his own chest. Ye Zhongjue had only held her lightly, lest she should resist him.

Remembering the look Mo Suqing had given him the other day, he didn’t dare do anything more than that.

Ye Zhongjue hadn’t expected Guan Zixuan would just be so bold and pull her away.

However, seeing how distressed Mo Suqing was, Ye Zhongjue could do nothing but darken his face and glare at Guan Zixuan, then stand by her side quietly.

Leaning against Guan Zixuan, Mo Suqing suddenly felt very dizzy. Her head was spinning, as if she was standing on the ceiling and the floor was above her.

The next moment, her body went limp and she collapsed.

Ye Zhongjue was fast to catch her mid-waist. He gave Guan Zixuan a cold stare and then quickly carried her to find a doctor.

He had thought the blood on Mo Suqing belonged to Leng Xiyao. But now she had passed out, he began to panic.

Fortunately, the doctor told him it was just because she had been too worked up and her body had been under too much tension.

Ye Zhongjue breathed out a sigh of relief.

Looking at her lying there quietly with her eyes closed, he remembered what she had said to Leng Haoyun.

If you love her, how could you have the heart to hit her?

You didn’t do anything! How could you let Bai Tingnan have the chance to harm Yao? Is this how you protect her?

To him, it sounded like her words had been directed at him, too.

Yeah, if he did love her, why would he have had the heart to lie to her?

That must be what she had in mind. He said he loved her, but then he got her into this mess. She couldn’t even have a normal life now! Yeah, if he did love her, he should have killed off those who might harm her, shouldn’t he?

It sounded like an extreme method, but only when something happens to your loved one would you start to realize that love was to protect the person from any potential harm or pain.

Ye Zhongjue looked at Mo Suqing. His expression had become resolute, as if he had come to an important decision. He stood up and gave her one last look before walking out of the room.

Guan Zixuan was leaning against the wall outside the ward, like a guardian angel.

“Take good care of her,” Ye Zhongjue told him.

Then, he walked away.

Guan Zixuan stared after Ye Zhongjue and cursed him inwardly, Rude bastard! Of course I will take good care of her, but I don’t care for being instructed by you so matter-of-factly! I’m not your goddamned servant!

After sulking for a while, Guan Zixuan glared at the general direction where Ye Zhongjue had left one last time and walked into the ward.

Before he left the hospital, Ye Zhongjue went to check on Leng Haoyun.

Leng Haoyun was still squatting there lifelessly, his face pale, waiting for the final sentence from the doctor.

However, a woman was beside him now.

Ye Zhongjue recognized her as the editor-in-chief at Trend Magazine, Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao’s boss. He had seen her before when he picked up Mo Suqing from work.

Just as Ye Zhongjue was about to go over to tell Leng Haoyun that he needed to leave  and that he should call him if anything came up, the door to the operating room opened.

A nurse ran out in a hurry. “The patient has massive hemorrhage and needs transfusions!”

Leng Haoyun jumped up and almost fell backward. An Huilin caught him in time.

He walked over and grabbed the nurse’s shoulders, looking aghast.

“What did you say?”

Although he was hurting her, the nurse quickly calmed herself – there was a life at stake! She responded, “The patient is Rh-negative, a very rare blood type. Our hospital doesn’t have that and is trying to get enough of it from other hospitals. It would be best if family members can help, too.”

Leng Haoyun was thunderstruck.

Yao is Rh-negative, but I’m not!

He had known long ago that they were not blood-related. Even if her parents were still alive, they wouldn’t be able to save her.

Leng Xiyao had almost never been ill in her life, so he had never thought that she might need a transfusion one day. He knew what her blood type was, but had never thought of saving some for events like this. He had always been confident that he could protect her from all harm.

Leng Haoyun snapped himself back to reality and called his subordinate to look for Rh-negative blood in A City.

After the call, he felt he could collapse any second. Nicknamed “panda blood,” the blood type was extremely rare. He knew very clearly how hard it was to find it. He shouldn’t have been so overly confident!

Leng Haoyun put his hands on his head in anguish and moaned.

Ye Zhongjue could acutely feel his despair.

Suddenly, he remembered that Ceng Hanyu had also been looking for Rh-negative blood for one occasion. An Zhenguo had had some heart condition and needed transfusions for operation.

After that, Ceng Hanyu had continued to look for donors and saved all the blood he had collected in a blood bank in a private hospital.

Ye Zhongjue quickly called Ceng Hanyu, not wasting a second.


When Ceng Hanyu answered, his voice was full of drowsiness; he was still half asleep.

“What’s wrong?” he asked in a hoarse voice.

“Get up! I remember you have saved a lot of Rh-negative blood in that hospital. I have a MVC patient who needs it right now. Quickly bring it to the Second City Hospital!”

Ye Zhongjue sounded really urgent.

Ceng Hanyu could see it was a very serious situation, so he didn’t ask for details. “Alright, I’m getting at it!”

He put on some clothes and made phone calls at the same time, then quickly prepared the transportation.

Ye Zhongjue hung up and saw hope showing on Leng Haoyun’s face. All he could do was to give him an assured look.

They had found the blood, but they still needed to wait and see if Leng Xiyao could survive the operation.

Waiting, as always, was the most anxious part.

When Ceng Hanyu arrived, the blood had just been sent to the operating room.

Ceng Hanyu walked over while buttoning up his shirt. He had jumped in his car and headed here before he could even do up the buttons.

“What happened? Who is it? Do I know them?” Ceng Hanyu asked urgently, his expression concerned.

If there was anyone who could make Ye Zhongjue ask for help and sound so urgent, it must be someone important to him.

“It’s Leng Xiyao, Suqing’s best friend,” Ye Zhongjue looked at him and replied lightly.

Ceng Hanyu’s hands stopped.

Leng Xiyao, the girl from yesterday? She had a car accident?

He sighed and gave Leng Haoyun a sympathetic look. It must be very difficult for him.

The girl had been as lively as one could be yesterday, and today she was in an accident. Fate was unpredictable!

Ye Zhongjue patted him on the shoulder, hinting that he shouldn’t say anything.

Then, he walked to Leng Haoyun and patted him on the shoulder, too.

“Well, don’t worry too much, okay? Leng Xiyao is a lucky girl; she’ll make it! I need to leave now. Call me if anything happens.”

Leng Haoyun stared at the operating room and made a sound so small it was almost imperceptible.

Ye Zhongjue sighed and turned to leave.

However, he saw that Ceng Hanyu had his eyes fixated on An Huilin, who was hanging her head low.

He walked over and kicked him.

“What are you doing? Let’s go!” he whispered.

Ceng Hanyu rolled his eyes at him, gave An Huilin one last look, and then left with Ye Zhongjue.

Outside the hospital, Ye Zhongjue scowled at him in exasperation.

“Are you crazy? It’s not the time to stare at a woman like that!”

Ceng Hanyu rolled his eyes again.

“I think it’s you who are crazy! I stared at the woman because I recognized her! She’s not my type, okay?”

Ye Zhongjue was surprised.

“You know An Huilin?”

“You bet!” Ceng Hanyu explained, “You said yourself, her name is An Huilin! There aren’t too many people with a surname An, are there? Although the An Group’s headquarters is no longer in A City, a lot of their family members still live here.”

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