Chapter 98: Leng Xiyao Had a Car Accident

Mo Suqing felt a little ill at ease. She admitted she was going to forgive Leng Xiyao.

However, ever since she found out about her true identity, she could no longer see her the way she had.

At least not now. She couldn’t pretend nothing had happened right away.

Leng Xiyao didn’t say anything. She just put her arm around Mo Suqing’s, looking as happy as a child.

Mo Suqing didn’t pull away. She just let her be.

The two of them kept walking, deep in their own thoughts.


Suddenly, Leng Xiyao pointed at a billboard on the right hand side of the street.

“Look! It’s an estate agency.”

Mo Suqing turned to look where she was pointing. Leng Xiyao beamed, her eyes sparkling.

Then all of a sudden, Leng Xiyao’s face went white and she shouted, “Suqing, watch out!”

Mo Suqing felt herself being pushed aside.

While she fell backward, she could see a car going at full speed toward Leng Xiyao.

Mo Suqing panicked. Her face had gone completely white like a sheet of paper.

In the driver’s seat was no one but Bai Tingnan, who had never got along with them.

Everything happened in an instant.

Leng Xiyao had pushed her away and let herself be hit by the car. Her body flew across the air.

Mo Suqing collapsed on the ground. She felt weak and that her strength had gone out of her body. For a moment, she couldn’t quite summon up her courage to check on Leng Xiyao.

Her thoughts were in a whirl. No matter how much Bai Tingnan hated them, she couldn’t understand why she would hit them with a car and want them dead, even if it meant she could die herself.

Looking at Bai Tingnan’s frenzied look, Mo Suqing felt there was only one possibility: the woman was crazy!

She was crazy, so she had decided to crash her car and kill the three of them together.

Mo Suqing could see blood spreading beneath Leng Xiyao. Her lips, her hands, and basically her whole body were trembling uncontrollably.

She took out her phone but it was difficult to dial with all the trembling.

Finally, she pressed the three digits of the emergency telephone number. It seemed to have cost all of her energy.

Tears poured down her face. She was scared, so scared. Silly girl!

My silly Yao!

Mo Suqing felt as if she was dying inside. She had never been so scared in her life.

She crawled over to Leng Xiyao and refrained from hugging her due to the amount of blood on and around her.

She was like a broken doll, lying there quietly.

Mo Suqing bit her lower lip so hard it started to bleed.

She clawed at the ground, prostrating on the ground next to Leng Xiyao, and howled.

“Yao! Wake up! Don’t scare me like that! I’ll never, never hold a grudge against you anymore. I was just messing with you. You always make me laugh. How would I hold a grudge against you? How can I? Please just wake up, Yao!”

Mo Suqing wailed inconsolably, but dared not touch Leng Xiyao.

Leng Xiyao could hear someone calling her name. Her whole body ached so much that she felt she might die from the pain.

Her sight was blurred, but she could make out Mo Suqing’s figure by her side. She was crying so hard…

She felt like she was going to rise into the air.

Am I dying? she thought. Then, she thought of her uncle and how he had slapped her yesterday. He must be feeling really bad. If I die, he probably won’t be able to live with it the rest of his life.

She could die, but she couldn’t harm him for life.

Actually, I don’t feel mad at him anymore.

After all, he has always been so good to me…

She opened her mouth, trying to speak. Startled, Mo Suqing’s eyes widened as she looked at Leng Xiyao.

She quickly pressed her ear against Leng Xiyao’s mouth and gasped, “Yao, what do you want to say? I’m listening!”

Leng Xiyao, with all her might, whispered: 

“Tell Uncle… that I… I don’t… blame him… Yao… loves him… very… very m…”

Before she could say the word “much” properly, Leng Xiyao passed out.

Even so, Mo Suqing knew what she wanted to say.

“Yao!” she howled in agony as she pulled at Leng Xiyao’s arm.

The onlookers watched the scene in pity and shook their heads. There was so much blood, it was unlikely the girl would survive.

Bai Tingnan felt particularly crazy today. After she had hit Leng Xiyao, she sat in her car and watched them while waiting patiently.

She knew she couldn’t escape. She would rather be captured by the police than by those guys. She would rather perish in jail than experience the inhuman tortures.

However, if she was doomed, she would make sure Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao suffer, too!

It was all their fault that she had come to this!

She had never known Leng Haoyun and Ye Zhongjue were so atrocious. Even though she was sitting in her car, she could feel a chill run down her spine.

She shook her head. Don’t blame me. I was forced to do it.


The ambulance arrived soon. Mo Suqing held Leng Xiyao’s hand, her eyes widened and unblinking as if she was afraid she would never see Leng Xiyao again once she blinked.

Mo Suqing got on the ambulance with Leng Xiyao, while the police took Bai Tingnan away.

Ye Zhongjue and Leng Haoyun arrived at the hospital at the same time.

Mo Suqing was leaning against the pure-white wall on the hallway. She wanted so badly to be the one who was lying there in the operating room. She felt so pained, as if something had ripped her heart open…

She couldn’t begin to imagine if something did happen to Leng Xiyao, what she would do.

She also felt extremely regretful for treating her like that. Even though she had lied about her true identity, Mo Suqing knew very well that Leng Xiyao had always treated her with the most genuine heart.

How could I do that to her?

Mo Suqing grabbed her hair and slid to the floor in anguish.

Leng Haoyun ran to the operating room. He was panicking so much that his steps were unsteady. It seemed he, who was usually aloof and unruffled, could stagger and fall any moment.

Ye Zhongjue was right behind him as he rushed to the operating room.

He immediately saw Mo Suqing crouching on the floor. He walked over to help her up, but she suddenly snapped her head up. Her eyes were red and her white blouse was blood-stained.

She clenched her fists tightly and glared at Leng Haoyun with a deadly expression as if she wanted to kill the man.

Then, the next second, she was up. She ran toward Leng Haoyun and, to Ye Zhongjue’s astonishment, slapped him with all her might.

Ye Zhongjue was utterly dumbstruck. He didn’t know why Mo Suqing would hit him.

Then, Mo Suqing’s furious outburst made him understand.

“Leng Haoyun, how dare you come here!”

Mo Suqing glared at him with huge eyes as if she wanted to stab him with a knife.

Leng Haoyun’s face had darkened when she slapped him. Ye Zhongjue immediately pulled her behind him protectively.

Mo Suqing pushed him away. It was obvious she was on the verge of a breakdown, even more so than the time in Jazz Club.

She pointed at Leng Haoyun angrily and repeated, “How dare you come here? When I saw Yao’s swollen cheek this morning, I didn’t have to guess who did it to her. Why did you hit her? You love her so much, so why did you hit her?”

Mo Suqing half-cried, half-yelled.

Leng Haoyun fisted his hands. His face began to swell. Clearly, Mo Suqing had slapped him very hard.

He was remorseful. The moment he had slapped Leng Xiyao, he had felt remorse.

If he could have known what would happen, he would never have hurt her, even if he had to cut off his hand!

But he couldn’t have known.

This morning when he was in his office, he had felt unsettled. Then, Ye Zhongjue had called and told him that there was a car accident and that Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao had been hit.

On the way to the hospital, they found out that Leng Xiyao had pushed Mo Suqing away and let herself be hit.

What was she thinking when she had decided in that split second that she would sacrifice herself for Mo Suqing?

True, their love for each other was more than usual friends. However, Leng Haoyun knew that Leng Xiyao had done it as a protest. She was protesting that he had slapped her. That was why she had decided to die for someone else.

Yao! My Yao!

Leng Haoyun bent over in pain.

Mo Suqing didn’t know what he was thinking. She approached him with red-rimmed eyes and said, “I know you are feeling pain, but…”

Her tone became sharp all of a sudden, “It’s nothing compared to what Yao felt! You are her uncle! You are supposed to protect her! But what have you brought her? You know it was Bai Tingnan who published those stories, but you didn’t do anything! How could you let her have the chance to harm Yao? Is this how you protect her?”

“How could you do this to her!” Mo Suqing shouted with all her might and then covered her face with her hands to weep.

Ye Zhongjue pulled her into his chest.

He knew she was in a lot of pain.

Leng Xiyao was like a family to Mo Suqing, whereas her real family didn’t mean anything to her.

Mo Suqing’s cry was full of despair and agony. She sniffed hard and forced herself to stop.

“Before she lost consciousness, all she could think of was you, you know? You love her and have always spoiled her, but have you thought that she loves you, too? You are her dearest uncle! Even if you are a blockhead, you would have felt it.”

“Poor girl. She has a fear of needles, but today she bore with that kind of pain, a pain that made her spasm uncontrollably and made it hard for her to speak…” Mo Suqing staggered a little before continuing, “… just so that she could let me tell you that… that…” she sniffed again and finished it, “that she doesn’t blame you and that she loves you very, very much.

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