Chapter 97: My Cell Phone is Innocent

Mo Suqing almost added, Besides, I don’t like men who treat relationships lightly.

In the face of relationships, Guan Zixuan was still a child.

He didn’t understand how one could not control whether to love someone or not. For him, love is just an “interest” of a sudden whim.

Guan Zixuan hadn’t expected that Mo Suqing would reject him flat out without thinking. After having some inner conflict for a while, he blurted out, “If that’s what you think, I’ll prove to you I am better than Ye Jue!”

Listening to his obviously rash statement, Mo Suqing felt even more speechless. It’s exactly what a child would say!

“Looks like I do need to leave here as soon as possible. I don’t want you to prove anything out of sheer competitiveness and you don’t have to prove anything to me!”

Mo Suqing’s cool tone knocked Guan Zixuan out. I think I am probably too impulsive.

This will accomplish nothing but push her further away.

He considered this, then grabbed Mo Suqing, who had stood up, on the arm. “You said yourself that I have helped you twice, so can’t you at least see me as a friend?”

Mo Suqing was amazed at how quickly Guan Zixuan had changed his attitude.

Her expression didn’t change much when she said, “But I already see you as a friend. Otherwise, why would I come with you?”

Guan Zixuan grinned. It was a sunny smile with a hint of nonchalance and two cute dimples on either side of his cheeks.

He had thought Mo Suqing had come with him because she had had no other choices. He surely hadn’t thought she had already seen him as a friend. After all, he had not treated her well before.

“Well, we are friends then!” Guan Zixuan’s eyes, pressed by the big smile on his face, narrowed to slits and sparkled with delight.

“Okay!” Mo Suqing replied.

Then, she went upstairs and changed into outdoor clothes. When she went downstairs, Leng Xiyao was already there.

Their expressions were very solemn.

Mo Suqing didn’t ask what had happened. If she was right, the headlines today were related to her again and they had nothing nice to say about her.

Otherwise, why would they look like shit?

Leng Xiyao looked up and saw Mo Suqing watching her and Guan Zixuan.

Then, she turned toward Guan Zixuan’s phone on the coffee table.

Leng Xiyao panicked. The first thing one would see on his phone would be the page they had been browsing, the page that contained the scandalous stories about Mo Suqing!

Leng Xiyao scooped up the phone and looked around the living room frantically.

The next moment, Guan Zixuan saw his phone fly through the air and plump right into the fish tank.

The golden carp, sensing a foreign object fall into the water, jerked away and swam around the tank.

Guan Zixuan’s eyes widened. He glared at Leng Xiyao and couldn’t speak a word until a few seconds later.

“My cell phone is innocent!”

Is she crazy?

As a matter of fact, they had been discussing how to deal with the situation. They must stop people from attacking Mo Suqing like that.

He had thought about whether he should employ his family’s connections. Then, in the next moment, he had looked up to find his phone being thrown by Leng Xiyao like a pitcher.

My cell phone didn’t do anything wrong!

Leng Xiyao stood there, helpless. I didn’t have any other choice! If Suqing sees it, she’s gonna be upset again.

She had hoped that Ye Zhongjue would do something about it. However, he wasn’t doing anything. Today, the situation had got worse. Almost everyone in A City had known that a gossip journalist named Mo Suqing was trying to get herself married into a super wealthy family. It wouldn’t be a surprise if her whole lineage had been exposed.

Yes, Ye Zhongjue didn’t do anything about it at all. Leng Xiyao could not help but doubt if he really loved Suqing.

As for her uncle, Leng Xiyao would die before she begged him. He had slapped her last night just because she had insulted An Huilin. If she did beg him, he would probably chastise her.

She would never beg him for anything ever!

She would not talk to him or forgive him!

When she had left the house in the morning, he was already gone.

She used to think that she was a precious treasure in his eyes, that no matter what she did, he would always, always stand by her side.


The slap she had received from him made her see that she had been wrong. Nevertheless, what should she do about Suqing’s scandals now?

She had been misjudging people lately. How could she not see that Ye Zhongjue’s love for her best friend had all been a fucking act?

Why hasn’t he done anything about Suqing’s predicament?

The more she thought about it, the angrier she was. She gave Mo Suqing a sad look. We have the same lot, you and me!

Finally, Guan Zixuan sensed something was wrong. He followed Leng Xiyao’s gaze, turned around, and saw Mo Suqing standing not far away behind him.

No wonder she threw my phone away! Cold sweat broke out on his forehead when he thought of the stories showing on his phone.

Good job throwing my phone!

As long as Mo Suqing would not get upset and troubled, sacrificing his phone was no big deal.

“You are here! Why didn’t you make a sound? Well, let’s all go grab something to eat!”

Guan Zixuan’s voice was a little constrained.

Mo Suqing didn’t respond. Instead, she looked Leng Xiyao in the eye.

Leng Xiyao hung her head low and turned away.

Mo Suqing walked over and asked, her voice betraying no emotions, “Did you cry?”

Leng Xiyao kept her head low and lied, “No.”

“Then what’s the matter with your face?”

Leng Xiyao was surprised. Mo Suqing noticed it.

Yes, her face was a little swollen, but the swelling had considerably reduced now. Even Guan Zixuan, who had sat with her for some time, didn’t notice anything.

The thought that Mo Suqing still cared about her cheered Leng Xiyao a little.

Guan Zixuan is right. Suqing will forgive me soon!

She stole a glance at Mo Suqing and replied, “I bumped into a wall.”

Mo Suqing sneered, “Humph, I don’t know your face can swell like that from bumping into a wall!”

Guan Zixuan hadn’t noticed there was anything wrong about Leng Xiyao until Mo Suqing pointed it out.

Who hit her? She didn’t say anything to me.

She’s the niece of the president of The Unparalleled. Nobody dares to hit her.

But what if it was Leng Haoyun?

Guan Zixuan considered this. It seems to be the only possibility.

Leng Haoyun hit her.

Why would Leng Haoyun hit her? Guan Zixuan found it hard to believe.

The atmosphere became eerily quiet and awkward.

Leng Xiyao lowered her head in grievance. If Mo Suqing hadn’t asked, she could just pretend nothing had happened. But now that she had, she suddenly felt like crying. Tears streamed down her face.

Mo Suqing felt pained to see her like this.

When they bumped into Leng Haoyun at Silk Empire International, she had felt he was looking at Leng Xiyao.

When he paid a visit to Trend Magazine, he had favored Leng Xiyao.

Now when she thought about it, Leng Xiyao’s reactions to everything related to him had also been great.

When they ran into An Huilin and Leng Haoyun in Taste of Hunan, Leng Xiyao’s mood had gone sour.

When she saw his picture in An Huilin’s purse, she had cried in her lap until her voice was raw.

She hadn’t linked all of these unusual behaviors together, until now.

She could see that Leng Haoyun cared a great deal about Leng Xiyao and that he had always taken her matters to his heart. Otherwise, he would never have hidden her identity so well.

Nevertheless, the only person who could hit Leng Xiyao and made her this grievous yet unwilling to say anything, was also Leng Haoyun.

Mo Suqing was very furious. She was furious because Leng Xiyao had lied to her face. She was even more furious that Leng Haoyun had hit her.

If he is so protective of her, how could he hit her?

Conflicting feelings fought each other inside Mo Suqing.

“Let’s go to have some breakfast first. After that, I’m going to look for an apartment.”

Leng Xiyao stopped crying and followed her without saying anything.

Guan Zixuan stood up and took out three hats out of nowhere. They were two sun hats and one baseball cap.

He handed the sun hats to Mo Suqing. “You two put these on in case someone recognizes you.”

Then, he put the baseball cap on himself.

Mo Suqing sneered self-mockingly.

It used to be her and Leng Xiyao who had dug up stories about other people. Now the wheel of fortune had turned and they were the ones being stalked by gossip journalists. Wasn’t it ridiculous?

The three of them left the house. Guan Zixuan took his black Land Rover out of the garage and the women got on the vehicle.

They asked for a private room at the restaurant so that no one could see them.

After breakfast, Guan Zixuan told them to be careful before leaving for the filming studio.

Mo Suqing walked on the street, zoning out. She hadn’t been out for two days.

Leng Xiyao followed behind her in silence, absent-minded too.

After a while, Leng Xiyao felt a bit tired from all the walking.

She asked timidly, “Suqing, where are we going?”

Mo Suqing didn’t reply. She didn’t know the answer, either.

She and Leng Xiyao had never hunted an apartment before and she didn’t have a lot of money with her. They were likely to get duped into signing some treacherous contract.

In the past, she would never have thought so low of herself. However, after what had happened with Ye Zhongjue, she suddenly found that she was actually very stupid, at least compared to those sophisticated smart-asses.

Seeing that she didn’t plan to reply, Leng Xiyao tugged at her sleeves tentatively.

“How about we go find an agent? It’s more expensive, but it’s safer.”

Mo Suqing considered this and conceded eventually, “Alright then. Let’s find an agency nearby and see if there are any suitable places.”

Leng Xiyao felt so happy that Mo Suqing had finally spoken to her. She kept her hand on her arm, not wanting to let go.

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