Chapter 95: You Have Eaten Her Conscience

Mo Zhenfeng sounded deeply annoyed.

Mo Suqing could hear that Bai Lian was putting in her two cents next to him, although her high-pitched voice was a little obscured.

“Give me the phone. I am her stepmother at the very least! If she is married to a rich man, we ought to have a share…”

Mo Suqing could not make out the rest of the sentence. She chuckled bitterly and dropped her phone onto the bed.

Sheltering in Guan Zixuan’s house, she had no idea she had caused a commotion through the city.

She tried to use her phone and found that there was no Internet connection.

However, even if she didn’t see it with her own eyes, she already knew what was on the newspaper.

Guan Zixuan really didn’t have to try every way to protect her from it.

See? Even if they want to protect me from it, there are still some people who can’t wait to bring the “good” news to her.

Mo Suqing’s smile was very ugly due to the bitterness it contained.

Downstairs, Leng Xiyao seemed to hear the sound of Mo Suqing speaking with someone. However, when she went upstairs, Mo Suqing had stopped talking.

She walked over and opened the door quietly.

Mo Suqing was sitting on the bed, her expression a mix of sadness, sorrow and self-mockery.

The phone was ringing persistently, but Mo Suqing didn’t pick it up.

Hesitant, Leng Xiyao walked over to see who the caller was.

She had thought it was Ye Zhongjue and had wanted to answer the phone and shout at him. But, it turned out to be Mo Suqing’s father.

Mo Suqing looked up and asked, “What is on the newspaper?”

Leng Xiyao was surprised that she was finally willing to talk to her.

However, she became speechless once Mo Suqing’s words registered.

She had already discussed the matter with Guan Zixuan and the two of them had decided to hide the news from Mo Suqing. But now that she was asking about it, she didn’t know how to get out of the situation.

“Tell me, or I’ll find it out myself!”

Mo Suqing’s tone was below-zero cold. Leng Xiyao shivered a little. Fine. I’m a coward. I can’t do it anymore.

She recounted everything on the newspaper to Mo Suqing. While she was doing so, she reviled the journalist who had fabricated most of the storylines.

Mo Suqing listened quietly.

“What the hell? They are just making things up and mixing the truth with fiction! You are indeed Ye Zhongjue’s wife; no one can refute it, whoever they are. I’m going to sue every one of them who dare to say more bullshit like that!”

Leng Xiyao was quite worked up. On the other hand, Mo Suqing just watched her calmly. Leng Xiyao could not read the emotion in her eyes.

However, she sincerely wanted to stand up for Mo Suqing! Then, remembering what she was saying, Leng Xiyao stopped short.

No wonder Suqing keeps looking at me like that! It’s because I am too carried away.

The look Mo Suqing gave her seemed to say, I know you are a super-rich woman, but you don’t have to behave like one.

Leng Xiyao hung her head in embarrassment.

Mo Suqing thought bitterly, So, the whole world knows what I have been ignorant of for so long!

How absurd…

Why is it I am always the last to know anything? Do I really deserve to be deceived? Or should I blame myself for being so slow?

Mo Suqing clutched her phone hard and eventually answered it.

Leng Xiyao opened her mouth but did not say anything. She just watched Mo Suqing in silence.

She didn’t know what Mo Zhenfeng had said, but Mo Suqing’s voice was much colder than before when she spoke: 

“Allow me to tell you that I also discovered his true identity just now. If you want to use me to get what you want, dream on. However, I won’t help you! Besides, I have nothing to do with him now.”

Leng Xiyao heard Mo Zhenfeng’s voice boom with anger.

“I made you what you are, but now that you’ve got rich, you want to get rid of me? Where is your conscience? Don’t lie to me that you have nothing to do with Ye Zhongjue. He’s your husband, for god’s sake!”

Leng Xiyao could not take it anymore.

Regardless of the fact that she and Mo Suqing were not on speaking terms, she reached out to grab the phone from Mo Suqing’s hand and then yelled into it, 

“I call you Uncle Mo out of respect for the elders. However, you really don’t deserve my respect. You know very well how you have treated Suqing these years! And now, the moment you have found out that Suqing is married to a rich guy, you start the ass-kissing without ever asking her if she wants her ass to be kissed by you. If I were Suqing, I would have disowned you a long time ago! If she doesn’t have her conscience, it is because you ate it! You are unreasonably sick! What’s that logic of yours, saying that she doesn’t have conscience just because she doesn’t want to be used by you? Aren’t you afraid you will be sneered at, with that kind of talk? Stop calling her and ruining her mood!”

“Who the hell are you?” Mo Zhenfeng shouted at the other end of the line.

However, Leng Xiyao had already hung up.

Mo Suqing gaped at Leng Xiyao, not expecting her to flip out like this. As always, she had stood up for her.

Yes, she was mad at Leng Xiyao for hiding her true identity from her. But could it be possible that she was just venting her rage toward Ye Zhongjue on her, more than she was angry at her for what she had done?

Silly girl. She just stands there, fearing that I will never talk to her ever again.

But how can I never talk to her? It’s just I don’t have the mood to talk, that’s all. The anger I felt has already faded after I calmed down a little.

After Leng Xiyao cooled down a bit, she sheepishly put the phone next to Mo Suqing’s hand. She could sense that she had got herself into trouble.

How dared I talk to Suqing’s father like that? I may well kill myself!

Even though Mo Zhenfeng is a jerk to Suqing, I’m really not in a position to lecture him. It’s her father, after all, not mine.

Oh no, it was audacious of me! Leng Xiyao screwed up her face and took flight.

Before Mo Suqing could react, Leng Xiyao had fled from the room.

Mo Suqing smiled. No matter what happens, Yao is always here for me. I have never doubted her heart.

I just need some time to come around.

As for her father, she had once again been disappointed. She would never get her hopes up about him.

Leng Xiyao had spoken out about what she had kept in the bottom of her heart. Her father had always made her doubt her own feelings by utilizing those moral values. That was why she had endured him for so long.

Maybe, ever since mom died, he has no longer been my father.


Leng Xiyao ran out of Guan Zixuan’s villa and left the place, her face hot.

When she returned home, Leng Haoyun was already there. Seeing that she had got a guilty expression on her face, he asked coolly, “Where have you been?”

Previously, Leng Xiyao had thought it through and concluded that her uncle was just trying to protect her when he had asked her to hide her identity from everyone. It was her own fault that she hadn’t handled it well with Mo Suqing.

Therefore, she had stopped sulking at him.

However, her anger exploded again when she remembered it was from Trend Magazine that the stories had first been published.

She was absolutely incensed by the insulting words of choice in them: a nobody who craved fame, an obsessed journalist… She thought angrily, Who is obsessed with whom? How dare they say something like that?

Of course, she was also furious at the inaction of Ye Zhongjue. It had been a whole day, and he didn’t seem to have done anything about it!

Now, looking at Leng Haoyun’s poker face, she suddenly felt a new wave of grievance and irritation surging in her.

Isn’t he the boss of Trend Magazine? How come those stories had a chance of being published then? Doesn’t he always put my safety first and hide my identity as well as his own?

Why would he ignore all of that at once in favor of An Huilin? Doesn’t he know I’ll be heartbroken?

The thought that An Huilin was more important than her in his eyes was just unbearable.

Thus, she chose to go ballistic.

“It’s none of your business! Why would you care? You wouldn’t care if I die out there, would you?” Leng Xiyao said defiantly.

At the word “die,” Leng Haoyun’s face became deadly serious.

“Leng Xiyao, take it back and I will let it go!” he said darkly.

Thinking that he was treating her like this because of An Huilin, Leng Xiyao felt even more grievous.

“Why should I take back what I say every time you are not happy with what you hear? Why won’t you tolerate me once in a while? If I am willful, it is because you have spoilt me! And aren’t you going to explain yourself why you were willing to expose my true identity for a woman? Are you still the uncle who loves and protects me?”

Leng Haoyun was taken aback to see Leng Xiyao indignant and grievous thus.

A thought occurred to him, Am I wrong to have spoilt her so?

Is it really because I always indulge her that she has become such a willful woman who never thinks twice before saying or doing anything?

Well, if that’s the case, it is indeed all my fault.

“I’ll take care of it…”

“You’ll take care of it,” Leng Xiyao interrupted him with a glare. “How are you going to do that? Can you fire that bitch, An Huilin? Because if it weren’t for her, Suqing would not be…”

A slap across her face stopped her from finishing the sentence.

Leng Xiyao was stunned. There was shock in her eyes and her face had gone pale. She put her hand on her face and looked at Leng Haoyun incredulously.

She couldn’t believe the person who had always indulged her and granted her every wish and loved her more than anyone in the world had just slapped her because of a woman.

Leng Haoyun was stunned, too.

He had slapped her, because he didn’t want to hear more vulgar words from her. Did I neglect her in some way? I remember her to be such a gentle soul. When did she become like this? A person who speaks vulgarities and can’t tell right from wrong!

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