Chapter 94: You Haven’t Had Enough of It

Leng Xiyao looked utterly unruffled and unabashed.

Ceng Hanyu didn’t know what to say. Is she really a woman? She’s more like a man in a woman’s clothing!

Leng Xiyao noticed that Ceng Hanyu was gaping at her. Belatedly realizing that she had said something inappropriate, she quickly looked away and stammered, “Umm… Well, I’m going to find my friend now.”

Then, in spite of the pain on her sprained waist, she ran up the stairs.

Ceng Hanyu raised his handsome eyebrows at the petite woman who did and said things without a hesitation.


Leng Xiyao immediately found where Mo Suqing was.

Mo Suqing had a magazine in her hands and a lost look on her face. Leng Xiyao stood in the doorframe and watched her for a while, but the other woman never turned a page.

It was obvious her attention was not on the magazine.

Leng Xiyao felt like a peeping Tom, secretly standing there and observing Mo Suqing’s expression.

However, it didn’t change at all.

Leng Xiyao was just going to sneak a look and leave her alone, but then she found she couldn’t.

She felt frustrated with herself for being such a coward.

At this moment, a male voice came from behind. “What are you doing, standing here like a thief?”

Leng Xiyao instantly flipped out and wanted to yell at the man. Before she could get away, Mo Suqing had looked up.

However, Mo Suqing’s expression did not change much when she saw her.

Yuan gave Leng Xiyao an odd look before brushing past her and entering the guestroom to give Mo Suqing her lunch.

Mo Suqing thanked him politely.

Yuan said in a toneless voice that it was no big deal and left the room.

Leng Xiyao stood on the spot like a wooden stake.

If she left now, it was too chicken. After all, Suqing had already seen her. To go now would be a plain cowardly behavior.

On the other hand, if she stayed right here and Suqing kept ignoring her, she would feel really sad.

Alas, it’s all my fault. I should have listened to Uncle!

Leng Xiyao pouted her lips, angry at no one in particular.

Reluctantly, she walked into the room wearing a proud face. She stopped in front of Mo Suqing, but didn’t speak a word.

Mo Suqing didn’t say anything; neither did she.

Suddenly, Mo Suqing picked up the lunch box on the nightstand and began to eat.

After a while, Mo Suqing still did not acknowledge Leng Xiyao’s presence.

Leng Xiyao wanted to cry, but her eyes were dry.

She dabbed at her eyes and said in a grievous tone, “Suqing…”

Mo Suqing’s hand paused for a moment before resuming its movement. She was pretending she didn’t hear her.

Leng Xiyao’s face lit up a little. She must still care about me!

She clearly saw that Mo Suqing’s hand had paused for a second.

So, she continued, “Suqing, I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday! I’m hungry…”

Finally, Mo Suqing stopped eating. She looked at Leng Xiyao and said in an utterly calm voice, “You shouldn’t have come!”

“Suqing, don’t be like this. I’m sorry!” Leng Xiyao reached out to touch Mo Suqing’s arm in panic, but she dodged.

Seeing that she had repelled her so, Leng Xiyao froze on the spot and dared not move.

Suqing feels I’m disgusted. Suqing is blaming her. Suqing never wants to be my friend again…

Leng Xiyao stood there piteously like a child who had made a mistake.

Mo Suqing had only eaten half of the rice and a little of the side dishes, but it seemed she couldn’t have another bite. She pushed the box away, lay down on the bed, covered herself with the blanket, and turned her back toward the other woman.

Leng Xiyao felt as if she was standing in the icy wind and couldn’t find the way home; she was cold, hungry and lost.

It was an unpleasant feeling, like… like her heart had lost its sense of direction.

In the end, Leng Xiyao left the room in silence and closed the door behind her.

When she went downstairs, Yuan was playing with his phone on the sofa.

Leng Xiyao sat down beside him, looking dejected.

Yuan asked sarcastically while playing with his phone, “What, you haven’t had enough of it? You want to keep trying?”

Leng Xiyao had lost the energy to squabble. She gave Yuan an exasperated look, her liveliness upon arrival completely gone now.

“Humph, you can’t even have ‘it,’ whatever it is you were referring to!” she said unenergetically.

Yuan gave her a look and sneered, “Well, I don’t really want to have it. Unlike you, I don’t have a taste for rejection!”

Leng Xiyao did not retort this time. She just sat there, lost in thought.

Meanwhile, Ceng Hanyu had immediately made a clean getaway after bumping into Leng Xiyao. After all, Leng Xiyao’s presence had the same effect as his.

All Ye Zhongjue wanted was to stop Guan Zixuan from making a move on Mo Suqing. It didn’t matter how Ceng Hanyu would achieve that goal.

Ceng Hanyu walked awkwardly, his crotch still hurting a little from the hit. However, the culprit had already forgotten about it.

Leng Xiyao didn’t seem to want to leave the sofa anytime soon. Yuan looked up a few times and decided to let her be.

At around five in the afternoon, Mo Suqing got up to call the office and ask them for how many days Leng Xiyao had taken off for her.

Whether it was being deceived or being dumped, she still had a life to live. Wallowing in self-pity was the privilege of those who were not in want of anything, and she wasn’t one of those.

Even though her heart was hurting like hell, she knew she still had to eat, sleep and live as usual.

Life was like a rapist. If you didn’t overpower it, it would overpower you.

Mo Suqing knew very well that she didn’t have the privilege to wallow in misery. The only thing life gave her was the will to keep fighting.

She had to keep fighting, even if it was just for the fulfillment of her mother’s last wish.

She called her company, but couldn’t get through. She tried almost all of her colleagues, but still she didn’t get through to any of them.

Mo Suqing was certain there was nothing wrong with her phone.

The only person who had touched it other than herself was Guan Zixuan. He had saved his number in her phone and told her to call him if she needed anything.

As expected, she could get through with his number.

However, Mo Suqing didn’t wait for him to pick it up. Instead, she opened up the blacklist and found that all numbers had been blocked except for Leng Xiyao’s and Guan Zixuan’s.

He had even set it so that both the caller and the one who placed the call could not get through, unless the caller was removed from the list.

Guan Zixuan probably hadn’t expected she would find out about the issue so fast.

Mo Suqing smiled almost imperceptibly. His behavior is so childish.

She began to remove her contacts from the list one by one. Shortly after she had finished the task, her phone started to ring.

A sneer appeared on Mo Suqing’s face when she saw who the caller was.

I thought he has long forgotten he’s got another daughter!

Mo Suqing answered the phone without saying anything. Mo Zhenfeng’s joyous voice came from the other end of the line.

Mo Suqing’s mood was very tranquil. Actually, she couldn’t quite understand why Mo Zhenfeng was talking to her in such a kind voice.

“Suqing, I finally got through to you! Your colleagues said you didn’t go to work today. Where do you and Zhongjue live? I would like to drop by sometime.”

Mo Suqing felt a little dazed at Ye Zhongjue’s name. Then, she became puzzled.

Her father had never checked up on them since dinner the other evening.

After all, Bai Lian had almost threatened him with death, so afraid was she that Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue would take Mo Group from her.

At that time, she had been surprised by Ye Zhongjue’s outright rejection to her father’s offer and had thought the man had got plenty of backbone. But now she could finally see it.

My assumption feels like such a big joke now!

It was not because he had backbone; it was simply because he didn’t give a shit about the little money the Mo family had!

“I’m not there now. And, don’t come look for me,” she replied in a cold voice now.

“Suqing,” Mo Zhenfeng quickly said, as if he was afraid to lose a wonderful opportunity. “don’t act like this. I know you have been upset with me ever since your mother died. But, sometimes I don’t have any other choices!”

“Anyway…” It was obviously he was changing the subject to what he had called her for.

“You should have told me who Zhongjue is! Even though he is the president of Mighty Empire, I am his elder and he shouldn’t have hidden his identity from me. Is he afraid we’ll covet after his fortune?”

“On the other hand, my daughter is his wife and it makes perfect sense for him to help the Mo Group. Honestly, it’s his duty as my son-in-law, isn’t it?”

Mo Zhenfeng continued his speech earnestly and tirelessly in the hope that Mo Suqing could say something nice for him in front of Ye Zhongjue.

However, he didn’t know that Mo Suqing’s face had gone as pale as a ghost.

She was clutching her phone so tightly that her wound from yesterday was bleeding again, although she didn’t seem to notice it.

She herself had just found out the truth yesterday. How could her father have already known? And he had acted quickly on it, calling her right away as if he feared he might miss the chance to make a profit.

There was a slight quiver in Mo Suqing’s voice as she spoke.

Her father wouldn’t have said all of this if he hadn’t been certain about it.

“How did you know about this?”

“What, you don’t know?” Mo Zhenfeng sounded shocked. Then, his tone became serious and steely.

“Suqing, you are still my daughter. Are you toying with me now? Everyone knows about it after the newspaper came out this morning! Don’t you play the fool and try to shy away from helping your father now that you have climbed to the top of the social ladder!”

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