Chapter 93: A Cuckold Who Can Tolerate Being Humiliated

In the meantime, after Guan Zixuan hung up, Leng Xiyao quickly picked up her purse and headed to Shallow Sea.

Regardless of Ye Zhongjue, she herself must ask Suqing’s forgiveness as soon as possible.

They had known each other for nearly five years and never once had they had a fight.

Now, the first proper fight they had ever had was threatening to destroy their friendship.

At the thought, Leng Xiyao gave herself a pep talk. Then, she got off the car and hurried toward the villas ahead.

Guan Zixuan had informed the janitor about Leng Xiyao, so she could effortlessly enter the community where the security work was always carried out thoroughly.

Standing in front of number 15, Leng Xiyao hesitated. Her expression was hard to read, her courage completely gone.

Remembering what Mo Suqing had said yesterday, Leng Xiyao felt forlorn and sad.

God knows she didn’t want the title of “the niece of the president of The Unparalleled” at all; her uncle and Suqing were all she needed.

However, Mo Suqing had told her to fuck off… Aggrievance appeared on Leng Xiyao’s face.

She really hadn’t meant any of this to happen. What will it take for Suqing to forgive me?

Leng Xiyao’s face crumpled as she tried to decide what to do.

Mo Suqing, on the other hand, was still zoning out in the guestroom.

Yuan decided there was nothing much he could do, so he headed out to buy some lunch as Guan Zixuan had repeatedly instructed.

However, when he came out of the house, he saw a petite figure sneaking around like a thief.

He quickly walked over and yelled, “Who are you? How did you get in?”

Yuan had put on a stern face and looked quite formidable.

As Guan Zixuan’s assistant, he had to deal with those annoying gossip journalists all the time. Now, with Mo Suqing staying here, it was not unlikely some bold journalist would have snuck in, albeit the fact that Shallow Sea had always done very well in regard to keeping the private lives of the villa owners private.

That was why he had a grim look on his face.

Leng Xiyao, startled, froze on the spot under his stern look.

Then, she realized she was looking at Guan Zixuan’s assistant. She instantly glowered at him and became formidable herself.

Humph! Even Guan Zixuan dares not treat me like this! You are quite brave, little man!

Since it was someone she knew, she had no reason to be afraid!

“I know you! Aren’t you Guan Zixuan’s assistant?”

Leng Xiyao looked at Yuan in the eye, impudent. “You look like you want to beat me up or kick me out of here! Don’t you know it’s your boss who told me to come?”

Leng Xiyao’s nostrils flared indignantly. Yuan was shocked beyond words.

He had also recognized her by now. His face had gone back and forth between pale and red then decided it would be red.

It’s Leng Xiyao, the other gossip journalist that is always with Mo Suqing! He hadn’t known she was also the niece of the president of The Unparalleled until today.

It was obvious her uncle spoilt and indulged her so much that she had become a little brat.

Unruly and willful and arrogant, this was the first impression Leng Xiyao gave Yuan.

However, there was no point in arguing with her. His expression returned back to normal, and he calmly said, “If Miss Leng is here to visit Miss Mo, please just come in; don’t loiter around here. I thought you were a bold journalist who had come to dig some news! That’s why I was a bit rude. Please forgive me.”

Yuan said this in an aloof tone.

Leng Xiyao had never been talked to like this before.

She widened her eyes like a furious tiger.

A bold journalist? You’re not being any less rude now, are you?

Humph! Guan Zixuan’s assistant is as bad as him!

What was that supposed to mean, a bold journalist? I am a journalist myself!

Are you indirectly calling me names?

I will not tolerate it!

I am not a cuckold who can tolerate being humiliated!

Anger flushed Leng Xiyao’s cheeks; sparks flashed in her eyes.

“Humph! The rate people are getting more despicable is as fast as pork is getting more expensive! I think I just saw one who thought he was a guard dog, standing sentinel at the door and barking at whoever comes near! What a good job he did!” Leng Xiyao insulted him in an oblique way.

Neither refused to step down.

Suddenly, Yuan’s phone began to ring. It was Guan Zixuan. He quickly stepped aside and answered the phone.

Yuan listened and glanced at Leng Xiyao once, then simply walked away.

Leng Xiyao looked at the open door and rolled her eyes slyly.

She slipped furtively in as if she really was a thief.

Shortly afterwards, Ceng Hanyu arrived at the villa. He frowned at the open door and walked inside without thinking.

Ye Zhongjue had asked him to check up on Mo Suqing. He had told Ceng Hanyu that Mo Suqing had found out about his true identity and did not want to see him, but that he didn’t want her to be alone with Guan Zixuan, either.

Therefore, he had told Ceng Hanyu to get in their way.

Ceng Hanyu didn’t have better things to do anyway, so he had agreed.

After all, he had had a great time with Mo Suqing the evening when Ye Zhongjue had introduced Mo Suqing to him and Gu Yi’an.

He couldn’t let him down when Ye Zhongjue had entrusted him with such an important task, could he?

He must do his best to help a friend in trouble!

A mischievous smile spread across his face as he entered the villa.

Leng Xiyao had looked around in every room on the first floor and hadn’t found Mo Suqing. She must be on the second floor.

The fact that she was about to see her made Leng Xiyao nervous again and she paused on the stair leading to the upper floors.

Do I go up there now, or do I get a grip first?

What if Mo Suqing says something harsh and she bursts into tears and runs away? That would be so shameful!

Her face was very important to her.

Leng Xiyao tilted her head, deep in a jumble of thoughts. Thus, she was completely unaware of the man behind her.

Ceng Hanyu saw the woman on the stairs right away.

Who is she? he thought to himself.

If there was another woman in Guan Zixuan’s house, why would Ye Zhongjue ask him to come?

Frowning with puzzlement, he approached Leng Xiyao.

The reason he knew the woman was not Mo Suqing was simple enough. She was more petite than Mo Suqing, she wore her hair short, and, although she had her back to him, he could tell she was a very bright woman.

Ceng Hanyu approached slowly.

When he reached the bottom of the stairs, Leng Xiyao finally felt someone was behind her.

She spun around. But she did it so fast that she not only sprained her waist, but also crossed her legs during the process. As a result, she began to fall forward.

The moment Ceng Hanyu saw her face, his mind went blank for a split second and a sense of familiarity surged in him.

I seem to have met this petite woman somewhere before…

But before he could react, Leng Xiyao had hit him square on the belly.

Caught off guard, he, too, fell backward.

Consequently, he cushioned Leng Xiyao’s fall. However, when she fell down on him, the impact made her head slide and it landed on his penis, hard.

Ceng Hanyu’s face went white out of the pain. Do you want to die?!

Leng Xiyao scrambled to her feet. She saw that Ceng Hanyu had curled into a ball on the floor with his hand on his crotch.

Putting two and two together, she gaped at him in shock.

She couldn’t believe she had hit him on the private parts! She closed her eyes tightly and thought, Oh god, I didn’t mean it!

What if he becomes infertile? It will always be on my conscience!

After the pain subsided a little, Ceng Hanyu scrambled to his feet, his face ashen still, and saw the petite woman who had knocked him down was mumbling to herself with her eyes closed.

He flipped out. Who is this blundering woman?

If only I didn’t agree to come here! My reputation will be ruined if it is known that I was knocked down by a woman and got hit in that area.

Ceng Hanyu glared at Leng Xiyao. If you were a guy, I would definitely have cut your penis off for revenge!

Leng Xiyao opened her eyes and saw Ceng Hanyu’s pissed expression. It seemed to accuse her of the horrible thing she had just done.

She said, “Sir, I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

She looked genuinely sorry. Ceng Hanyu looked at her in exasperation.

To his surprise, he recognized that she was the other woman in the pub the other day with Mo Suqing. He remembered her to have been quite a fighter, slamming a wine bottle on Black Dragon’s head despite her petite appearance. Regular women would never do that.

At the thought, he suddenly felt that her sorrowful expression was not that genuine.

Now that he remembered her to be the woman at August Hasn’t Ended Yet, he could no longer be sure whether she was faking it or was genuinely upset.

Leng Xiyao watched Ceng Hanyu’s ever-changing expression.

She bent down and peered at him with a tilted head.

“Hey bro, are you alright?” she shouted.

Ceng Hanyu snapped back to reality. Bro? Does she call everyone that?

Ceng Hanyu didn’t know what to say. What a fierce and flaky weirdo!

Forget it. Since she is Mo Suqing’s friend, I can let bygones be bygones.

“I’m alright!” he replied.

Leng Xiyao was not convinced. She eyed him from head to toe and stopped at a certain area.

“Are you sure? Don’t blame me if something goes wrong in the future!”

Ceng Hanyu was dumbstruck.

Can you imagine a petite woman saying something like that while staring at a man’s crotch?

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