Chapter 92: Stabbing Someone Tactfully without Showing Any Blood

Guan Zixuan felt gloomy. What does he want? He asked him to come here but hasn’t spoken a word since.

He couldn’t leave the studio because he hadn’t finished his scenes, but on the other hand, he was really worried about leaving Mo Suqing alone in his villa.

Strictly speaking, he hadn’t needed to come to the studio today. However, despite his playful manner and not-a-care-in-the-world attitude, he was very serious about his acting career. He had disobeyed his parents to pursue his dream and not for once had he neglected his work for personal affairs.

The reason why he could win so many awards at such a young age was because of his hard work and sense of responsibility.

Even though his parents did not approve of it, he had still made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Now, he had finally found someone he could be crazy about, but she was already married. Ever since he had found out that Mo Suqing was a married woman, he had been feeling blue.

But now, there was an advantage he could take and he did not intend to lose it. He didn’t care what people might say.

Guan Zixuan’s expression became hard to read.

This is my romantic rival! I mustn’t soften my heart.

He said mockingly, “President Ye, there are myriads of things you need to attend every day. How come you are here looking for me? I reckon it must be something of significance.”

Ye Zhongjue detected the sneer in his voice. His eyebrows arched a little before he slowly turned to face Guan Zixuan with a calm expression.

The aloof and arrogant air, the look that seemed to say he didn’t give it a shit about anything and anyone, both made Guan Zixuan dislike him even more.

He had just been planning how to make Ye Zhongjue leave Mo Suqing, and a look from him almost unsettled him.

He quickly put himself together and returned Ye Zhongjue’s undisturbed expression.

Humph! Let’s see who is the more composed one here!

Ye Zhongjue was a little taken aback at his tone. That’s right, he was indeed taken aback.

This was the first time in his life he had asked someone for help. However, he was just thinking about how to set about it when Guan Zixuan spoke with obvious acrimony.

Usually, it would have made his face darken. But today, he felt guilty about what he’d done.

The bottom line was, he didn’t want Mo Suqing to hate him.

Now he had calmed down, remorse set in.

He knew he had been jealous over nothing. He trusted that Mo Suqing was not the kind of woman who would sleep with anybody.

She was his wife and he trusted that she wouldn’t cheat on him. He could understand she was just having a hard time coming to terms with his deception.

That was fine. He could wait for her to come around. He could even ask his romantic rival for help.

Ye Zhongjue had never thought he would do so much for a woman.

“I think there’s some misunderstanding.”

Ye Zhongjue watched Guan Zixuan look at him with hostility.

Somehow, he felt their roles had been switched. He was the one who was supposed to get angry with him!

After all, his wife was staying in his house. No matter what he had done wrong, no man was supposed to tolerate this.

He couldn’t tolerate this, but he was bearing with them because he had wronged Mo Suqing.

Ye Zhongjue continued, “Don’t look at me like that. I mean no harm. Suqing is my wife. I can understand why she would want to stay at your place when she is angry with me. After all, you saved her before, so she naturally trusts you as a friend.”

Ye Zhongjue paused, looking at Guan Zixuan for any reactions.

Guan Zixuan had thought Ye Zhongjue was going to threaten him and force him to ask Mo Suqing to leave his house. That way, he could take her home matter-of-factly.

In other words, he had not expected this at all.

Suqing is my wife; you are her friend. With a few words, he had successfully pointed out their relationships with Mo Suqing. It was difficult to act on those.

It was as if he had stabbed him so tactfully that no blood could be seen!

It was pathetic! He had barely begun his attack before he was completely destroyed by the enemy!

Guan Zixuan, though engulfed by bitterness, kept up his appearance. At least I’ll save my face!

Ye Zhongjue eyed him for a moment and continued in his leisure tone, “No matter how big a fight it is, it’s between me and her and we shouldn’t have troubled you. But now, Suqing has already stayed in your house for a night. Also, you are her friend and savior and I don’t wish to make her sad by forcing her to leave.”

Guan Zixuan was scowling stubbornly. Ye Zhongjue knew he was almost there.

He continued, “Then, the newspaper came out today. As her husband, I should protect her from any harm. But how can I do that when she is away from me? I want her to come home, but I am afraid she’ll be reluctant. I don’t know what to do!”

Guan Zixuan could see what was coming. Inside, he was reproaching Ye Zhongjue for being so shameless as to act weak in front of his romantic rival.

I am so gonna go berserk!

“Mr. Guan, please don’t look so reluctant. If you could take good care of Suqing and protect her from outside harassment, I will be very grateful. On the other hand, if you are careless and let her get wind of the news circulating all over the city, I must take her home and protect her myself. I’m sure you know how crazy those journalists can be!”

Finally, Guan Zixuan could no longer stand it.

“You… you…” he stammered, his handsome face bright red. “You shameless bastard, Ye Jue! How dare you threaten me that I should let you take her home if she gets wind of the news! This is all your fault that people say these bad things about her! See how appalling the stories are? You should take full responsibility for everything that happened!”

Guan Zixuan drew in a sharp breath and continued angrily, “Also, as her friend, am I not supposed to tell her the truth? Am I going to hide things from her, just like you did?”

Guan Zixuan’s shoulders heaved with rage. The guy was detestable! However, as a matter of fact, he had already disconnected the Internet in his house and blacklisted everyone except for him and Leng Xiyao on Mo Suqing’s phone.

He rubbed his nose, knowing it was not right to have done so. Nevertheless, in order not to let her know what the newspaper had written about, he had to resort to every method available.

He had even asked Yuan to buy a lot of magazines for her, in case she was bored.

But! It was one thing he had done and quite another to have Ye Zhongjue threaten him to do it.

He was not going to let him take all the credits with just a few verbal threats, while he had racked his brains and taken actual actions to protect the woman he liked!

Meanwhile, Ye Zhongjue suffered a severe blow from Guan Zixuan’s last question, Am I going to hide things from her, just like you did? He had been lying to her with dread, and the end result was not at all what he had hoped it would be.

Hearing it from another man sounded like a cruel laugh to him.

However, he had to endure it for her sake.

Ye Zhongjue’s face went a little pale, but he didn’t seem to lose his cool – he was used to hiding his true emotions, so Guan Zixuan did not detect any changes.

Guan Zixuan glared at Ye Zhongjue, feeling resentful. He had already done what Ye Zhongjue had in mind and then seemingly refused his request. If the guy knew he had done what he wanted him to do later, he would think he was just bluffing!

Guan Zixuan had never been so humiliated before, but all he could do was to turn his bitterness into a glower at Ye Zhongjue.

Ye Zhongjue upheld the principle of “stabbing someone without showing blood” by hiding his emotions well and giving Guan Zixuan a puzzled look, as if he didn’t get why he was furious at him.

“Threaten you? No, of course I’m not threatening you! I am just stating a fact, which is it’s better if Suqing stays ignorant. This is the best way to protect her, don’t you think? Or, have I been wrong about you – as her friend, you don’t want to protect her?”

Ye Zhongjue put on an expression that seemed to say, Huh, I didn’t realize we are not on the same page! Guan Zixuan forced down his rage and said, 

“You are good, Ye Jue! I’ll admit defeat when it comes to tricks and schemes! I’m not talking to you anymore!”

He finally understood how Ye Zhongjue would have been able to hide his true identity from Mo Suqing for three whole months. It was because he was simply full of tricks and schemes!

An honest and innocent woman like Mo Suqing could never defeat him in that regard.

“I can understand why you won’t talk to me anymore. That’s fine by me, as long as you can take care of her for a while. The whole fiasco will be settled in three days.”

Then, Ye Zhongjue walked away without waiting for Guan Zixuan to protest.

Guan Zixuan got worked up again. Why has he got to walk away from me, when it is I who don’t want to talk to him anymore?

He felt he would definitely go mad if he was to deal with the guy a couple more times in the future.

Shameless and manipulative bastard who kills without batting an eyelid!

Why would Mo Suqing fall in love with that kind of man?

With my gallant, dashing, handsome look, am I not every woman’s first choice?

God, I wish I met her first!

Guan Zixuan stood there with a sullen expression for a while before walking out of the lounge.

Humph! I must remember to compose myself and not fall into his trap and lose my cool next time I see him!

Ye Zhongjue had come to the studio without telling anyone and then left without a trace.

A lot of the staff had been completely oblivious of the fact that their boss had come and gone.

For Ye Zhongjue, the purpose of his visit was not to make Guan Zixuan promise him anything, but to test him.

What he could gather from their short exchange had confirmed his thought. Guan Zixuan was indeed on the same page with him; he would do everything to prevent Mo Suqing from finding out what had happened.

Ye Zhongjue thought he had planned everything to perfection. However, as the saying went, There is always the possibility of something being overlooked.

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