Chapter 91: Handsome to the Point of Being Sinful

He had found his sense in time when Mo Suqing said, Don’t make me hate you!

But he could still taste the resentment.

He had been careful to approach her one step at a time, and now some other guy had suddenly showed up in her vicinity. How could he cope?

The reality was even more cruel than that. She had decided she trusted the guy she barely knew more than him, just because he had hidden something from her!

A bitter smile tugged at the corner of Ye Zhongjue’s mouth. He found himself in a cul-de-sac.

Leng Xiyao had said it wasn’t time for explanations. But, when would be an appropriate time then?

Did he have to keep waiting? For her to calm down?

And who can understand what a torture every single second of the waiting is for me?

“Boss, what are you thinking? Are we really not going to do anything about the newspaper?”

Lin Ran’s anxious voice brought Ye Zhongjue back from his painful thoughts.

His calm exterior creeped Lin Ran out; his silence almost choked him.

What’s the matter? Is he really not going to help Miss Mo out of the predicament?

After a while, Ye Zhongjue finally replied, “Hold a press conference on the tenth floor at ten a.m. in three days.”

Lin Ran breathed out a sigh of relief. He had seriously thought he would turn a blind eye. However, he still couldn’t understand why it would take him three days to resolve this.

After finishing some company affairs, Ye Zhongjue headed toward the filming studio where Guan Zixuan was working.

He was in his white Volkswagen again and literally hid himself in plain sight; no one knew the driver was the head of Mighty Empire.

His presence caused quite a stir at the studio.

At first, nobody paid particular attention to him. It was when he asked to see Guan Zixuan that people started to notice him.

Beautiful people were fixtures in a filming studio, so it wasn’t so much as his good look that caused a stir.

Everyone was stunned when they recognized who he was.

He was their boss! The man who appeared in the morning newspaper!

Showing up so unexpectedly without any pronouncement, he came as a shock to the many part-time freelancers.

On a side note, every staff in the movie, from the screenwriters, the director and the actors, to the investors and the members of the post-production team, were all hired by Mighty Empire.

The entertainment department of Mighty Empire was full-fledged. To puff up a newbie into a superstar was a piece of cake for them.

However, their mysterious boss never showed up.

He could well be as mysterious as classified information.

But now, after his identity had just been exposed, here he was in their studio. No wonder it was seen as a big deal.

Of course, Ye Zhongjue didn’t give it a shit. He just stood there expressionlessly while everyone avoided looking at him directly.

They would cast a glance at him and quickly lowered their head and then steal another look before turning away, afraid to be caught in the act.

All the actresses fell for him; their president was handsome to the point of being sinful!

The picture of him on the newspaper had already shown him to be a match for the most popular TV personalities; in person, he was a hundred times more handsome. He had also got the elegant demeanor, the steady quality and the aloof aura – all of which made their heartbeats quickened.

The director, wiping the nervous sweat on his forehead, barked out orders to clear up the studio and for the journalists to leave.

He rushed toward Ye Zhongjue, whose stern face and powerful air had him break out in a cold sweat even in a distance.

He had hardly stopped in front of Ye Zhongjue when he said, “I beg your pardon, sir. I didn’t realize President Ye was going to pay a visit to our shabby studio and wasn’t able to welcome you at the door. Please do excuse me!”

He cast a glance at Ye Zhongjue carefully. The man was emanating a suppressive air that made him very unlike himself.

“So… what brought President Ye here, if I may ask?”

The director immediately wanted to bite off his own tongue. It was like he was demanding! It could well have been directed to a stranger, asking why he was here interrupting their shooting work.

The director broke into more cold sweat at the thought.

He mopped the sweat from his forehead and cast a furtive glance at the man.

Ye Zhongjue’s eyes slowly swept the studio. He did not see Guan Zixuan.

However, he had checked. Guan Zixuan had been shooting for the film right here recently and had no time for other shows.

He had heard the director, but had not cared to answer his question.

Now that he couldn’t find the man he wanted, he needed to ask someone.

If that was the case, the guy before him would do.

So, he said presently, “I think you have been making way too many period dramas!”

The director was taken aback and could not understand what Ye Zhongjue meant until several seconds later.

He recalled what he had just said, To welcome you at the door… What brought you here… and would love to give himself a good slap. President Ye apparently meant that he had become pretentious due to the period dramas he had made!

The accusation struck him hard. Yes, the movie he was making was indeed a period drama. Yes, he was indeed influenced by the language the characters used. However, he absolutely did not try to be pretentious!

He began to explain, “President Ye, I didn’t mean… I mean…”

The more panicked he was, the more he didn’t know how to explain himself.

On the other hand, Ye Zhongjue had no intention to waste his time on this. “I want to see Guan Zixuan!” he said.

The director finally realized that the reason he was here was to look for Guan Zixuan.

He quickly asked one of the staff who happened to be close by, “Where’s Guan Zixuan? Tell him to come here this second!”

After a while, Guan Zixuan casually emerged from a lounge.

Although Guan Zixuan had come to the studio, he hadn’t been able to settle to work. He had been worried about Mo Suqing, who was at his house and in an unstable mood.

He had instructed Yuan to go to his house and check up on her. Also, he had particularly asked him not to let Mo Suqing leave the house.

After all, her news was all over the place. She might well be trampled to death by the frenzied mob in the street if she was recognized.

Later, he had called Leng Xiyao. This time, he hadn’t trash-talked at all, but had told her to go see Mo Suqing when she’d got some time.

Guan Zixuan was an emotionally intelligent person. He knew Mo Suqing would forgive Leng Xiyao sooner or later, although he couldn’t say the same for Ye Zhongjue.

Besides, Leng Xiyao would be an excellent company for Mo Suqing. He would be too busy, and there was the fact that he and Yuan were both men and would not be the most suitable candidates for taking care of her, a woman.

He had just rung off when another assistant entered the lounge in a hurry and told him that “an important person” had asked to see him.

It’s him! he thought, seeing Ye Zhongjue the moment he walked out of the lounge.

He immediately regretted coming out of the lounge so soon. If he had known it was Ye Zhongjue, he would have dawdled for a few more minutes.

Then, he remembered how Mo Suqing would not forgive Ye Zhongjue. He knew very well it was all because she cared about him very much. That was why she couldn’t stand to have been deceived.

Guan Zixuan’s face clouded. He had not known about Ye Zhongjue when he began to develop an interest in the woman.

He wondered if he would allow himself to do so if he had.

Guan Zixuan walked over and looked at Ye Zhongjue with his dark eyes.

“May I ask why President Ye wants to see me?”

Ye Zhongjue took a look at the onlookers. They quickly looked away and pretended to be minding their own businesses.

Ye Zhongjue replied, “Let’s find a quiet place. I need you to help me with something.”

Guan Zixuan sneered. See? This is so typical for a high-ranking person! They think people are supposed to help them.

But have they ever asked if the person they are asking for help wants to help them?

The director was observant. He could see that the two men weren’t fond of each other, so he interfered with their conversation and suggested, “President Ye, you can talk in the lounge over there. No one is inside.”

The director smiled. Guan Zixuan smirked at him without saying anything.

Ye Zhongjue looked at the director thoughtfully, as if he was trying to read his mind. He panicked. Did I say anything wrong again? Or shouldn’t I have interfered?

Fortunately, Ye Zhongjue didn’t utter a word. He walked toward the lounge the director was pointing at.

Guan Zixuan was not happy to see Ye Zhongjue. It was already bad of him to be the reason Mo Suqing had become so sad, not to mention the fact that he was his romantic rival!

He believed Ye Zhongjue was aware of his feelings towards Mo Suqing. Otherwise, why would he be here?

But if Ye Zhongjue knew, he was giving nothing away with that calm and careless expression.

Is it because he doesn’t care about Mo Suqing at all, or because he doesn’t give a shit about him?

Guan Zixuan, who usually didn’t give a damn, showed slight anger at the thought. He glared at Ye Zhongjue’s back and followed him into the lounge.

Let’s see what he wants!

Guan Zixuan closed the door behind him.

He knew Ye Zhongjue had come to talk about Mo Suqing with him; there were no other possibilities. He didn’t want anyone to find more reasons to gossip about her, either.

As a celebrity himself, he hated those gossip journalists.

Well, Mo Suqing was the only exception. She was different from the others.

Guan Zixuan looked at the man who had his back to him and was emanating an aloof air.

The lounge was very quiet. Chairs and sofas and a small bed constituted the furniture.

Neither sat down. They just stood there, the atmosphere between them eerily silent. It was as if they were trying to make the other man break first.

Guan Zixuan stared at Ye Zhongjue. Didn’t he want to see him?

Now he is determined to remain silent.

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