Chapter 90: What about Miss Mo

Lin Ran knew that Ye Zhongjue had gone to Jazz Club to talk business with Leng Haoyun yesterday. Normally, Jazz Club was very good at keeping the privacy of their clients. So, why would photos like this be taken there? It was beyond comprehension.

What was more shocking, the person who had found out about their true identities had decided to risk their life and expose the information. That was brave!

Ye Zhongjue walked towards his office. “Who published it first?”

“Trend Magazine!” Lin Ran replied at once.

“Oh my god!” Song Pingting gave a squeal of fright when she saw Ye Zhongjue. She almost dropped the papers in her hands.

What happened to the president? Was he robbed?

“President, what happened to you?” Song Pingting asked worriedly, her eyes full of shock and concern as well as tenderness and kindness.

She was making such a fuss because she wanted Ye Zhongjue to see how much she cared.

However, Ye Zhongjue didn’t even favor her with so much as a glance before disappearing into the office.

Song Pingting watched after him, her furious stare seeming to be able to bore a hole on his suit. She had done so much, always racking her brains to please him and express her care and not heeding how people were looking at her!

But, he kept ignoring her.

Am I any less than that gossip journalist? I don’t believe it!

Song Pingting bit her lower lip, her eyes brimming with angry tears.

Ye Zhongjue immediately went for a shower in the lounge adjoining his office. Water poured down while he ruminated on the stubborn and sad face of Mo Suqing.

It was fortunate he had not taken Mo Suqing away from the house. He was not aware of what had happened until now. If he had indeed taken her away and they had bumped into journalists, they would definitely call her names.

It would only make things worse for the two of them, which was what he was trying to avoid.

Also, he could tell Mo Suqing hadn’t found out about the news.

It was better this way, of course. He had read the newspaper and the journalists had nothing nice to say about her.

They are all going to pay for it. He would do his best to suppress the news from spreading before Mo Suqing could find out about it.

He crumpled up the newspaper and threw it into the bin.

Lin Ran opened the door and put a pile of documents on his desk.

“Boss, I have done some research on Trend Magazine. I didn’t realize the magazine had been bought by The Unparalleled, who is going to merge several other magazines and make Trend the mother company soon.”

Ye Zhongjue looked up and murmured, “The Unparalleled!”

“Yes, The Unparalleled was the company that bought Trend Magazine. However, we don’t know how the stories have got published. After all, all of them are supposed to be edited and approved before the printing…”

Ye Zhongjue saw where this was going. He waved his hand dismissively.

“You can go now. Leng Haoyun would never have agreed to expose the identity of Leng Xiyao. It must be the doing of one of the staff. I’ll make some calls to find out the truth.”

After Lin Ran left, Ye Zhongjue called Leng Haoyun.

Before he had said anything, Leng Haoyun began, “I am responsible for it. I’ll handle it well and suppress the news as soon as possible.”

“No,” Ye Zhongjue shook his head. “I know you are not really responsible. Suppress the news about Leng Xiyao first; I can deal with the rest about Suqing and me. They can write all they want now, but they’ll regret it later!”

Leng Haoyun was going to remind him that he should be careful not to ruin Mo Suqing’s reputation – He could see that Ye Zhongjue cared a great deal about the woman.

But then, he thought better of it. Ye Zhongjue would have taken it into account without his reminder.

“No matter what you say, Trend is my subsidiary and I should have done better. I’ll definitely give you a full report on this.”

“Fine,” Ye Zhongjue replied, then rang off.

At The Unparalleled.

Leng Haoyun rubbed his temple, mulling the whole fiasco over.

His and Ye Zhongjue’s true identities had been a secret all these years partly because no one had dared to expose it. However, when it was exposed, the culprit had come from his own company. This was laughingstock material!

Even so, he couldn’t over-punish the wrongdoer.

He had been very angry when he first read the newspaper. For so many years, he had protected Leng Xiyao well and kept her identity a secret. With the exposure, there would be a lot of new inconveniences and constraints in her life; what’s worse, she might face more dangers.

He couldn’t endure it.

Someone had to take the full responsibility for this and he needed to give Yao a satisfactory explanation.

He could still remember the last words of his brother, asking him to take good care of the girl. If anything happened to her, he wouldn’t be able to face his brother and his wife in heaven. But that was not the real reason. The girl was the most important thing in his life. He himself could not bear to hurt her. If anyone else did so much as to upset her, he would let them pay.

The problem was, he knew very well that An Huilin was the person in charge of the censorship of stories. If she hadn’t approved them, none of it would appear in the newspaper.

But, what could he do about her?

He had known her for years. If it wasn’t for Yao, he might have already got married with An Huilin long ago.

To be honest, he was never interested in romance or love. He just wanted to lead a peaceful life, where he would take a wife and have children of his own one day.

He had always known that An Huilin was waiting for him, but he had used the fact that Yao hadn’t grown up as an excuse.

After Yao started working in the magazine, he bought the company and inserted An Huilin, who had just returned from abroad at that time, in it, hoping the two women could get along with each other first.

He didn’t really care who his wife might be, as long as she treated Yao well.

However, he never told An Huilin the true identity of Yao, in case she would try too hard to impress the girl, thus making Yao dislike her.

Never had he expected things would have come to this. Now, it would be difficult for An Huilin and Yao to get along.

Leng Haoyun rubbed his temple again, his expression gloomy. He really didn’t want to punish An Huilin for this; there was a long history between them.

But since someone had dared to bring trouble to his Yao, he must do something.

The real culprit who had taken those photos must pay, that was for sure. At the very least, he still had Ye Zhongjue to think about, although the guy had told him not to trouble himself.

Yet, he couldn’t just drop it. After Black Dragon bullied Yao and Mo Suqing, he had ordered his subordinates to deal with the man right away. However, a few days later, 

they had reported to him that Black Dragon was nowhere to be found.

It was like he had just vanished into thin air.

He was no fool. He didn’t think Black Dragon could have gone into hiding and successfully evaded his people.

Later, he discovered that it had been Ye Zhongjue. When he saw him at Silk Empire International, Ye Zhongjue had been waiting for Mo Suqing. It had all made sense.

If Ye Zhongjue was willing to take the trouble and deal with Black Dragon, he must really care about Mo Suqing.

After yesterday, he knew he had been right.

How important could a woman be to a man? Suffice it to say that Ye Zhongjue’s love for her was deep-rooted.

Thinking about other people’s relationship reminded Leng Haoyun of the innocent yet naughty face.

I wonder if she is bored, being stuck at home?


After speaking with Leng Haoyun on the phone, Ye Zhongjue summoned Lin Ran to his office and instructed him to clean up his villa at Number 8, Shallow Sea. He would live there from now on.

Startled, Lin Ran asked, “Boss, you are not going back to the apartment in the Tri-ring Area?”

Despite what the newspaper said, Lin Ran knew that Ye Zhongjue was married to Mo Suqing. Could it simply be because of the rumors that he had decided to move out?

And why didn’t he say or do anything about the defamation about Miss Mo in the newspaper? The insults were all over the place and the situation was getting out of hand.

So, the underlying meaning of his question was, Boss, if you are not going home, what about Miss Mo?

He had checked. Ye Zhongjue had come to the company in his white Volkswagen. No wonder the journalists who were gathering out front hadn’t been able to recognize him.

They would never have expected the president would drive such a shabby car.

Therefore, after surrounding the building for the entire morning, the journalists didn’t even catch a glimpse of Ye Zhongjue’s head.

Now, Ye Zhongjue looked up from his desk. Despite having taken a shower and changed into a new suit, lack of sleep was still apparent on his pallid face.

His dark eyes gleamed with something Lin Ran couldn’t fathom.

“Yeah, I’m going to live in the house at Shallow Sea from now on.”

His total composure made Lin Ran even more panicked.

“But, what about Miss Mo?”

Other than telling Lin Ran to investigate her background and pay attention to the affairs within Mo Group, Ye Zhongjue rarely talked about him and Mo Suqing.

Now he had asked, Ye Zhongjue felt a little dazed.

He thought back to the morning when he had been in Guan Zixuan’s villa.

He admitted he had been acting on impulse back then.

It was true when people said impulsive actions wreaked havoc like a devil did. To give him some credit, he had never done anything impulsive except for the one time when he ran away from home seven years ago.

He was always composed and unruffled. The times when people guessed what he was thinking could be counted on one hand.

Yet, whenever it had something to do with Mo Suqing, he messed up.

This was all because he cared about her too much. Otherwise, what could be the reason behind his loss of self-control?

He had known it was bad timing to see her. She was in a foul mood and could help but snap at him; he was a proud man who had never been snapped all his life.

Then, she had provoked him on purpose and he had lost it.

He had lost it big time, unable to contain the fury and jealousy in his heart.

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