Chapter 9: I Couldn’t Bring Myself to Spoil Your Sleep

Mo Suqing was confused. She turned to look at the man next to her.

“Why didn’t you wake me up? It’s already dark outside.” She was a bit annoyed at herself. How long had she been sleeping? She fell asleep after lunch and now it was evening.

Ye Zhongjue’s voice was emotionless, “That’s alright. You seemed to be in a really sound sleep. I couldn’t bring myself to spoil it.” He had placed his laptop on his lap and was typing furiously. By the look of it, he was working.

The glare of the screen reflected on his handsome face, making it rather chilling in the quiet evening.

However, upon hearing his words, Mo Suqing felt warm in her heart all of a sudden. The man appeared to be ice-cold and hard-hearted, but he was actually quite considerate and a gentleman.

Could it be that she was really in luck?

The thought made Mo Suqing a little embarrassed. How could she even consider it? If she was really that lucky, things should have been much better than this.

She gave him a hollow laugh and observed, “Since it is dark, I assume you haven’t had dinner, have you?”

Her stomach growled as if to answer her own question. Mo Suqing lowered her head in shame, looking utterly embarrassed. How humiliating!

Hearing the noise, Ye Zhongjue was a little confused at first. Then, the corner of his mouth arched into a meaningful smile, though it was difficult to tell in the dark night.

“What? Are you hungry?”

Then he continued, as if he was talking to himself, “Ah… I forgot. You must be burnt-out from last night…”

Mo Suqing was about to raise her head to speak when she took in what he had said. Her face reddened like a cooked shrimp.

She was totally blinded to have thought that he was a gentleman and that she was in luck! The man was a cad. And a smooth one difficult to tell with the naked eye.

She kept her head low, wishing she could tuck it into her collar and disappear with it.

Ye Zhongjue knew she was blushing because he had just reminded her of their night together and how it had changed their relationship.

The smile on his face faded gradually. He cleared his throat.

“How about we go upstairs first? You can take a shower while I order some takeout. I don’t think there are a lot of places that remain open now it is dark.”

Mo Suqing glanced at his phone. It was already past ten. She felt a little annoyed again. She was such a sleeper! She couldn’t believe it was this late.

“Fine…” she replied unhappily, her head still hanging low.

Ye Zhongjue watched her turn her head to look out the window, then he shook his own head. He was still a stranger to her.

She had entered his heart for many years, but to her, he was no more than a total stranger whom she had known for only a day.

Ye Zhongjue put away his laptop and said “Let’s go!” before getting off the car first.

Mo Suqing followed suit. She watched him take out her suitcase and walk toward the elevator like he had done this a million times. Mo Suqing didn’t have any suspicion and just followed his every step.

Then, she thought of what they would do after dinner: going to bed.

She remembered what she had blurted out earlier and immediately felt like digging a hole and burying herself in it. I will do whatever a wife should do.

Were they really going to live under the same roof tonight?

They had done the closest thing two people could have done the night before, but that didn’t mean she was prepared to live with him. After all, they had just met.

Mo Suqing was completely lost in thought and didn’t realize Ye Zhongjue had stopped. So she bumped right into Ye Zhongjue’s chest.

The solid, warm sensation and the momentary pain in her nose startled Mo Suqing.

When she was able to respond, she hastily backed away, only to trip over the suitcase next to Ye Zhongjue. She would surely fall down if Ye Zhongjue hadn’t taken her by the arm in time.

Mo Suqing really thought she would die of shame then and there. What was wrong with her today?

To pass the moment of awkwardness, Ye Zhongjue said softly, “Be careful. The elevator is coming in a second.” His voice was husky, sounding seductive in the quiet parking lot.

Mo Suqing’s head snapped up. On the elevator panel, the red light flicker once on the number “1,” indicating the elevator had reached the first floor.

No wonder he had stopped walking. It was because the elevator had just arrived.

She nodded slowly.

“Okay.” Her voice was low, but it sounded clear in the vast space.

Ding! The elevator was here.

Ye Zhongjue carried the suitcase into the elevator; Mo Suqing trailed behind.

She thought of her foolish acts today, stole a sidelong glance at Ye Zhongjue and lowered her head, embarrassed.

“Thank you for everything today. And I’m sorry you skipped the rest of the day off work because of me…”

Ye Zhongjue had been staring blankly at the elevator panel, but after he heard her words, he slowly spoke, with a glint in his eye, “That’s alright. We are married now. I just did what a husband should do.”

With his voice deep and melodious like a cello and the word “married,” Mo Suqing could not help but blush a little.

Yeah, she was married.

She had never thought that she would one day choose speed-marriage. She had expected that she would be together with Gu Jiannan, and eventually they would get married and have kids.

It was true that anything could happen. Mo Suqing smiled bitterly. The shining surface of the interior of the elevator reflected her beautiful face. Ye Zhongjue’s eyes gleamed.

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