Chapter 89: Don’t Make Me Hate You

Ye Zhongjue suddenly realized that she didn’t even see who was at the door. He felt like thousands of ants were gnawing at his heart, making it hurt more than it already did.

If she had known it was me, it’s very likely she wouldn’t have opened the door.

Mo Suqing slowly turned around. The slow motion made Ye Zhongjue extremely anxious, as if he was waiting for the Last Judgement from her.

With just a glance, Mo Suqing took in all the details at once.

Ye Zhongjue was still wearing the suit from yesterday. It was the one Yao had pointed out to her, the latest Armani, a suit she couldn’t afford with all the money she could make in a year.

Despite it, his appearance was disheveled. There were two huge dark circles under his eye and some stubble on his chin. Mo Suqing had never seen him this slovenly.

Although she had only known him for three months, she knew he was a sort of clean freak who was a little obsessed with cleanliness and tidiness.

In other words, he never allowed himself to be unkempt.

Thus, his messy appearance somehow made her feel like he was the one who was hurting the most, even though he had deceived her.

She began to feel her heart ache, seeing him like this. So, she looked away and forced herself not to get softened, not to look at him and fall into his trap.

He had had numerous chances to tell her everything, but each time he had chosen not to. If he didn’t mean to deceive her, why would he do that?

Yesterday, he had asked her to give him a chance. But then, who would give her a chance to take back her love?

Mo Suqing turned her back to Ye Zhongjue and said coldly, “What are you doing here? Go away. I don’t want to see you.”

Ye Zhongjue reminded himself that she was in a bad mood and that he needed to show some sympathy.

But her words still killed him, no matter how well prepared he was.

“Honey, do we have to be like this?” he pleaded.

“I’m not your honey!” Mo Suqing became worked up again. “Ye Zhongjue, you have no right to say that to me. I was kind enough not to slap you on the face in front of the others yesterday. What do you want from me now? You should have told me early that you are the president of Mighty Empire. Even if I dare not incur your wrath, I can always hide myself from you! Why did you want to fool around with me? Why? And now, you are acting the poor man’s character, thinking you can exploit me as much as you like because I have no power. You are wrong if you think that way, Ye Zhongjue! I am not a pushover! If I’m going down, I’m taking you with me!”

Ye Zhongjue’s face darkened. The gentle lamb he had always thought her to be had turned into a heartless woman.

Must they hurt each other like this if he wanted to be with her?

On the other hand, did she know that nothing was more important to him than her? He could die for her if he had to.

He stared at her and said in a low voice, “Mo Suqing, take back your word before I get angry. You know very well none of what you have accused me of is true. Look me in the eye and tell me whether I have done anything bad to you…”

He hadn’t finished when Mo Suqing interrupted him, “Look you in the eye? Ha…”

She looked at him mockingly. “I do not want to know what you truly feel and think! 

How can you imply you haven’t done anything bad to me? Are you saying you didn’t lie to me? Do I deserve to be deceived? Besides, who knows if this isn’t some kind of a sick game that you wealthy people like to play? A game where you abuse one’s heart again and again to obtain a sense of achievement!”

The veins on Ye Zhongjue’s hands bulged; his face clouded. Suddenly, Mo Suqing felt suppressive, almost stifled.

He went on to say, “Mo Suqing, where is your heart? I admit it is wrong of me to have lied to you, but are you really going to sentence me because of it? You need to come back with me today no matter what. You’re not allowed to stay in another man’s house!”

Before Mo Suqing could reply, Ye Zhongjue scooped her up in his arms, regardless of her shocked and angry expression.

Mo Suqing struggled violently. “Ye Zhongjue, you scoundrel! Let me go! You have already lied to me, and now you want to force me to do something I don’t want to! Have you thought about my feelings?”

Mo Suqing pushed him hard, but she was not strong enough.

Ye Zhongjue held her tightly in his arms and began to walk toward the door.

Panicked, Mo Suqing bit him on the shoulder. However, Ye Zhongjue did not pause at all.

When they were almost at the door, Mo Suqing blurted out, “Ye Zhongjue, let me go! Don’t make me hate you!”

Ye Zhongjue finally stopped. “Hate me?” he repeated her words coldly. “Mo Suqing, didn’t you just say I am fooling around with you? If I fucking am, why would I care if you hate me or not?”

Mo Suqing considered this.

Yeah, if he lied to her because he has been fooling around with her, why would he care if I hate him or not?

At the thought, Mo Suqing stopped struggling. On the other hand, Ye Zhongjue felt like his legs had turned into stones so heavy that he couldn’t lift them and take another stride.

He hesitated. Now that he had time to calm a little, his resolution and courage that had propelled him to take her with him no matter what – even if it meant death or her hatred – wavered.

He was afraid after all. He was afraid that she would hate and condemn him.

How could he not think about her feelings, when he cared about her so much?

Eventually, he couldn’t be hard on her.

If he was the kind of man who would force her to do anything, regardless of her feelings, he would have already forced her to be with him seven years ago! He wouldn’t have needed to wait for her and tell her those lies, so that she would want to get married with him voluntarily.

A bitter smile crossed Ye Zhongjue’s face. No one would understand…

He gently put Mo Suqing down and turned around.

“I won’t force you. However…”

Just when Mo Suqing thought he was going to give her up and that she would be free, Ye Zhongjue changed his tone and said, 

“However,” he turned around and, looking at Mo Suqing seriously, enunciated his every word. “There is a limit to my tolerance. I will not allow you to be with another man. If you dare do so, he is going to suffer greatly. Mo Suqing, know that I am capable of that!”

Ye Zhongjue turned and walked out of the door.

Mo Suqing protested angrily, “Ye Zhongjue, you wretch! You have no right to do that!”

Hearing her words, Ye Zhongjue paused for an imperceptible moment and continued to walk.

Yeah, maybe I am a wretch. Otherwise, why would I threaten her like this?

Is it true I have no right? Even though I have loved her for seven years?

He had thought about telling her how he had loved her since seven years ago, but it would just bring humiliation to himself!

Besides, what he wanted was her love, not her compassion for the fact that he had loved her for so long.

He didn’t need anyone’s compassion. He was Ye Zhongjue, a proud man. And that was why he left without saying anything.

The moment Ye Zhongjue crossed the threshold, Mo Suqing slid down from the sofa and began to weep.

Why do I still love him, regardless of what he has done? Deception and threats, is this his love?

She couldn’t bring herself to try to understand it. She felt like a fool in love, a clown!

Hugging her knees, Mo Suqing cried for a long time then fell asleep from exhaustion.

Ye Zhongjue turned on his cell phone after leaving Guan Zixuan’s villa.

Yesterday after Guan Zixuan took Mo Suqing away, he had failed to resist the urge and called her. However, her phone had been turned off. He had tried again and again, until his phone almost ran out of battery.

Defeated, he had turned it off to save some battery and just stood outside Guan Zixuan’s house like a sentinel.

Standing there and knowing she was nearby had made his heart less hollow.

Now, he turned on his phone again. Countless notifications for missed calls came in.

Before he could tap on any of them, Lin Ran called.

“Boss, I finally got through to you! I have bad news. Your identity has been exposed, and so has Miss Mo’s…”

The battery went out before Lin Ran could finish.

Ye Zhongjue had caught the phrase “Miss Mo.” He turned to look at the villa behind him, wondering what exactly had happened. It seemed that it had something to do with Mo Suqing. He needed to get to his office.

Ye Zhongjue arrived at the company. He didn’t see a soul in the elevator from the underground garage to the hundredth floor.

The elevator had barely reached the hundredth floor and opened its door when he saw Lin Ran walk toward him.

Lin Ran was astounded to see Ye Zhongjue’s bedraggled appearance.

Even back when The Sin Eliminators had first been founded and being sought after by enemies had been part of their routine, Ye Zhongjue had never looked so unkempt.

It was as if he had been seriously ill. He was wearing the same clothes from yesterday, with stubble on his face, and looked utterly pallid and tired. It was a horrible sight to behold.

Lin Ran could not help but asked curiously, “What happened to you, Boss?”

Instead of answering the question, Ye Zhongjue threw one back to Lin Ran, “What were you going to tell me on the phone?”

Even though his appearance was a little sorry at the moment, his stern expression and ice-cold voice were still very powerful.

Lin Ran quickly recounted everything to him.

“Mo Suqing’s identity is exposed?” Ye Zhongjue had a dangerous look on his face. Anyone who knew him would get the impression that he was about to fly into a rage.

Lin Ran didn’t look happy, either. “Yes! And the photo was obviously taken in Jazz Club!”

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