Chapter 88: You are Made of Cement

Guan Zixuan’s words made Leng Xiyao blush.

She swore with such vehemence that Guan Zixuan seemed to hear her teeth grinding together, “Guan Zixuan! You scoundrel with the vicious tongue! I curse you to have daughters with no tits and sons with no tats!!!”

Guan Zixuan was speechless.

Why is he arguing with a nonsensical woman?

He countered, “Leng Xiyao, it is said that women are made of water and men of mud…”

Then, he trailed off. Leng Xiyao, baffled and curious, couldn’t resist the temptation and asked eventually, “What’s that got to do with anything?”

“I think you are made of cement, the combination of water and mud, because you are so coarse and thick-skinned and a hard-ass!”

He finished and quickly hung up the phone.

Before Leng Xiyao could react, the disconnect tone came from the other end of the line. She instantly flipped.

“Guan Zixuan, you brat! If I am made of cement, you are made of crude iron! I am pretty as a flower. You are blind if you can’t see that!”

The servants in the villa saw that their young lady was throwing a tantrum and all began to tiptoe around her.

After Guan Zixuan hung up the phone, Leng Xiyao called again. He threw his phone on the sofa and acted as if the ringing tone was the background music.

Then, he hummed to the music and went to the guestroom to tell Mo Suqing to get some breakfast.

He was extremely satisfied with himself.

After calling Guan Zixuan for a couple of times in vain, Leng Xiyao sulked on the swing.

I must go to see Suqing this very afternoon! Otherwise, the scoundrel might lead Suqing astray!

Guan Zixuan walked into the room and found Mo Suqing in the same rigid position as before.

He thought for a moment and walked out again. Bringing the breakfast back into the room, he put it on the bedside cabinet.

“Have some. After that, take a nap if you are tired.”

Guan Zixuan said in the gentlest tone he could muster as if he was talking to a child.

He could see Mo Suqing was very fragile right now.

Or, it was more fitting to describe her as despairing. She had shut her heart to all outsiders like an autistic.

Mo Suqing did not seem to hear him. Her expression did not shift at all.

Guan Zixuan sighed. “You have to stop this,” he said, regardless of whether or not she could hear him. “Getting your meals is the most important thing in the world. You shouldn’t punish yourself for other people’s faults. You haven’t eaten anything since 

yesterday. At this rate, you are going to fall ill even if you are very healthy and strong! You need to build up your strength, even if it is only that you can keep wallowing in sadness and anger. I won’t call myself a kind person, but I saw a part of me from your reaction yesterday. That’s why I decided to do something good and brought you home. You can’t starve yourself to death! Otherwise, I’ll be blamed for it and that’s just not worth it after I have done so much for you…”

Guan Zixuan didn’t really know what he was talking about; he just talked and talked.

Finally, Mo Suqing responded. She turned her head toward him stiffly and said in a gravelly voice that seemed to belong to someone who had been walking in the desert for many days, “Thank you, Guan Zixuan…”

Then, she went quiet again.

However, Guan Zixuan felt a prick of excitement and grinned. She finally responded! I didn’t waste my breath talking so much then!

However, her voice did sound like an iron door scraping the floor. It was probably because she hadn’t drunk much and had cried too much. Last night when he came to see her, tears had been streaming down her face.

Right! Water! Guan Zixuan whacked himself on the head. She must be quite dehydrated.

He hastened out and brought a glass of water back to the room. Then, he tested it to ensure that the temperature was lukewarm. Finally, he stuck a straw in it and handed it to her.

“Drink it, then have some porridge. Semi-liquid diet is good for your stomach when you haven’t eaten for a prolonged period. I’ll ask Yuan to bring something delicious for you for lunch, okay?”

For all his life, Guan Zixuan was always the one being taken care of. Until now, he had never looked after anyone in his life, so he was happy and expectant to see her reaction.

Even if it was just a smile from her, he would be glad.

Mo Suqing took a few sips and looked up at him. Her movement was rigid, kind of like that of zombies in a movie.

Nevertheless, it made Guan Zixuan very proud of himself. It was much better than yesterday, when she had been completely lifeless.

Mo Suqing was only able to drink half of the water.

Slowly, she spoke in a less hoarse voice, “Thank you for taking me in. I’m going to work after lunch.”

Remembering those headlines in the newspaper, Guan Zixuan quickly said, “You can’t go to work like this. I want you to rest for a few days. I don’t usually live here anyway. Also, don’t feel like you are causing me any trouble. Who doesn’t need some help now and then? If you do want to repay me, just help me in return when I need your help in the future!”

Mo Suqing looked at him gratefully.

She had never expected the man, whom she had such a melodramatic encounter with at the airport, would become her savior during her most despairing moment.

Then, another face flashed across her mind.

Pain gripped her heart.

How she had wanted to give him a slap across the face yesterday! But with the wounds on her hands, she couldn’t do that.

She hated that he had lied to her. Moreover, she hated that she had believed him and allowed herself to be manipulated like a circus animal.

She didn’t think she would be able to experience the same pain ever again. No one understood how it had felt like when she found out about everything at once so unexpectedly. It had come as a crushing blow that sent her head into a muddled state.

And her heart… it hurt so much.

Maybe this was the price you had to pay at one time or another when you loved someone.

She had taken his game seriously. He had wanted her to give him a chance to explain. Yet, who could give her a chance to start over?

She couldn’t forgive him, but she couldn’t forget about him either. Really, she felt she was going crazy…

“Mo Suqing!” Guan Zixuan shouted. “What are you thinking?”

In fact, he could guess it from the painful expression on her face. She must be thinking about yesterday.

He didn’t know Ye Zhongjue, but Guan Zixuan guessed he must have been the one who had ordered his company to force him to hold the press conference and clarify his relationship with Mo Suqing.

To be honest, if it wasn’t because his family didn’t approve of his actor dream, he would have gone back to the emperor’s city and pursued his career there long ago.

Mo Suqing looked at him calmly and shook her head. “Nothing. By the way, I can’t just stay in your house forever. I’ll go apartment hunting and move in as soon as possible. I’m going to take a day off from work and start the search today.”

She was exceedingly calm when she said this.

However, Guan Zixuan couldn’t let her go out alone like this now that he had known what had happened to her.

He thought for a moment and said, “How about this? Rest some more now and we’ll see if you are fit to go apartment hunting in the afternoon. You don’t need to call your company. Leng Xiyao said she had taken a day off for you.”

Mo Suqing’s face clouded. Guan Zixuan felt like a moron.

Why would I so carelessly mention her?

“Umm… Have some breakfast! It’s getting cool,” he quickly changed the subject.

Mo Suqing glanced at him without saying anything and began to eat the porridge.

It was as if she didn’t hear what Guan Zixuan had said.

After breakfast, Guan Zixuan left the house. He had been shooting a movie recently. Yesterday when he saw Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao, he was on his way home from the studio.

Before he went to work, he had asked the janitor to call him if he saw Mo Suqing coming out.

Not long after Guan Zixuan left, the doorbell rang.

Mo Suqing was deep in thought by the window when it rang, again and again. She figured it was Guan Zixuan who had probably forgotten his keys.

No matter how sad she was, she was never fragile and frail.

No matter how life played a trick on her, she could always put herself together.

Sadness was just a feeling that would pass, but she still got a life to live.

That was why she was still able to walk over and open the door.

However, she was hanging her head low when she opened it. Then, she turned and walked back inside the house without looking to see who it was.

Ye Zhongjue felt his heart break again, seeing her like this.

Leng Xiyao had said that he shouldn’t come to see her, that she wouldn’t listen to him, and that he would only make her more upset.

However, he couldn’t sit still and wait. He just couldn’t.

He knew it was all his fault, but he just couldn’t endure the idea of her staying in the house of a single man. It made him burn inside.

He had been a proud man all his life. No one had ever talked to him like Mo Suqing had done yesterday. What’s more, he cared about what Mo Suqing thought more than anyone else!

Her words, therefore, were like arrows that had been shot into his heart.

Even so, he still couldn’t help but come to find her.

He had kept vigil outside Guan Zixuan’s villa all night, during which he turned a lot of things over in his head. He thought of seven years ago, when he had first met her, and of the three months they had been together.

She hadn’t even known his existence seven years ago, but that was when he started to like her.

He wanted to tell her all of it, but her hateful look had made any explanation look like excuses.

When he saw Guan Zixuan leave the house, he could no longer stay put. So, he knocked on the door.

He had expected that she wouldn’t answer it, that she would not let him in.

But all he really wanted was to see her face or hear her voice, to reassure himself that she was okay.

He followed Mo Suqing into the living room. Mo Suqing walked toward the sofa, completely unaware that the person behind her was her husband.

Ye Zhongjue looked at her back and said, “Suqing…”

Mo Suqing, who was about to sit down, froze on the spot.

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