Chapter 85: First Getting Married, Then Falling in Love

Mo Suqing, not wanting to see him anymore, pushed away Ye Zhongjue and stormed out.

Ye Zhongjue was going to run after her but checked his impulse in time, remembering what she had said just now. Even though he knew very well it had been uttered emotionally, that she had lost her control, he still felt badly hurt.

He knew it was all his own doing, but still his heart felt like it had been broken into tiny pieces. No one could understand what it felt like to watch yourself die inside. His whole world had been turned into a vast wasteland in an instant.

He could see in Mo Suqing’s eyes that she would never forgive him. She hated him for lying and would not listen to him at all.

Ye Zhongjue slid to the floor in agony, putting his hands over his head. Leng Haoyun turned away to give him some space.

He knew Ye Zhongjue didn’t want anyone to see him like this.

He knew he dared not run after Mo Suqing, lest she attack him with fiercer, crueler words.

It was all because he cared too much. He couldn’t make himself invincible in front of her; in fact, a word from her could kill him like a deadly poison. Yes, he knew his feelings. He knew it well.

They were both men with a weakness.

They were the same kind, so he could relate.

Probably for the better, after Mo Suqing stormed out, Leng Xiyao went after her too. Though he was a little worried about his girl, he knew it would be better if Yao was the one to do that.

Now was not the time for Ye Zhongjue to catch up with her and try to make her listen.

Mo Suqing was out of her emotional control; it wouldn’t help to talk reason with her.

In another corner, Bai Tingnan was grinning widely. It was an evil grin that made her look like a cold-blooded snake.

It’s totally worth it that I decided to come here today!


After walking out of Jazz Club, Mo Suqing wandered aimlessly in the streets like a kite whose string had been cut, leaving it adrift.

Leng Xiyao followed behind her out of concern, but dared not speak to her. She knew Suqing must be angry with her for lying to and hiding things from her, although her deception was not comparable to Ye Zhongjue’s. After all, she had never had ill intentions.

She couldn’t tell if Ye Zhongjue’s behavior was based on malice or not, so it must be even more confusing for Suqing.

Why would a man, and a handsome, rich man who charmed countless women at that, hide his true identity from his woman?

She couldn’t think of any reasons other than searching for amusement and excitement.

However, there was one thing she couldn’t understand. If he was just amusing himself, why did he get married?

It was just a fling at most. What exactly had motivated him to decide to marry her? What was his real purpose?

Leng Xiyao found herself more and more confused and frantic, too. She was so worried that Mo Suqing would never forgive her.

Aside from her uncle, Mo Suqing was her only beloved one.

She can’t abandon me. She can’t leave me!

This was the state of mind – full of grievance and guilt – Leng Xiyao was in when she followed Mo Suqing closely in case she would lose her.

Suddenly, Mo Suqing turned around and looked at her with ice-cold eyes. Leng Xiyao had never seen her like this before. At least, Mo Suqing had never given her such a look.

“Miss Leng, you are the niece of the president of The Unparalleled. What are you following me for? Mo Group is just a small company that you can extinguish overnight. It must be very amusing, to have us completely under your thumb, isn’t it?”

Leng Xiyao’s eyes widened with disbelief. She couldn’t believe Mo Suqing would say something like that to her.

She knew she was venting her anger toward Ye Zhongjue on her, but it still hurt her a lot.

She wanted to tell Suqing how hurt she was, but she dared not.

Mo Suqing turned back and kept walking, a lonely soul drifting in the vast world.

Leng Xiyao stubbornly followed. She could say all she wanted, but she would not react to her emotional words; she would just follow behind her.

Mo Suqing snapped around again and shouted vehemently, “Get away from me! Leng Xiyao, I don’t want to see you! Just go away! Can’t a person be left alone? All of you are pushing me and lying to me!”

“You are all fucking liars!” Mo Suqing yelled the last sentence with all her might.

Leng Xiyao stood on the spot and looked at her sadly.

She knew Mo Suqing wanted to be alone right now, but she couldn’t let her, not in this state. If something happened to her, she wouldn’t be able to live with that.

“Suqing,” she pleaded, “don’t be like      this. I didn’t want to deceive you, but Uncle is always telling me how many times I have been kidnapped when I was little and had forbidden me to reveal my true identity to anyone. I didn’t mean to lie to you, seriously. I wanted to tell you, but every time I did, the words would just get stuck in my throat, you know? I’m sorry. I should have told you the truth earlier. It’s wrong of Ye Zhongjue to have deceived you, too. We are both wrong; we shouldn’t have done it. But don’t punish yourself for our faults! Please come back with me. I’m so worried about you…”

Leng Xiyao said, tears streaming down her face all the while.

Mo Suqing stood across from her, her expression numb, as if what Leng Xiyao had said didn’t quite register.

Meanwhile, Guan Zixuan happened to be sitting in the car at the nearest intersection and looking out of the window casually.

He saw the two familiar figures on the sidewalk. Aren’t they Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao?

Guan Xizuan frowned. The two women were so close, they probably even shared the same pair of trousers. But it looks like they are having a fight?

Guan Xizuan rubbed his eyes. No way!

No wonder people said women were difficult creatures. How true it was! If best friends could get into a fight, women were indeed difficult.

Guan Zixuan did not want to get off the car if he could help it, lest some gossip journalist take a picture of him.

But then, he found that Mo Suqing didn’t look quite right.

After a moment’s deliberation, he asked Yuan to pull over and, having put on a pair of sunglasses, got off the car. Yuan watched him approach the women worriedly.

Guan Zixuan couldn’t hear what Leng Xiyao was saying until he was closer. She sounded apologetic while Mo Suqing stared at her coldly like an unemotional machine: 

“Suqing, say something. I really didn’t mean it. If you are going to sentence me, at least let me defend myself first! Don’t do this to me. I can’t take it…”

Leng Xiyao was crying uncontrollably and gasping for air.

Her words finally induced some reaction from Mo Suqing. She stared at Leng Xiyao with a look sharp enough to stab the other woman’s heart like a knife.

“It’s none of your business what would become of me. I can’t say what will happen in the future, but right now, I don’t want to see you!”

“But, I can’t leave you alone like this…” Leng Xiyao sounded desperate and sad.

Amused, Guan Zixuan walked over and interrupted them, “I can take her away.”

Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao turned to look at him at the same time.

Mo Suqing moved her mouth and said in an extremely strained voice, “I’ll go…”

Her voice was resolute and serious, although it seemed to have taken her considerable effort to say the words.

The next second, her body went limp and she passed out.

“Suqing!” Leng Xiyao screamed.

Guan Zixuan moved fast. He caught her waist and stopped her from falling to the ground.

Leng Xiyao’s eyes were red from the crying. Misery was written all over her face.

Does she really hate me so much that she would rather be taken away by a guy she has known for only a few days than let me follow her around?

The thought led to more tears.

Guan Zixuan, who couldn’t stand to see women cry, frowned at Leng Xiyao.

“She has passed out. I think it’s better if I take her away right now; I can’t stay here for too long either. Give her some time to calm down and then you can come see her in my villa at number fifteen of Shallow Sea tomorrow. I’ll take off now.”

Leng Xiyao sniffed and watched Guan Zixuan carry Mo Suqing away. Her eyes welled up again.

She wanted to stop him. However, with Mo Suqing’s words from before she had passed out still resonating, she was unable to.

When Ye Zhongjue and Leng Haoyun found her, Leng Xiyao had stood on the spot for a long time. Her tears were already dried, although her mood was nowhere near getting better.

She kept replaying Mo Suqing’s cold attitude toward her and those words.

Ye Zhongjue looked like he had returned to normal. Nonetheless, Leng Xiyao felt that he was still hurting inside, just like herself, maybe even more.

She didn’t know why she felt this way. Maybe it was because Ye Zhongjue did care about Mo Suqing a lot!

He immediately asked Leng Xiyao where Mo Suqing had gone.

Leng Xiyao could only tell him the truth. “Guan Zixuan took her away!”

“Guan Zixuan?” Ye Zhongjue frowned. His expression clouded over.

He immediately called Lin Ran and instructed him to look up where Guan Zixuan lived.

Leng Xiyao said coolly, “President Ye, don’t waste your energy. Suqing wanted to go with him! Guan Zixuan saved us before; he is trustworthy. Besides, do you think she will come back with you, even if you find out where she is? Do you think you should appear before her, considering her state of mind now? Do you think she’ll forgive you?”

Leng Xiyao laughed bitterly. Ye Zhongjue had lied to her, and so had she. How could Mo Suqing forgive both of them and their double deception easily?

She knew Suqing only too well. She was the kind of person who could be a totally docile horse but would become extremely wild and feral once provoked.

And they had not only provoked her but basically betrayed her.

She had betrayed her by hiding the truth from her for five whole years.

He had betrayed her by tricking her first into getting married then into falling in love with him.

Leng Xiyao could not, dared not imagine whether Mo Suqing would choose to forgive…

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