Chapter 84: Games for the Wealthy

The veins around Mo Suqing’s scarlet eyes bulged; her hands had been clenched so tightly that they started to bleed.

Leng Xiyao finally noticed there was something wrong with her. She dared not say anything lest the men at the next table hear them, she quietly slid over to Mo Suqing’s side and found out what she had done to herself. Blood was all over her hands.

Horrified, Leng Xiyao felt pained and afraid.

Mo Suqing was staring into space with empty eyes, like a wooden puppet.

She understood all of it now.

I am such an idiot. I have willingly done it to myself; I have only myself to blame. Who else can I blame?

Everything she was confused about was clear now. All the questions in her head, she had found an answer.

When Mo Group was in danger and her father tricked her to a match-making dinner, she had poured out her trouble to him. Then, Mo Group was saved within a day.

And the way he had insisted that she use his card! She had forgotten this was what wealthy people loved to do. He must have sneered at her, thinking I was “bought” by him.

She was so stupid. She should have checked how much he had to his credit a long time ago. I guess he must have a huge amount of money in his account! To think I have been careful to save money for him when he probably doesn’t even care.

The president of Mighty Empire would never care about money. She was nothing more than a joke to him.

Moreover, she remembered the time when she had bumped into him at Silk Empire International and how the man had seemed to be afraid of him. She had thought she made a wrong assumption.

Also, he always had so much work to do. She had thought his boss was abusing his subordinate, but the truth was he himself was the boss! Silly, foolish me!

And there were his clothes. Yao had mentioned it twice, but she had chosen to believe him, to believe that he was just an assistant.

And the time when they had bumped into Li Ming, who had seemed to show trepidation and deference to him. How could I be so blind, when all his friends look rich and respectable?

When she went to look for him in Mighty Empire, she had not thought about the possibility that he was the emperor himself. And I… I was there at the bottom of the building, wanting to see him but could not. This is how different we are…


Why hadn’t she figured it all out until now?

Mo Suqing broke down. The man she loved, his tenderness, his affection, his sweet words – all of these were fake. They were all but a fucking lie!

She trembled uncontrollably. Why? How come I have suddenly become a clown?

She had lost it completely.

When her mother died, she hadn’t felt despair because she had Gu Jiannan; when Gu Jiannan betrayed her, it hadn’t really hurt that much because she met Ye Zhongjue soon afterwards.

But now, she could feel an overwhelming hopelessness drowning her.

She opened her mouth, but no words came out.

Seeing that there was more and more blood on Mo Suqing’s hands, Leng Xiyao could not remain silent anymore.

She almost cried when she shrieked, “Uncle, help!”

Hearing her shout, Leng Haoyun jumped up, strode past the plants and rushed over.

He was shocked to see what had happened.

It was as if Mo Suqing was under a spell or a demon’s control. She was harming herself and trembling all over without knowing she was.

Ye Zhongjue had followed Leng Haoyun to the adjacent table, though he wasn’t really alarmed.

Then, he saw it. He froze at the sight of Mo Suqing, who was held tight by Leng Xiyao.

A thought shot through his mind. She knows. She must have found out everything. Otherwise, what would she do this?

Leng Haoyun ran his palm across his face. He had told Leng Xiyao not to bring Mo Suqing with her, but the girl had decided to ignore his words. Now, something tragic happened.

And what a tragedy it was!

He could understand why Ye Zhongjue would hide his identity from her, but he could also see how it would be regarded as a betrayal to Mo Suqing.

When Leng Xiyao saw Ye Zhongjue, she immediately understood what had happened.

Ye Zhongjue is the president of Mighty Empire! My suspicions are right then.

Suqing must have recognized his voice!

She knew Mo Suqing very well. The extreme personality seldom showed itself unless the circumstances were serious enough.

How could she take it, discovering the truth so suddenly?

No wonder… No wonder…

Leng Xiyao burst into tears. It’s all my fault! I shouldn’t have brought her here today!

Ye Zhongjue took in a sharp gasp at the sight of the blood on Mo Suqing’s hands. Deadly fury and regret filled up his eyes. It’s all my fault. I didn’t tell her soon enough, and now the truth has been thrown at her face all at once.

Without further ado, he rushed forward to take Mo Suqing from Leng Xiyao. However, Leng Xiyao pushed him away.

“President Ye, haven’t you done enough? As the president of Mighty Empire, you can get any woman you want. Why won’t you just let Suqing go? Enough is enough!”

Leng Xiyao was as protective of Mo Suqing as a tiger with her cubs. However, she was not strong enough to stop Mo Suqing from hurting herself.

Ye Zhongjue’s tone was ice-cold when he spoke again. It was low and hoarse, with menace only a malevolent spirit from hell could muster.

However, to Leng Haoyun’s ears, it also contained a man’s great pain and sadness.

“Leng Xiyao, you never told her your true identity, either. If it wasn’t for your uncle Leng Haoyun, how would you know we would come here today? If it wasn’t for your arbitrary decision, how would things have gone the way they are?”

Ye Zhongjue’s words seemed like a wake-up call for Mo Suqing.

She looked at Leng Xiyao, shocked. Then, she looked at Leng Haoyun. Realization came to her eyes.

Self-contempt showed on her face. She began to laugh a piteous laugh.

She pushed Leng Xiyao away and stood by a giant pot of plants.

What had transpired today, it was like a nightmare to her. Could anyone tell her if there was anything more absurd than this?

Her best friend, whom she had known for five years, was the niece of an illustrious company. She had deceived her all this time.

And her husband, whom she had shared a bed with for three months, was the president of Mighty Empire instead of the assistant she had thought he was. Her life was such a fucking joke, full of lies and secrets!

Was there anyone else who was more pathetic than her?

Leng Xiyao watched her miserably, tears streaming down her face nonstop. Leng Haoyun, frowning, pulled her into his chest.

“Honey, don’t act like this. Please hear me out!” Ye Zhongjue said, panicky and remorseful.

He held Mo Suqing in his arms and felt that she was trembling all over, which made his heart ache so much it could well have exploded. He hated to see her like this.

Blood trickled from her wounds and spread across his heart.

Right now, she was in despair and he was in pain.

He had not thought it would come to this.

Upon hearing his voice, a bomb had detonated and lit up all her sadness, her rage and her despair.

The look she gave Ye Zhongjue was icy. He might well be some stranger totally unrelated to her.

Remorse was all Ye Zhongjue could feel. What could he say to her under the circumstances?

Mo Suqing freed herself from his embrace. Coldness and anger showed in her eyes. With all the emotions she was feeling, she didn’t know how to face him.

She knew more than anyone else that she had already relinquished everything to him, for this marriage that was supposed to last only three years.

She said coldly with a sneer on her face: 

“Ye Zhongjue, you find it funny, don’t you? Honestly, I don’t get these games for wealthy people like you. Do you just like the feeling of manipulating someone, or have I done anything to you in the past so that you want to see me heartbroken? If that is your purpose, I can tell you that you have achieved it! You have achieved your goal! I am heartbroken. My heart hurts so much, I don’t feel like it’s mine anymore. are you happy now?”

Mo Suqing pointed at her heart and glared at Ye Zhongjue, despair and fury showing in her eyes in equal measure. She was like a beast that had been cornered and was struggling in vain.

Ye Zhongjue, pained, reached out to touch her, but Mo Suqing dodged.

She gave him a cold look and sneered, “What should I call you, President Ye, Ye Zhongjue, or Ye Jue?”

Her words stung Ye Zhongjue, who put his hands on his head in anguish.

“Suqing, don’t do this to me. Please hear me out. I didn’t mean to lie to you. I didn’t do it on purpose! I didn’t know I would bump into you that night, nor did I expect things would come to this. I didn’t mean it… My name really is Ye Zhongjue. I have never lied to you about it. Ye Jue is just the name I registered for the corporation. Surely you can understand how people like me would need another identity? I admit I have hidden it from you, but I never really meant to…”

Ye Zhongjue’s voice was full of pain. He stammered incoherently and kept emphasizing that he hadn’t meant it.

Leng Haoyun could see how much this was hurting him. However, Mo Suqing was having none of it. She couldn’t just accept the truth. To her, a lie was a lie.

As for the girl in his arms, she was trembling violently. She had never thought things would come to this.

Mo Suqing looked at Ye Zhongjue icily and said to him in a hollow tone, “Right, you didn’t mean it. Except you totally did. Why would a president want to drive a shabby Volkswagen and live in a shabby apartment and play along with a woman like me then? I’m sorry you have gone to so much trouble for me. I’m really sorry.”

Ye Zhongjue’s face reddened. For god’s sake, I don’t mean any of that! Why does she keep contorting his words?

“Suqing, don’t be like this…”

“Stop calling my name! It’s disgusting!” Mo Suqing’s words bit his heart like a snake.

His heart hurt so much…

He couldn’t believe she would say that.

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