Chapter 83: The Unforeseen Truth

When Leng Haoyun came out of An Huilin’s office, his eyes swept through the gossip journalists one by one. However, Leng Xiyao was nowhere to be seen, and so was her best friend Mo Suqing.

He didn’t comment on this. After all, it was not like he had just found out his girl was willful.

It looked like something had indeed happened to her. He had never seen her crying so much.

After inspecting the office and staying in An Huilin’s private office for some time, Leng Haoyun took leave, also leaving the bunch of fangirls whose eyes followed him behind.

Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao headed to the popular street food area in A City.

They had loved the food here since college. It was right outside the campus of A University and the two girls had always gone there to find something to eat every evening.

Once they arrived, Mo Suqing felt it had been a very long time since she had last come here.

They ate to their hearts’ content from one end of the street to the other.

It was well past eight when they were full.

Mo Suqing fished out her phone and discovered that it had run out of battery. Leng Xiyao’s phone had been turned off, too.

Mo Suqing felt panic. Ye Zhongjue must be very worried about not being able to reach her.

After saying goodbye to Leng Xiyao, Mo Suqing quickly hailed a taxi home.

She saw him in front of the apartment the moment she got off the car.

His presence warmed her heart. How can I keep suspecting him when he cares about me so much? If he is hiding something from me, there must be a reason. How can I suspect him so easily?

Mo Suqing felt quite emotional today. She spread out her arms and ran toward Ye Zhongjue cheerfully like a child.

Afraid that she might fall, Ye Zhongjue quickly pulled her into an embrace.

Mo Suqing giggled heartily, reminding Ye Zhongjue of the carefree girl he had first met seven years ago.

He had scolded himself more than once for not plucking up his courage and looking for her immediately after he returned to the country. If he had done so, she wouldn’t need to suffer all those pain.

Carrying her in his arms with these thoughts, he walked toward their home.

From the entrance of the apartment to the elevator, Ye Zhongjue never put her down for one second.

All the way, Mo Suqing giggled in his arms and rubbed his broad chest with her little nose like a puppy.

Ye Zhongjue felt very hot, like there was a fire inside him that he couldn’t put out.

He had cooked dinner and was going to have it with her when she came home. However, the girl kept arousing him.

When the door closed behind them, Ye Zhongjue could no longer bear it. He lowered his head and kissed the girl in his arms.

This time, Mo Suqing didn’t resist at all. Instead, she kissed him back.

Ye Zhongjue carried her to the bathroom. They fooled around while taking a shower, by the time they came out, Mo Suqing could barely keep her eyes open.

Ye Zhongjue patted her round belly, knowing she had eaten a lot.

To think I have come home early and prepared a delicious dinner for you! You rotten girl who didn’t even call! I should give you a good spank!

However, he couldn’t bear to hit her as he watched the figure on the bed with tenderness.

Mo Suqing soon fell asleep. It seemed that she was having a sweet dream because she kept smacking her lips as if enjoying something delectable.

Remembering he needed to fulfil his promise to her in a week, he felt his head begin to ache and throb.

Ye Zhongjue tucked in her blanket and walked out of the room to heat up his dinner. After the meal, he went into his study to read through papers for a long time before going to sleep.

When Mo Suqing arrived at the office the next day, she found that Leng Xiyao had come back to her usual, chattering self overnight.

She didn’t seem to notice the jealous look people were casting her way.

When Mo Suqing told her this, she pursed her lips in puzzlement. “Why are they jealous of me?”

“Because the boss treated you well yesterday, that’s why!” Mo Suqing said in exasperation.

“What?” Leng Xiyao gaped at her, her mouth wide enough to place an egg.

“Idiots!” she added, looking up at the ceiling.

Mo Suqing didn’t continue on that subject. Rather, she asked, “When are we going to Jazz Club?”

Leng Xiyao tilted her head while deliberating upon her question and talking to herself. “Well, they are going to meet at ten thirty… and it takes thirty minutes to go there… 

We have to arrive before them, otherwise we may give ourselves away…”

Leng Xiyao batted her eyes, which had sparkled with cleverness.

“Right, I decide we’ll head out at nine thirty!”

Leng Xiyao sat down in her chair and crossed her legs, then started to read a magazine.

Mo Suqing checked the time. This meant they would have to leave in twenty minutes.

When it was time, Leng Xiyao announced, “Let’s go!”

They didn’t bring their cameras; they just upped and left the office.

On the way, Mo Suqing asked Leng Xiyao in a worried tone, “Do you really think our phones are enough?”

“Don’t worry, Suqing! My camera phone produces very clear photos. We’re not going to ruin the evidence!”

Mo Suqing’s mouth twitched with laughter. Ruin the evidence? What a hilarious exaggeration!

Anyway, it’s not like we haven’t taken photos with phones before. It should be alright.

The two of them arrived at the front door of Jazz Club. They sauntered over confidently and showed the member cards to the doorman.

After checking the cards, the doorman bowed deeply to them then ushered them in.

Leng Xiyao wrapped her arm around Mo Suqing’s and they walked inside.

The interior design was very tasteful with exquisite and extravagant decorations everywhere.

On the first floor, there were tea-drinking areas surrounded with large pots of plants, so that it didn’t feel stifling, nor did it look dull.

On the second floor, there were chess and poker tables; on the third floor, there was a billiard room. According to Leng Xiyao, there were lounges and gyms and many other facilities on the upper floors. Mo Suqing was stunned.

However, they were not going to any of them today. The meeting would take place on the first floor.

Leng Xiyao saw two tables by the window which were separated by particularly big pots of plants. She pulled Mo Suqing to the one in the corner and the two women seated themselves.

Leng Xiyao had checked with Leng Haoyun the previous evening. He and President Ye from Mighty Empire would sit at the adjacent table.

Leng Haoyun hadn’t realized Leng Xiyao would bring her best friend Mo Suqing with her when she had promised not to do so.

The privacy of their patrons was of great importance to Jazz Club. All the windows were tinted, so that one could look out of them but others could not see anything from the outside.

While they waited, Mo Suqing swiped her phone with nothing better to do.

Leng Xiyao, too, was hanging her head, using her phone while chatting with Mo Suqing intermittently.

Suddenly, Mo Suqing snapped up and peered at a seat not far away from them. “Why do I have a feeling that someone is watching us?”

Leng Xiyao waved her hand dismissively. “No way! This is a secluded corner and the club places high importance to their members’ privacy. No one would notice us. Besides, we are just two gossip journalists. We don’t care if people are watching!”

Mo Suqing admitted to herself that she had a point. Maybe she was just being paranoid! She went back to playing with her phone.

Presently, a steely voice came from the adjacent table, “President Ye, take a seat please.”

At Leng Haoyun’s voice, Leng Xiyao gestured excitedly to Mo Suqing, indicating that their targets had arrived.

Mo Suqing frowned. Have I heard this voice before?

Then, another voice came, freezing all the blood in her.

“You, too, President Leng.”

She looked up stiffly to the plants that separated them from the other table.

Although she couldn’t see clearly what the men looked like, she recognized that voice. It belonged to no one but the person whom she had shared a bed with for three months…

She would never mistake someone else’s voice for his!

Mo Suqing tried to reassure herself. Maybe Ye Zhongjue is representing his boss? However, she knew it was a lame excuse. After all, how could an assistant sign a contract with an important person like the president of The Unparalleled on behalf of his boss?

Leng Xiyao, having only met Ye Zhongjue once, did not recognize his voice. Instead, she perked up her ears to catch what they were going to say next.

She didn’t notice that Mo Suqing’s face had gone completely pale.

Oh, how she wanted to trust him! But the voices and the conversation forced her to face the cruel reality. 

The man who had promised to tell her the truth in a week was Ye Jue, the president of Mighty Empire.

This is so absurd! Ye Jue and Ye Zhongjue… Why didn’t I notice how similar the two names are?

Listening to the conversation going on at the next table, Mo Suqing felt every word was a slap in the face to the stupid her.

Three months… He had tricked her for three months! How did he do it?

He actually is the president of the renowned Mighty Empire, which controls the economic lifeline of A City. Why does he condescend to mingle with the likes of me and live in a small apartment in the Tri-ring Area?

Self-mockery was written all over her face. He must find it quite amusing, playing me like this!

I am just a prey that falls deeper and deeper into his trap… while he, the most successful hunter of all time, watches as I do all those ridiculous things he wants me to do!

He must be having a whale of a time. As for me, I am a big fool to have played along and lost my body and my heart… What is there left for me now?

Mo Suqing wanted to roar with anger. She wanted to cry furious tears. But at the same time, she felt numb and she couldn’t do either of that.

She could understand how someone might get tired of delicacies and long for “common food” once in a while. But why, why me? Because I am easy?

Why would I ever fall in love with someone who tells nothing other than lies? Why?

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