Chapter 80: The Latest Armani Suit

When Leng Xiyao saw Ye Zhongjue today, she immediately recognized that suit because her uncle had been wearing the same one recently.

It was impossible for her not to recognize it.

Mo Suqing still refused to see the truth. “Maybe… maybe it was a fake!”

Leng Xiyao was being driven mad at this point. A fake, you say? I would know if it’s a fake! She kept thinking there was something strange about Ye Zhongjue. She just didn’t want Mo Suqing to get hurt.

“Then try googling it and see if you can really find a fake of Armani out there! I can’t believe you!” Leng Xiyao said in exasperation and sent the photo to her via WeChat.

Mo Suqing looked at the photo. Should she google or not?

She didn’t know much about brands and their logos, but she did remember that Ye Zhongjue hadn’t worn that suit at home this morning.

She shook her head. She felt guilty about her doubts; she was supposed to trust that man with all her heart. However, he did lie to her about his job, didn’t he?

Mo Suqing felt helpless and confused. The doubts were driving her crazy!

In the end, she googled it anyway. It was true. The latest Armani suit looked exactly like the one on Ye Zhongjue. They were identical, even in the excellent workmanship.

No fake could be as good as that.

Mo Suqing didn’t want to deceive herself, but she also wanted to believe the man whom she shared the same bed with.

She was never the kind of woman who would get lost in love, but right now, she actually wished she was. That way, she would be able to trust him wholeheartedly.

When Leng Xiyao was about to get off work, she peered at her and asked, “Did you google it?”

Mo Suqing looked a little distracted. She looked at Leng Xiyao and said firmly, “I believe him!”

“Fine… You…” Leng Xiyao faltered. Then, “You are on your own, I guess,” she said eventually.

She turned around and walked away. She had said everything she had to say; she would leave the choice with Mo Suqing.

After Leng Xiyao left, Mo Suqing stared into the empty office space in a daze.

Her phone rang, pulling her back to reality.

“Hello…” she answered the phone with a downcast tone.

“Are you alright? I’m here,” Ye Zhongjue’s voice came from the other end, sounding worried.

Mo Suqing didn’t answer his question. Instead, she said, “Okay, I’m heading out now.”

She put down her phone and took a deep breath. After putting away her feelings and forcing a smile on her face, she walked out of the building.

At the sight of Ye Zhongjue, Mo Suqing kept reminding herself that she must trust him, that she had to believe the man in front of her would never lie to her.

For dinner, Ye Zhongjue once again took her out. Mo Suqing noticed that the suit he was wearing was different from the one he had worn at lunch; she was sure it was what he had put on this morning.

She thought about confronting him, but could not bring herself to do it in the end. Asking him about it felt so paranoid, yet she couldn’t really let it go, either.

If it wasn’t for Leng Xiyao, she would never notice there was anything wrong with his suit.

They had just seated themselves and ordered their dishes when Ye Zhongjue spoke.

What she hadn’t expected was Ye Zhongjue had decided to clear up her doubts unasked.


Mo Suqing’s mouth twitched. She found that Ye Zhongjue somehow had made a habit of calling her that after their big fight.

Shy, she coughed a little and said, “What’s up?”

“I heard that you came to my company to look for me.”

Mo Suqing was surprised. He knows? She racked her brain. So he really didn’t lie to me. He does work in Mighty Empire!

“But how come the receptionist doesn’t know who you are?”

Ye Zhongjue reached out and took her hand firmly, as if fearing she would just disappear. “Please don’t be angry if I tell you the truth!” he said.

Mo Suqing made an effort to keep her composure and replied calmly, “I won’t. Just tell me.”

“Well…” Ye Zhongjue hesitated before continuing, “I don’t use the name Ye Zhongjue at work.”

Mo Suqing was taken aback. He doesn’t use the name Ye Zhongjue at work? Then what name does he use?

She remembered when they registered their marriage, it was indeed Ye Zhongjue that had appeared on his household register. But now, he is telling me his name is not Ye Zhongjue after all? Who is he then? She felt so confused and befuddled.

Ye Zhongjue knitted his brows. Remembering how much she hated wealthy families, he wavered.

“The bottom line is, I didn’t lie. I do work in Mighty Empire. As for the details… Can you give me a week to think things over before telling you everything?”

Mo Suqing’s head was full of questions, but she thought for a moment and nodded.

“Okay, I’ll wait.”

Ye Zhongjue breathed out a sigh of relief. Though the truly thorny issue was yet to come, at least he had survived today.

However, he hadn’t expected Mo Suqing would have another scary question.

“Yao told me that the suit you wore at noon is the latest Armani. Is that so? I want to know the truth.”

Ye Zhongjue had never had this feeling before: it was as if he was given a roller-coaster ride. The moment he felt relieved, another plummet came along.

The fact was, as long as it was something about Mo Suqing, it was a very big deal to him.

He remembered Leng Xiyao had taken a photo of him with her phone, but he hadn’t thought much about it. After all, she was a friend of Mo Suqing.

However, he had completely forgotten that Leng Xiyao was Leng Haoyun’s niece and it was a piece of cake for her to recognize the brand of his suit.

He couldn’t believe he would meet with the same setback twice.

Ye Zhongjue forced a smile, vacillating between coming clean and concealing the truth. He had just prevented one thing from blowing up and promised her he would tell her everything in a week, and now this. He didn’t know what to do.

In the end, he chose to tell another lie.

He chuckled bitterly. Alas! It is true that to hide a lie, a thousand lies are needed!

I am constantly shooting myself in the foot!

“Well, we had a meeting with the Jian Group today. I got coffee spilled on my suit, so my boss lent me his for the meeting…”

Ye Zhongjue looked very uneasy. He knew he had told a good lie, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t feel guilty about it.

He felt Mo Suqing seemed to have detected something.

“Okay…” Mo Suqing didn’t seem to be interested in his story, either.

At this moment, their dishes came, so they began to eat.

On their way home, Mo Suqing didn’t say anything. She just looked out of the window, deep in thought.


The next day, Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao didn’t talk to each other the entire morning.

Mo Suqing could see Leng Xiyao was not happy with her regarding what happened yesterday.

She knew Leng Xiyao had been trying to be a good friend, but she just didn’t want to believe Ye Zhongjue was a bad person.

In fact, she herself couldn’t understand why she would fall for him when he had hidden so much from her in the beginning of their relationship.

She could only conclude that it was because of his tenderness. He was too tender for her to resist.

At lunchtime, Mo Suqing placed a hand on Leng Xiyao’s arm and said, “Yao, don’t be mad anymore. It’s all my fault. You were just trying to help me; I shouldn’t have reacted like that. My kind and considerate Yao wouldn’t be angry with me because of it, right?

Although Leng Xiyao was upset and also felt a bit wronged, of course she would never hold a grudge against Mo Suqing.

She gave Mo Suqing an exasperated look and said, “So you do know I was trying to help you!”

Mo Suqing knew the girl was unhappy and that she had better placate her.

“Of course I know. You are just like my family… No, you are more than that to me! How can I not understand you? So, my dearest, beautiful Yao, can you stop being angry with me now? Please?”

“Humph!” Leng Xiyao tilted her head upward proudly. “I’ll credit you with a good sense to placate me! Otherwise, I won’t forgive you this easily!”

“Sure! My Yao is the most precious treasure that should be cherished well! Let’s go grab some lunch, shall we?”

Mo Suqing beamed at her.

However, Leng Xiyao dragged her handbag over and said, “Wait a second. I want to give you something.”

Mo Suqing watched Leng Xiyao groping for the thing in her bag, feeling speechless. The girl was very unorganized; every time she wanted to find something, she would fumble like this.

“Ta-da!” Leng Xiyao shouted gleefully. “Here it is. Take it!”

Leng Xiyao handed two golden cards to Mo Suqing with a proud smile on her face.

Mo Suqing observed the cards. They looked very classy and had just two words inscribed on it: Jazz Club.

She gaped at her. “Are these member cards of Jazz Club? How did you get them? I heard they were extremely difficult to get hold of!”

Leng Xiyao batted her eyes at Mo Suqing with a naughty expression. “Hehe. I have my own way! Now we can go to the club and dig up something big!”

Leng Xiyao skipped along at her side. Looking at her, Mo Suqing could feel a spring in her step, too.

What have I done to deserve a friend like this, who is so innocent and honest and trusting and who loves her with all her heart?

Mo Suqing shook her head sentimentally and left the office with Leng Xiyao.

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