Chapter 8: How Can I Get the Upper Hand with You Two Ganging up?

Bai Lian looked at her precious daughter, surprised and delighted. “Sulian, are you serious?”

Mo Sulian replied with an evil smile, “Mom, it is not something I would fake! From now on, you don’t have to worry that Mo Suqing will take away what is supposed to be ours.”

She glanced in the direction of the stairs.

“Mom, don’t worry. I’ll teach her a lesson for treating you like that when she comes downstairs!”

Mo Sulian smiled triumphantly and held her head high, like a champion in a cock fight who wanted everyone to know her victory.

After packing everything she needed in a suitcase, Mo Suqing took a final look around the room where she had lived for 23 years, and felt a little sentimental.

After such a long time, she finally made up her mind to leave this place. Although there was no longer anything for her to miss, it was still difficult to say goodbye.

Mo Suqing scanned the room one last time before quickly walking out, dragging the suitcase. She closed the door behind her and took a deep breath.

From this day forward, the silly Mo Suqing who had been made a fool by Gu Jiannan and endured the taunts from Bai Lian and Mo Sulian no longer existed. From now on, she will no longer have to endure…

Mo Suqing had already gone to the study and given the household register booklet back to Mo Zhenfeng.

She had also informed him that she would move out today.

Mo Zhenfeng heaved a sigh instead of saying anything. His daughter was a grown-up now; he could no longer understand what she was thinking.

Mo Suqing was about to go downstairs when she saw Mo Sulian standing in the middle of the living room. Mo Suqing was a bit surprised. When did she come home?

Mo Suqing snorted inwardly. Other than this woman, who in the world would have the nerve to sleep with someone else’s boyfriend, act as nothing has happened and then strut around like a peacock?

How brazen she was!

Mo Suqing lugged her suitcase down the stairs, betraying no emotions the whole time. Just as she was starting to cross the living room, Mo Sulian blocked her way.

Mo Sulian stretched out her arms like a proud peacock displaying its train, entirely blocking Mo Suqing’s passage.

She raised her eyebrows challengingly and said, “Where are you going with that suitcase? You’ve offended my mother. Do you think you can just walk away?”

There was a smug expression on her face; it was all Mo Suqing could do not to puke.

“Get out of my way! Do not make me say it again!” she said coldly.

Mo Sulian frowned. What a pitiful woman! She still has no idea about my affair with Gu Jiannan.

She tsked and gave Mo Suqing a sarcastic look, “Mo Suqing, let me tell you something: You can’t be cocky for much longer!”

She pointed at Mo Suqing and continued, “You are not the boss of our home any…”

She yelped in pain before she got to finish the last syllable of “anymore.”

It was because Mo Suqing had calmly reached out, pulled at her pinkie hard and twisted it. Mo Sulian was in so much pain that the corner of her mouth turned blueish.

Mo Suqing cast a steely glance at Bai Lian, who was frightened as hell, and addressed Mo Sulian, “I told you, do not make me repeat myself! Also, you were right about me not being the boss anymore. Do you know why? Because I never was. So stop being an asshole! Besides…”

Mo Suqing felt a passing pang of sadness that hardly registered on her face before continuing, “Besides, how can I get the upper hand with you two ganging up on me? Nevertheless, Mo Sulian, I will tell you one more time. I am not afraid of you no matter what. Remember, this is my home, not yours!”

Mo Suqing finished what she had to say and dropped Mo Sulian’s arm unceremoniously, not caring about her unsightly reaction. Then, she walked away without looking back.

When she reached the front door, Mo Sulian’s howl came from behind.

“Mo Suqing! How dared you to falsely accuse my mother and I of ganging up on you! You are going to regret your behavior today. I will make sure that you pay for it…”

Mo Suqing stared blankly. Falsely accused them of ganging up on her?

She thought about it. Right! Mo Sulian didn’t know that she had already found out about her and Gu Jiannan. She would allow them to keep up the act for now just to see for how long they could pretend nothing had happened.

Mo Suqing dragged her luggage and walked out without turning back.

Ye Zhongjue had waited for about half an hour when he saw Mo Suqing walk out of the house with a silver-gray suitcase.

The expression on her face was so chilly that it could repel anyone and anything. Ye Zhongjue was a little taken aback, then he remembered in an instant what she had said that morning about her hatred for rich people. Has someone made her unhappy again?

Mo Suqing opened the car door and slid into the front seat.

Ye Zhongjue was going to say something to her but eventually backed out when he saw her support her head with one hand and rub it with the other as if distraught.

He thought for a moment and decided to say nothing at all. He started the engine and drove toward the Tri-ring Area at a steady pace.

Ye Zhongjue drove the car into the underground garage his assistant Lin Ran directed him to.

Mo Suqing was asleep during the entire ride. When she woke up again, it was dark outside and the car was parked quietly in the garage.

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