Chapter 79: Ye Zhongjue’s Little Sister

Ye Zhongjue gave him a look before answering his question, “We got married the day I asked you to procure an apartment in the Tri-ring Area. The old man didn’t know about it until a few days ago. He didn’t approve of it and wanted me to divorce her, but I just ignored him.”

Lin Ran looked at Ye Zhongjue, speechless. He almost gave him a thumbs up and said, Way to go, Big Bro! To steal the household register and get married with it? That’s something only members of your family would do!

You’re just like your father!

Lin Ran happened to know why Ye Wentian did not approve of Ye Zhongjue and Mo Suqing because he had heard some rumors about his parents when he had first started to work for Ye Zhongjue.

His father, Ye Wentian, did not care much about lineage and pedigree. As a matter of fact, his wife, Ming Jinhua, had been an actress at that time.

In fact, when Ye Wentian began to go out with Ming Jinhua, he even had a fiancée. However, he had been young and reckless and hadn’t had a care in the world. After all, as a member of the Ye family, he had never feared anyone.

Soon, he broke off the engagement and married Ming Jinhua without telling his family.

Nonetheless, he didn’t know what he had done had disgraced the other family badly and sown a seed of revenge in their hearts, especially the heart of the woman whom he had ditched.

He had never known how powerful a woman harboring a grudge could be.

In the fifth year of their marriage, when Ye Zhongjue had been four and his sister, Ye Mingke, had just turned two, a servant stole the toddler and vanished. No one had heard of her hereafter.

All Ye Wentian knew was that the servant had been working for the woman whom he had broken up with. Only after the tragedy had Ye Wentian realized belatedly how disastrous the result of his behavior was.

If he hadn’t been so arrogant and insensitive to other people’s feelings, things would never have turned out like this. Today, he still didn’t know whether his daughter was still alive.

Little had he expected that Ye Zhongjue would make the same mistake.

Although Ye Zhongjue hadn’t been formally engaged with anyone, he and Jian Jie had looked after each other during the four years he studied abroad.

Anyone with a good sense could see that Jian Jie had feelings for Ye Zhongjue. That was why Ye Wentian was afraid the same tragedy would happen to Ye Zhongjue, too.

Though the Ye family had always been very powerful, someone had still been able to steal the child from them, hadn’t they? And even if he killed all those involved, he still couldn’t get his daughter back.

Thinking of this, Lin Ran re-focused his attention back to the present; he believed Ye Zhongjue must have considered all of it and was capable of dealing with it in his own way.

What he needed to focus now was Mo Suqing’s visit to the company to ask for Ye Zhongjue. He can’t possibly pretend it didn’t happen, can he?

“Boss, what are you going to do now?” Lin Ran asked meekly.

Ye Zhongjue finally understood why Mo Suqing had seemed to hold something back and asked him that weird question last night.

“You do work in Mighty Empire, right?” she had asked. He remembered he had given her an affirmative answer.

But now, he had to take her question seriously. She had begun to have doubts. If he couldn’t handle it well, she probably wouldn’t be able to eat and sleep properly every day. This he did not want to see.

Ye Zhongjue rubbed his temple and said, “I want to see the surveillance recording from when she came here yesterday.”

Lin Ran nodded and went to fetch it for him.

Ye Zhongjue watched the footage attentively and felt a headache developing.

To see Mo Suqing’s wan look made his heart hurt so much. My poor little girl, coming here to ask the receptionist if he works here!

He was the king of the skyscraper, for crying out loud! Yet he had closed the door on the woman he loved because of a stupid lie! Suddenly, Ye Zhongjue didn’t want to lie to her anymore.

Lin Ran came in at this moment to inform Ye Zhongjue of a meeting with Jian Jie’s family for a potential partnership.

Ye Zhongjue nodded to indicate he had heard him.

However, when he looked up, Lin Ran was still standing in the office.

“Anything else?”

Ye Zhongjue sounded a bit cold.

Lin Ran’s face was contorted when he looked at him.

“Boss, are you going to the meeting in this outfit?”

Ye Zhongjue looked down. He was wearing a suit that cost only a few hundred dollars. After Mo Suing had got suspicious last time when he wore the one that cost millions of dollars, he became very careful about expensive clothes.

If Mo Suqing knew a suit of his cost more money than she could ever make for the rest of her life, she would definitely know something was wrong.

He glanced at the video and waved at Lin Ran.

“Don’t worry. I’ve got spare suits in the lounge.”

At his words, Lin Ran left the room feeling reassured. Sometimes he felt like Ye Zhongjue’s nanny 24/7, although his boss did change a lot after getting married.

The meeting wasn’t over until noon. Mo Suqing had sent a message, asking if he would like to have lunch together.

Ye Zhongjue gladly agreed without thinking. However, it was well past noon when he emerged from the meeting room. With little time left, he quickly rushed to the garage and headed to the magazine company.

When he arrived, Leng Xiyao and Mo Suqing were standing arm in arm in front of the building.

Leng Xiyao was about to leave them alone when she seemed to notice something about Ye Zhongjue. She picked up her phone and took a picture of him.

Mo Suqing was bewildered at her behavior. But, before she could say anything, Leng Xiyao had fled the scene.

Shaking her head in resignation, Mo Suqing approached Ye Zhongjue with big smiles.

They went to a nearby restaurant where Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao were regular patrons. Mo Suqing wanted the meal to be a celebration of their reconciliation and a promise that they would never fight again.

Even if they did fight, they should never disappear and make the other person feel worried and insecure.

Ye Zhongjue apologized once more. Mo Suqing accepted it readily. As to the question she had in her mind, she decided she would put it aside for now.

After the fight, she had begun to know Ye Zhongjue better. Although it looked like he was always composed and unruffled, she was no opponent against him once he flared up.

So, she preferred glossing over the difficulties.

They had a wonderful lunch, with the elegant violin music and the romantic atmosphere.

Ye Zhongjue had planned to tell her everything. Yet, when he saw how content she was, he once again wavered and thought better of it.

He knew more than anyone else how devastating the truth would be for her.

In the end, he persuaded himself to delay it.

He had no courage to disclose the pack of lies in front of a happy her.

After they had eaten, Ye Zhongjue took out a bouquet of roses out of nowhere and gave it to her. All the doubt and disquiet in her heart faded away with the unexpected surprise.

After saying goodbye, Mo Suqing walked into the office with the flowers and a merry smile on her face.

Seeing the red roses in her arms, Leng Xiyao felt reluctant to shatter her.

“Suqing, you seem to be delighted!”

Mo Suqing rolled her eyes. “What? You don’t want me to be delighted?”

Leng Xiyao felt speechless. That was not at all what I meant! She merely suspected something was wrong, although she couldn’t really figure it out.

She had wanted to ask her uncle to look up Ye Zhongjue, but as soon as she thought of their interactions these days, she thought better of it.

Is Ye Zhongjue really who he appears to be on the surface?

How come I keep thinking something is out of place? An assistant who drives a Volkswagen but wears an Armani? Isn’t that a disturbing combination?

But, if I tell Suqing what I’m thinking, is it going to spoil her happiness?

Leng Xiyao continued to suppress all these questions until it was almost time to go home, when she could no longer help it.

“Suqing, let me show you something.”

“What is it?” Mo Suqing asked casually while typing furiously.

Leng Xiyao went to the album on her phone and found the photo she had taken at noon.


“Isn’t this the photo you took of Ye Zhongjue today?”

Leng Xiyao felt impatient. Suqing, how can you be so stupid?!

“Look closer!” she urged.

Mo Suqing looked carefully, then shook her head. “I can’t see your point; but I do see a cute guy in there!” Mo Suqing chuckled, handing back the phone.

“Oh my god!” Leng Xiyao facepalmed.

“Suqing, why is it that your focus is so different from a normal person? Do you have any idea why I took the photo?”

Mo Suqing felt utterly puzzled by her words. She shook her head foolishly.

“Why did you take it? I wanted to ask you, but you fled faster than a rabbit!”

“Look at this!” Leng Xiyao pointed at the man in the photo. “What was he wearing?”

“A suit!” Mo Suqing replied matter-of-factly.

Leng Xiyao looked at her, exasperated. “For god’s sake, this is the latest Armani suit! Didn’t you say Ye Zhongjue was just an assistant? But how can he be wearing a suit that costs more than your annual salary? Use your brain!”

Mo Suqing was struck dumb. She stared at Leng Xiyao’s phone. The latest Armani suit?

She was never interested in fashion brands, so how could she recognize it with one look?

She looked at the man in the photo carefully, bafflement flashing through her eyes.

It was as if she had got all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle except the one key piece, so she couldn’t see what the complete picture was.

Leng Xiyao continued, “Last time when I said he was wearing an expensive suit, I thought I made it a mistake. I didn’t have a photo of it anyway. But this time, I made sure to take a photo as the proof!”

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