Chapter 78: Ye Zhongjue’s First Love

“Alright! We’ll do whichever you choose!” Ceng Hanyu smiled wickedly.

After a few glasses, Mo Suqing had opened up. She spread her arm and said, “Just tell me what you want me to do already!”

Ceng Hanyu glanced at Ye Zhongjue and said, “Sister, leave the room now and kiss the first person that enters the pub – no matter it’s a he or she.”

Then, he raised his eyebrows at Ye Zhongjue challengingly.

Ye Zhongjue’s handsome face darkened. What a cheap trick!

The drunk Mo Suqing was very bold.

She jumped up from the sofa and said, “Okay I’ll do it!”

She didn’t notice how dark Ye Zhongjue’s expression had become.

Mo Suqing opened the door of the room and staggered toward the entrance of the pub. Ye Zhongjue immediately stood up and went after her.

Ceng Hanyu quickly followed suit, not wanting to miss the show. The others trailed behind, curious.

Mo Suqing was just reaching the entrance when Ye Zhongjue went past her and slipped out of the pub.

Then, he walked back in, put his arms around Mo Suqing and gave her a French kiss. 

Ceng Hanyu’s jaw dropped.

People in the pub began to applaud. Mo Suqing felt dizzy and her face burned scarlet.

Afterwards, Ye Zhongjue glared at Ceng Hanyu and entered their room with Mo Suqing.

Ceng Hanyu rubbed his nose. What can I say?

It’s the cleverest cheating he has ever seen!

Ceng Hanyu went inside and protested, “Jue, you are such a cheater!”

Ye Zhongjue looked from the girl in his arms to Ceng Hanyu. “What? You’ve got a problem with that?”

Seeing his expression, Ceng Hanyu instantly relented. He laughed nervously and waved his hand casually. “No, of course not…”

The game continued. Almost everyone had drawn the lowest-valued card at one time or another and had been punished to reveal a truth or accept a dare.

Even Gu Yi’an had been given the choice between truth and dare. Yet, Ye Zhongjue hadn’t drawn the lowest-valued card for once.

A new round began again. After everyone drew a card, Ceng Hanyu prompted, “Show your cards already!”

Mo Suqing kept laughing and giggling in Ye Zhongjue’s arms. I can’t believe he has such a cheerful friend! He is usually so aloof and cold!

Mo Suqing was stunned to see that Ye Zhongjue had the lowest-valued card and Gu Yi’an had the highest-valued card.

Gu Yi’an asked, “Jue, truth or dare?”

Ye Zhongjue thought of the trick Ceng Hanyu had used the last time. Although it hadn’t worked, he wasn’t sure if Mo Suqing could handle it.

“Truth,” he answered after some deliberation.

Gu Yi’an raised his eyebrows at him. Apparently, he hadn’t expected him to choose truth.

He asked a random question, “When was your first love and are you still in love with her?”

Ye Zhongjue looked at him and replied without any emotions, “Seventeen, and only one question can be asked.”

Mo Suqing watched him eagerly. She wanted to know the answer to the second question, too.

It is often said that first loves are the most intense in men’s hearts. Does he still love her?

Ye Zhongjue stood up with Mo Suqing.

“Alright, let’s call it a day. It’s quite late; we should go home.

Ceng Hanyu could see Ye Zhongjue was not in the mood anymore, so he left with his date obediently.

After Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue went back home, she took a shower and felt much more sober.

The two of them were lying in bed when Mo Suqing said, “Ye Zhongjue…”

Ye Zhongjue reached over and covered her mouth with his hand. “Do not call me by my full name anymore! Call me Jue or honey!”

Then, Ye Zhongjue dropped his hand and waited. Mo Suqing hesitated for a moment and tried again, “Jue…”

Ye Zhongjue hugged her in satisfaction.

However, Mo Suqing found herself sleepless. All those questions in her head prevented her from falling asleep.

She asked tentatively, “Jue, you do work in Mighty Empire, right?”

“Yeah, why?” Ye Zhongjue answered without thinking.

Mo Suqing shook her head. “No, I’m just asking.”

Ye Zhongjue didn’t notice the change in her expression. He hugged her even more tightly. God, they hadn’t seen each other for too long! He had missed her so much, but hadn’t dared to come home in case she would break up with him.

He was afraid to see the disappointed look on her face, but now that he was holding her, he began to feel aroused.

Mo Suqing half-resisted, half-welcomed him. Eventually, they made love. It was as if Ye Zhongjue couldn’t get enough of her. On and off, they did it for most of the night before he carried her to the bathroom to take a shower and fall into sound sleep in bed together.

The next day when Mo Suqing woke up, she could hear the sound of the shower. She blushed, remembering what had happened last night.

She could feel their relationship was deepening.

How she wished they could keep going on like this! However, the thing about his job kept nagging at her.

Although he wasn’t telling her the truth about it, at least he had introduced her to his friends. She wasn’t totally ignorant of his private life anymore.

After breakfast, Ye Zhongjue gave Mo Suqing a lift to her office and then headed to his company.

After the fight, Ye Zhongjue had stayed at home until Ming Jinhua came over and practically dragged him out of the study.

The next day, he hadn’t gone to work. Instead, he had stayed at the Ye residence the whole day.

He hadn’t gone in until the third day when he had instructed Lin Ran to ruin Guan Zixuan, using whatever method he could.

He admitted he was an extreme person at times. He could never tolerate others to covet his properties, let alone his woman.

Guan Zixuan had completely crossed the line.

Then, the next day when he had just found out the truth, Lin Ran informed him that Guan Xizuan was not someone to mess around.

Though he had known the truth of that night, that Mo Suqing could very likely have been hurt if it hadn’t been for Guan Zixuan, he still wanted to know why.

A mere celebrity shouldn’t have been able to cause any tumult, should he?

However, Lin Ran told him that they had never really checked the background of Guan Xizuan and had always thought his family had some money to support him in the entertainment industry but not that he was from a powerful family.

Yet, when he tried to place some obstacles in his path, Lin Ran could feel someone was stopping his work.

So he had checked his background and found some astonishing facts.

Guan Zixuan is a prince! In other words, he was a big deal who had grown up in the emperor’s city. Since he had an elder brother, his parents didn’t force him to give up acting after he had had a fight with them and left home to pursue his career.

After all, he was still a prince and had to go home at some point. Therefore, his family had basically turned a blind eye to his willfulness for now.

The news had come as a big surprise to Ye Zhongjue, too. Looks like there are quite a few characters in Mighty Empire!

A prince, huh? Ye Zhongjue chuckled. What an interesting development. Although Ye Zhongjue was not afraid of Guan Zixuan’s status, he needed to be more careful from now on.

To be honest, he had even started to admire Guan Zixuan for achieving so much in the field without his family’s support.

Moreover, he was also grateful for what he had done for Mo Suqing.

Now, Ye Zhongjue had just arrived in the company. The door to the elevator had barely opened when Lin Ran rushed over, looking distressed.

Ye Zhongjue frowned in annoyance. He had never seen him lose his cool like this for these years.

Ye Zhongjue walked out of the elevator and gestured for him to put himself together first.

Lin Ran followed Ye Zhongjue into the office. The door closed, he gave him a complicated look and said, “Boss, it’s bad!”

Ye Zhongjue raised his eyebrows and looked at him calmly. “What is the matter?”

However, Lin Ran did not answer his question. Instead, he said, “Big Bro, I’m going to ask you one question and I hope you can tell me the truth.”

“Say it,” Ye Zhongjue said without any emotions.

“Are you really married to Miss Mo?”

Ye Zhongjue’s expression finally shifted. He stood up from his chair and demanded, “How do you know that? Did you investigate me?”

Ye Zhongjue’s response had more or less answered the question. Lin Ran felt like crying. “Big Bro, how do I dare? Last time when we were at Silk Empire International and you said she was your wife, I thought you were joking! I never thought it might be true.”

“What the hell happened? Can you fucking spit it out?”

Face darkened, Ye Zhongjue hurled a folder at him.

Lin Ran let it hit him. He had known he would lose his composure and get irritable when it came to Miss Mo.

“Don’t be angry with me. She came here yesterday. If I didn’t chat with the receptionist girl longer than usual this morning, I would never have known that some woman came here to look for her husband with the name of Ye Zhongjue! Big Bro, what do you think I should do? To tell you about this or to keep silent?”

Lin Ran’s face darkened, too. It seems he was trying to hide his identity from Miss Mo by calling me Manager Lin that day.

Now, it looked like the lie wouldn’t be able to keep up.

He looked at Ye Zhongjue meekly. “Boss, can you tell me when you married her? Do your parents know?”

Lin Ran was very curious. He felt that Ye Zhongjue’s father would never have approved of a daughter-in-law that did not match their social status.

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