Chapter 76: What They Called a Hacker

Mo Suqing kept smiling; Ye Zhongjue kept staring.

In the end, Mo Suqing stopped smiling and looked at him reproachfully. “Do you want to bore a hole into my head with your eyes?”

Ye Zhongjue, his expression unchanging, gazed at her and said sincerely, “I want to look at you and never shift my eyes away. Is that okay?”

His voice was so loving and tender that Mo Suqing almost felt lost in it.

She quickly shook her head. What a close call! Although he does show his sincerity, I can’t just forgive him so easily! She won’t allow him to treat her like that ever again!

Leng Xiyao had told her that it wouldn’t do to spoil a man too much.

“Ahem!” Mo Suqing cleared her throat again.

“So… where have you been?”

Ye Zhongjue had expected this question from her.

He had prepared an answer in advance.

“I was angry that night, so I didn’t tell you I was going on a business trip to B City the next day. I also forgot to bring my phone with me; it was in my study the whole time. I found it when I went home today. When I saw that you have called for so many times, I just wanted to kill myself… I…”

Mo Suqing reached over and put a hand on his arm.

“Hey, say no more. I can understand.”

However, she was also thinking, He said he went on a business trip. But even if it’s true, how come no one in his company knows who he is?

Why is he lying to me?

Mo Suqing peered at his deep, sincere eyes and his earnest expression closely. She couldn’t believe Ye Zhongjue would lie to her.

In the end, she still didn’t ask all those questions she was harboring.

Seeing that Mo Suqing had fallen into silence once again, Ye Zhongjue panicked.

“Honey, what’s the matter?”

Mo Suqing came back to her senses.

“Oh, no, nothing. I was just thinking about something else. By the way, when did you start to use WeChat and how did you become my friend? I don’t remember adding you.”

Question marks were written all over Mo Suqing’s face.

Ye Zhongjue touched her nose slightly and chuckled. “When you were hospitalized due to acute gastroenteritis, I noticed that you really liked to use it, so I downloaded it and added you.”

“But how come you were accepted?”

Her innocent expression made Ye Zhongjue want to fool her a bit.

“Don’t you know who hackers are? They can control people’s phones as they please. I hacked into your phone and accepted the friend request. What about that?”

Ye Zhongjue arched his eyebrows, as if to say, Am I not clever?

Mo Suqing looked at his confident face admiringly. Ye Zhongjue felt very pleased.

“Oh! So you are what they called a hacker?”

Ye Zhongjue’s expression seemed to confirm her question. Mo Suqing just believed him then and there.

“Can you teach me how to hack tonight?”

Tonight? No way! Tonight is canoodling time. We haven’t seen each other for a couple of days. How can I waste the nighttime on that?

So, he shook his head firmly and said in a serious tone. “No, I can teach you something else!”

Mo Suqing gave him a curious look. “Something else? What is it? Is it related to computers?”

Ye Zhongjue looked at her solemnly and replied, “No, I can teach you different sex positions!”

Mo Suqing couldn’t believe her ears. An aloof and elegant man like Ye Zhongjue is talking dirty to me in a public place?

“I…” she stammered for a while, not knowing what to say.

Then, she blushed and lowered her head before saying in a voice so low it sounded like it was muffled, “Ye Zhongjue, you are such a big cad!”

A smile tugged at Ye Zhongjue’s mouth. He chuckled and said in the most affectionate tone, “I would rather you call me honey!”

Mo Suqing gave him an exasperated look. “Do not horse around! I highly doubt you are a hacker like you said!”

As a matter of fact, Ye Zhongjue was indeed a topnotch hacker. His tech skills were second to none in the world.

However, he wasn’t too eager to teach his wife that.

He preferred canoodling with her!

He made a hollow fist against his mouth and cleared his throat, deciding to get serious and stopped messing around with her, who was starting to suspect his words.

“It’s true I know how to hack, but to be honest with you in regard to the WeChat thing… Well, after I went home the day added you, I found that you had fallen asleep so I picked up your phone and accepted my own request.”

Mo Suqing looked at him in disgust. How dare you lie to me!

And why would I just believe what you said? God, I’m hopeless!

Grinding her teeth in anger, Mo Suqing glared at the manipulative man in front of her.

“Ye Zhongjue! You are enjoying this, aren’t you?”

Ye Zhongjue answered with honesty this time, “Yes!”

Mo Suqing could kill the man right then if not for the fact the steaks were there precisely at that moment.

Mo Suqing, who was starving, glanced at the food and said proudly, “I’ll let it go for now, for the sake of the delicious-looking food!”

Looking at her exasperated expression, Ye Zhongjue felt even more affectionate and the smile on his face grew bigger.

“Right! Everything you say is right!” he said smilingly.

Mo Suqing tucked in the meat.

After dinner, Ye Zhongjue ordered desserts. Mo Suqing was very satiated.

Ye Zhongjue paid for the meal with his card. Mo Suqing didn’t ask him how much the dinner had cost; it was only going to spoil the atmosphere.

Soon after they walked out of the restaurant, someone called out, “What a coincidence! You are having dinner here too, Sir?”

Ye Zhongjue and Mo Suqing turned to the sound at the same time.

It was a man with greasy hair and powdered face. A minor celebrity was standing beside him.

Mo Suqing immediately recognized the celebrity. She had seen her in a TV show.

Ye Zhongjue went stiff. I have been in so much bad luck recently, keeping bumping into acquaintances!

He recalled the man to be the one who had won the bidding to buy the land up north prior to the New Year.

He was Li Ming, the eldest son of the Li family.

Ye Zhongjue seldom familiarized himself with the upper class in A City. He had no need to. The Ye family was so eminent it was always for others to toady to him.

“It’s you, Mr. Li,” Ye Zhongjue greeted back curtly, trying not to get Mo Suqing suspicious.

Li Ming saw that Ye Zhongjue obviously didn’t want to talk to him, so he said aptly, “So I’m going in now. Take care, Sir.”


During the whole exchange, Ye Zhongjue did not utter more than a few words.

Mo Suqing could see that Mr. Li was no small figure. He had to be at least a wealthy person to be with a celebrity.

Yet somehow, the look he gave Ye Zhongjue betrayed a hint of deference.

Mo Suqing was perplexed. Her head was full of smidgens of information that she was trying hard to piece together but couldn’t.

Back in the car, Mo Suqing asked Ye Zhongjue.

“Where are we going now? Home?”

Ye Zhongjue shook his head. “No, I want you to meet my friends.”

Mo Suqing was surprised. Meet his friends? Does that mean he wants people to know about her?

A secret joy surged in her.

The car headed toward August Hasn't Ended Yet.

On the way, Mo Suqing asked Ye Zhongjue out of the blue, “Who was that Mr. Li?”

Ye Zhongjue was going to make something up, but thought better of it. He couldn’t possibly make things up every time they met someone he knew. If he did that, Mo Suqing would know something was wrong sooner or later.

So, he spoke the truth.

“He’s Li Ming, the eldest son of the Li family,” he said simply.

“You mean the Li family who began their business by manufacturing paper products and now sells all kinds of daily supplies?”

Ye Zhongjue was a little surprised at how well Mo Suqing knew about them.

He was glad he hadn’t lied.

“Uh-huh,” he nodded.

Mo Suqing could see that Ye Zhongjue did not want to talk about it, but she couldn’t suppress all her questions any longer.

“Why do I have a feeling that he was trying to please you?” she asked casually. “And he even called you Sir…”

Although she asked the questions nonchalantly, Ye Zhongjue took it as an accusation.

His heart skipped a beat and his hand nearly jerked on the steering wheel.

Calming himself, he answered, “Well, people use the honorific all the time nowadays! He is an important person; he wouldn’t want to please me. You must have misinterpreted. We met before at some work-related event, that’s all.”

Mo Suqing considered his words. He must be telling the truth. Otherwise, how else could you explain it?

Ye Zhongjue pressed his foot on the accelerator to get to the pub faster, afraid she might ask more questions that he couldn’t handle.

The car arrived in front of August Hasn't Ended Yet. Remembering what had happened here the other night, Mo Suqing remained in the car.

Ye Zhongjue knew what she was thinking, so he got off first and walked around the car to open the door for her.

Then, he reached over to hold Mo Suqing’s hand in his and gave her a reassured look.

Mo Suqing, feeling the warmth from his slightly-callused big hand, began to relax.

I have him now. I don’t need to be afraid.

Ye Zhongjue held her hand all the way into the pub.

Upon entering, the manager rushed over and gave them his best flattering face.

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