Chapter 73: You Don’t Flirt with Your Friend’s Wife

Ceng Hanyu turned around stiffly. His expression was contorted and hideous when he smiled, grinding his teeth.

“Fine! Ye Zhongjue, you are so cruel! Just say it: what are you going to do to me for having not saved your goddess in time? Humph, a friend is no longer important compared to a lover these days!”

Ceng Hanyu gradually digressed from the subject and avoided Ye Zhongjue’s eyes.

Even though Ye Zhongjue had only mentioned her name, it made him tremble inside.

Every time he thought of Selina, he could hardly control himself.

Selina was the head of assassination in Sin Eliminators. She was absolutely stunning, striking, drop-dead gorgeous and anything else you could use to describe a beautiful woman.

She was also as passionate as fire and a skillful heart-stealer. Ceng Hanyu was no match for her.

He truly believed that if he kept working with her, something would happen one day.

However, he was determined not to let it happen, to keep his virginity for his fiancée that he had never seen.

That was why he always gave Selina a wide berth whenever they needed to be in the same place.

Ye Zhongjue gave him a look before seating himself in his chair.


Ceng Hanyu glanced at him, rolled his seductive eyes, and plumped down on the couch.

Ye Zhongjue began to browse the documents on his desk, paying no attention to the man who was waiting for him to say something.

One minute, then two minutes had passed…

After ten minutes, Ye Zhongjue was still reading the papers without giving a look at Ceng Hanyu.

Ceng Hanyu’s handsome face darkened. Come on! Can you not hold a grudge for so long? It’s just a trivial matter, not having helped your wife! And that’s all because I didn’t know who she was!

Your attitude is completely inappropriate.

Ceng Hanyu, fed up with waiting for him to talk, stood up and walked over to the desk.

“Just spit it out, Jue. Don’t ignore me like that. I promise I’ll be the first one who stands up for your wife the next time she encounters a similar situation. I won’t look on for even a second.”

Finally, Ye Zhongjue gave him a look. However, it was cold enough to have been a steel arrow that pierced his heart. Ceng Hanyu trembled under his stare.

It was icy enough to freeze him into a giant popsicle. Then, he realized why Ye Zhongjue was giving him a chilly look.

Albeit his good intentions, he had just inadvertently implied that his wife would encounter similar situations again! No wonder Ye Zhongjue wasn’t too happy.

He put on a regretful look. “Bro, you know how I don’t use my brain when talking. I didn’t mean she would get into trouble again. Please don’t think too much about it.”

Ceng Hanyu’s words became more and more exaggerated, his expression ever changing.

Ye Zhongjue looked at him in resignation. “Stop horsing around. I won’t pick on you for it anymore. Just watch your mouth when I bring her to dinner tonight.”

Ceng Hanyu didn’t understand what he meant until a moment later.

“You mean your wife? You are going to introduce her to me?”

“Get serious! I know what you’re thinking. Don’t you dare covet after her, otherwise…” Ye Zhongjue hurled the document in his hand at the other man.

Ceng Hanyu dodged and quickly replied, “Jue, don’t you worry about a thing! I’ll totally behave! I am educated enough to know that you don’t flirt with your friend’s wife…”

Then, he held up his crossed fingers.

Ye Zhongjue’s face darkened. He picked up a book nearby and aimed it at him. Ceng Hanyu didn’t expect he would throw something else again and was hit square in the arm.

The smile on his face went out in an instant and was replaced by a grieved look.

“Don’t you remember we are brothers who share weal and woe with each other? How can you ditch me for that woman…”

Ceng Hanyu feigned resentment. Ye Zhongjue seriously wanted to pinch him hard.

“Stop it, or I’ll summon Selina here!”

As he had expected, the Selina card worked. At the mention of her name, Ceng Hanyu became scared.

“No, please don’t! I’ll do whatever you want me to do! I can even teach you all the sex positions I know and make a sex master out of you!”

Ye Zhongjue could really kick some butt right now. How can he make everything dirty? Maybe I should reconsider introducing Mo Suqing to him.

As his best friend for years, Ceng Hanyu surely knew what Ye Zhongjue was thinking. He immediately turned into someone who could have been the best student in a school.

“Jue, don’t change your mind! I promise I’ll behave in front of her. I’ll get all serious and not disgrace you.”

Seriously, Ye Zhongjue didn’t not know what to do with him.

However, he knew that if he still didn’t introduce his friends to Mo Suqing, she would get suspicious sooner or later and become even more insecure if something of the sorts happened again.

He could totally understand how worried she had been when she couldn’t find him.

At the thought, he looked at Ceng Hanyu and said, “Don’t say anything about me at dinner. She doesn’t know who I am. I want to hide my identity for now and tell her the truth when the time is right.”

Ceng Hanyu nodded knowingly. “Sure. It’s better if she doesn’t know about Sin Eliminators for now.”

Ye Zhongjue shook his head. “No, I mean she doesn’t even know I am the president of Mighty Empire. She thinks I am just an assistant.”

Ceng Hanyu’s mouth was shaped into an “O” at this. You could even put an egg in it.

He exclaimed in alarm, “How are you doing that? And what are you thinking? Aren’t you afraid she’s gonna flip out on you for lying?”

“You weren’t there! It’s a long story,” Ye Zhongjue said. “Anyway, I just didn’t want to scare her off, so I lied instinctively. Of course, if she knows about it, she will probably leave me… Do you think it’s easy for me?”

Ceng Hanyu’s expression had turned back to normal, although he still didn’t know what to say.

“Well, this is not my business; I have no right to put in my two pennies worth. But I have to say, I’m really worried about you. I have never seen you act like this for a girl before.”

Ye Zhongjue just laughed at himself without replying.

Actually, Ceng Hanyu didn’t know that as early as seven years ago, he had already changed for her. She didn’t know that, either.

If it was possible, he hoped she would never find out.

Ye Zhongjue had returned to his serene and calm self when he once again looked at Ceng Hanyu, though the other person was giving him a concerned look.

“So, August Hasn't Ended Yet at seven-thirty in the evening. I’ll introduce her to you.”

“Okay,” Ceng Hanyu nodded before waving his hand and taking off.

Ye Zhongjue stood up and walked over to the window. He was holding a cigarette between his fingers with an obscure expression.


Meanwhile, Mo Suqing was still in reverie, thinking about that call just now. However, her expression was no longer sad.

Because she had finally heard that familiar voice. Even what had happened that night became faded in her memory. Now that she knew about her feelings, she no longer cared who was right and who was wrong.

She preferred forgetting about that night to losing him.

In the past, she had never thought she could sacrifice so much for love. But reality told her that, yes, she could.

No one knew how she had survived the past few days. It was not an exaggeration to say that a day without him was as long as a year.

She knew she had fallen hard, but what could she do other than watch herself fall deeper and deeper for that man?

Now it was too late to turn back, she would indulge herself in love.

Mo Suqing thus comforted herself and dispelled all the unhappiness from her mind.

Leng Xiyao, seeing that she had turned back to normal after talking on the phone, leaned closer and asked, “Suqing, who were you talking to? How tender your tone was!”

A nosy Leng Xiyao beamed at her.

“Go back to your work!” Mo Suqing reprimanded her in exasperation. She didn’t tell anyone about what had happened between Ye Zhongjue and her.

In fact, Leng Xiyao wasn’t in too good a mood herself either.

Everyone had their own sorrow. Mo Suqing didn’t want to burden Leng Xiyao with her sadness and make the other girl comfort her.

They were fellow sufferers who had their own miseries. No wonder they were besties.

“Work is just boring! Even if you don’t say anything, I can tell by those Moments posts you wrote. You had a fight with him, right? I noticed you were a bit down when we went to the pub, and then I could see things had got worse; I just didn’t want to pry. Anyway, I just want to tell you that I care about you. Whenever you need me, I am right here.”

Whenever you need me, I am right here.

Mo Suqing basked in the warmth of her words. With a friend like Leng Xiyao, she was the richest person in the world.

She looked at Leng Xiyao and said genuinely, “You too. Whenever you need me, I am here. We are both going to be happy! Okay, let’s go back to work. Otherwise, Abbess Miejue will pick on us again.”

Leng Xiyao chuckled. “Haven’t you noticed that Abbess Miejue has called a truce? She has been ignoring us recently.”

Mo Suqing raised her eyebrows. “Is that so? I have been too blue to notice it…”

She chuckled a little embarrassingly.

Leng Xiyao teased, “I know. Because of a relationship crisis, someone hasn’t even concentrated on her job, let alone paid any attention to her boss!”

Mo Suqing kept giving Leng Xiyao a warning look.

Leng Xiyao asked innocently, “What’s wrong with you? Your mood has just lifted and now it’s your eyes? But I was serious: who the hell is Abbess Miejue but a sulky old maid who doesn’t have any sex life? Our happiness is much more important than hers!”

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