Chapter 72: Casting His Friend Aside for a Woman

Mo Suqing’s Moments posts were filled with sadness.

Ye Zhongjue swore he would never walk out on her ever again and leave her alone.

While he was tapping away, an idea popped into his head. He published a post on his Moments with nothing but a short sentence: Honey, I’m sorry.

When he thought about how panicky and worried Mo Suqing must have been, Ye Zhongjue suddenly felt that his own misery was nothing.

Remembering the eye-catching Bentley parked in the garage, he considered for a moment and took the SIM card out of his phone. Then, he inserted it into another phone that he used to contact his parents. He would never do anything stupid and hurt his girl in any way.

After that, he locked the door and went downstairs.

Meanwhile, Mo Suqing had hurried to the magazine HQ after the visit to Mighty Empire. However, she still felt blue and could not concentrate on her job.

Leng Xiyao quizzed her about it, but she didn’t even hear her. After a while, Leng Xiyao gave up and returned to her seat.

Mo Suqing had been like this for the past few days. Although she had begun to get used to it, she still felt sorry for her.

Presently, Mo Suqing picked up her phone and opened WeChat to check her Moments out of pure habit. She was immediately shocked by a new post.

It was by Ye Zhongjue. That’s right, his screen name was exactly Ye Zhongjue and he had posted a simple sentence that read: Honey, I’m wrong.

Mo Suqing, panicked, closed the app. She told herself that she must have hallucinated! After all, she had been in a state of delirium for the past few days.

And she knew Ye Zhongjue didn’t use WeChat.

Yet, before she could calm herself down, she couldn’t help but open the app again. She stared at the post and tapped into his Moments.

There was only one single post there.

Still in disbelief, Mo Suqing opened up her contacts and discovered that she had added Ye Zhongjue as a friend for more than a week.

Which meant they had been friends on WeChat before they had the fight.

When did he start to use WeChat? And when did he friend me? I don’t remember friending him back!

Mo Suqing couldn’t understand any of this.

After some hesitation, she plucked up her courage to call him, even though he had not turned on his phone for the past few days.

The phone was getting through!

Mo Suqing felt her heart jumping up and down like a rabbit. She was so nervous.

He really turned on the phone! I can finally reach him!

After three rings, the person on the other end of the line picked it up.

She hadn’t heard this voice for a long time. It came through the other end and was so familiar that Mo Suqing almost cried.


She tried to fight back her tears, but hearing his elegant and charming voice, she could no longer hold it.

Mo Suqing didn’t reply. Ye Zhongjue’s sexy voice came again.

He didn’t call her by name like before. Instead, he said, “Honey…”

Mo Suqing began to tremble uncontrollably. Joy, along with all the grievance, confusion and chaos accumulated for the past few days, was released.

She choked a little when she asked, “Where are you?”

Ye Zhongjue knew from her voice that she was crying very hard, although her pride forced her to suppress it as much as possible.

Ye Zhongjue was driving while talking to her. Sorrow was written all over his face. He could only imagine how panicked she had been, trying to locate him. How he wanted to kill himself now!

What have I been doing, hurting her like this?

He put himself together and steered the car into the garage of Mighty Empire. After locking the car, he started to walk and talk.

“I was driving and had just arrived in the company. I’ll go pick you up later, okay?”

At his words, Mo Suqing was going to ask him where his company was and why he had been lying to her. However, they had just reconciled. She didn’t want to ruin everything.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.” No amount of words could beat this simple sentence.

A happy smile spread across Ye Zhongjue’s face. He had been longing for this moment so many years. Finally, he had won her heart.

No one could know his feelings at this moment. He would never, ever hurt her again.

Ye Zhongjue kept swearing to himself. But little did he expect that he would repeatedly cause harm to her in the future.

After ringing off, Ye Zhongjue quickly headed upstairs.

The elevator barely opened when he heard Ceng Hanyu talking to Lin Ran inside his office.

“Where the hell is President Ye? It’s so inhuman of him to just cast me aside for a woman!”

Lin Ran’s mouth twitched a little. You are the one who was with Big Bro. How would I know where he is?

Besides, every agent in the organization and employee in Mighty Empire knows very well that Big Bro is indeed inhuman!

When he was truly angry, he became a devil incarnate and would take care of whoever it was. No one ever dared incur his wrath. In the company, he was the God that everyone looked up to. He was not only a merciless and resolute businessman, but had also got a keen eye for investment. Moreover, when he wanted to, he could be extremely hardworking.

Nobody dared challenge him.

“How about you call the president yourself…?” Lin Ran suggested tentatively.

“Huh, serious?” Ceng Hanyu looked at Lin Ran with a weird smile and his seductive eyes. Lin Ran felt quite uneasy under his stare.

“You are always by his side all day long, and you don’t know where he is?”

Lin Ran moaned inwardly. That is so not true! When have I been by his side all day long? 

Also, after Big Bro married Miss Mo, I was relegated to a minor role in his life.

When Ye Zhongjue needed him, he would work hard and look up information for him; once his job was done, Ye Zhongjue would kick him away. This is how poor I am!

“I’m telling you, I seriously don’t know where he is. Don’t look at me like that; it makes me so nervous! People would think I have done something wrong to anger you!”

“No, no, no!” Ceng Hanyu wagged his finger. “Of course you didn’t anger me. To be honest, I actually have something to ask you…”

A conspiratorial smile played across his face.

“You see, I think I have somehow angered your boss…”

Lin Ran immediately wanted to get away. I knew Brother Ceng came looking for me for a reason! He is trying to put all the blame on me! I am so unfortunate to have met him.

Ceng Hanyu grasped his arm. Lin Ran laughed nervously and forestalled his words by saying, “Big Bro, please just let me go!”

Ceng Hanyu was about to threaten Lin Ran when the door to the office was opened.

Ye Zhongjue walked in and looked at Ceng Hanyu expressionlessly. “What are you doing, grasping my assistant’s arm?”

Ceng Hanyu, beaming, loosened his grip. Lin Ran wasn’t prepared and started to fall.

Luckily, he grabbed the pants of someone who was standing nearby in time before hitting the floor.

The man made such a terrible cry that sounded like a pig being slaughtered and that resonated throughout the hundredth floor. Lin Ran, who had picked himself up, looked up to see who had saved him.

It was Manager Lin Zeng, or Lanky Lin, of the Jewelry Design Department, who was looking at Lin Ran bitterly. Lin Ran realized the pants he had grabbed were on the floor now.

Ceng Hanyu turned his face away. Even Ye Zhongjue was hiding a smile.

Lin Ran was completely jaw-dropped. Lanky Lin was lanky, but how could he be so lanky that his pants just dropped off with a tug? That was ridiculous!

He stared at his bright red underwear and those broomstick legs.

After about three seconds, he could no longer help it but burst out laughing. It was totally indecent, considering how he was the one who had done this to him.

The smile on Ye Zhongjue’s face grew bigger.

As for Ceng Hanyu, he was already grinning cheerfully.

Song Pingting, having heard the cry from the office, hastened to see what had happened.

All she saw was Lin Zeng in his red underwear bending over to pick up his pants.

Song Pingting screamed, covered her eyes with her hands and ran away.

Lin Zeng felt like a maiden who had just been violated. Regardless of Ye Zhongjue’s presence, he rushed out of the office.

Lin Ran laughed heartily.

There were tears in his eyes when he said, “Did you see his red underwear? I can’t believe our Manager Lin likes to wear red underwear! Hahaha…”

He laughed so hard that he was almost gasping. Ye Zhongjue cast him a cool glance.

“You are very happy, aren’t you?”

Lin Ran shut his mouth and his smile disappeared altogether, though his uncontrollable laughter was still lingering.

He quickly made a decision to flee the scene right away.

A second later, he had vanished from Ye Zhongjue and Ceng Hanyu’s sight.

That day, the whole Mighty Empire knew that their Manager Lin of the Jewelry Design Department had an untoward hobby of wearing red undergarments.

Lin Zeng almost killed Lin Ran for spreading the rumor.


After Lin Ran had fled, Ye Zhongjue turned to look at Ceng Hanyu.

“I’m inhuman because I cast a friend aside for a woman?”

His rhetorical question sent shivers down Ceng Hanyu’s spine. He felt chilly all of a sudden.

“Well… I have this thing… I need to take off now. Let’s catch up later, okay?”

Ceng Hanyu put on a fake smile and waved his hand before turning around to leave.

Ye Zhongjue stopped him with just a sentence.

“You want me to tell Selina about your whereabouts?”

His tone was amused and casual.

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