Chapter 7: Talk about Speed-marriage!

“Hey, it’s me!” Mo Suqing spoke in a low voice after casting a glance at the man across from her.

Leng Xiyao was filled with energy in an instant. Her voice went up several decibels, “Suqing! Where have you been? Why didn’t you come to work today? Where are you?”

There was distress, accusation and concern in her voice.

“Last night… Well, I’ll tell you about it later. Did you tell our boss I took a day off?”

“Of course!” Leng Xiyao replied promptly. “So where are you? What is with the hem and haw? Talk like a normal person!”

Mo Suqing paused a moment. Sooner or later, she would tell Leng Xiyao everything. There was no need for any delay. “Yao, I got married. I’m having lunch with my… husband.”

Hmm, that was not bad, Mo Suqing concluded with self-approval.

Upon hearing the word “husband,” Ye Zhongjue’s smile broadened.

“You what? You got married!” shouted Leng Xiyao and Mo Suqing almost went deaf. “Talk about speed-marriage!”

She looked at the man across from her, embarrassed. He must have heard their conversation with that smile on the corner of his mouth.

Mo Suqing said, exasperated, “Are you trying to impair my hearing? I’ll explain everything in detail next time I see you. Keep it a secret for now, okay?”

Mo Suqing finished speaking and hung up the phone.

Ye Zhongjue studied her, seeming to laugh but not quite. His expression was placid and mysterious and hard to read.

Somehow, Mo Suqing felt helplessly exposed in front of him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” asked Mo Suqing uneasily while handing his phone back to him.

“Your friend… is cute…” Ye Zhongjue provided her with an irrelevant answer.

“What the…” Mo Suqing looked at him stupidly, not really getting it.

“But of course… you are even cuter!” Ye Zhongjue continued playfully.

After a while, Mo Suqing realized what had happened. He was flirting with her! Mo Suqing opened her mouth foolishly. The simplicity and innocence shown on her pretty face made her even more attractive.

Did he just utter a pick-up line?

How could he flirt so calmly and composedly?

Mo Suqing’s reaction pleased Ye Zhongjue a great deal. He picked up the chopsticks as if nothing had happened.

“The dishes are here. Let’s dig in!”

“Okay…” Mo Suqing nodded obediently, then she stopped talking and began to eat.

Surprise flashed through Ye Zhongjue’s eyes. So obedient?

He liked it!

Ye Zhongjue started to eat too, feeling content.

After lunch, Ye Zhongjue dropped her off near her family’s villa.

Mo Suqing glanced at him, a little uneasily. She hadn’t told Ye Zhongjue anything about her family. She didn’t think he would care if he knew.

Never mind. She would tell him about it at a later time. Besides, he must have sensed something.

After all, this was an affluent neighborhood.

“So… I’ll go and bring my luggage here…” Mo Suqing said unhappily.

“Sure.” Ye Zhongjue replied flatly, without emotions.

Mo Suqing pondered for a moment. Then, she got off the car, still not saying anything regarding her family.

When Mo Suqing entered the house, Bai Lian was watching some health and lifestyle show on the sofa.

Seeing that it was Mo Suqing, she remarked unusually tartly, “Returning home twice in a day? That’s new.”

Mo Suqing was used to her acid tongue. In front of her father, she had always pretended to be a good loving wife. Yet, when it was just the two of them, she was harsh and unkind.

There was nothing more capable of changing than this woman’s expression, she thought.

But then she told herself that she would only come back here once in a while after today. She would not be roused by this woman now.

So, Mo Suqing just shot Bai Lian a cold look before saying, “Aren’t you exhausted from all the pretentiousness?”

Then, she quickly went upstairs without looking back.

Bai Lian was still trying to devise a brilliant retort when Mo Suqing disappeared at the corner.

She reminded herself that Mo Zhenfeng was right upstairs and swallowed what she was going to say back down. Her whole face went livid with suppressed rage.

She threw the remote on the sofa and sat there fuming.

Mo Sulian walked into the house in a brisk stride, humming to herself.

She was clearly in a very good mood!

But, when she entered the living room and saw an infuriated Bai Lian, she quickly went to her and asked, “Mom, what is the matter? Why are you so angry?”

Bai Lian saw her daughter asking and immediately acted like someone had done her a great wrong, “Who else other than that wretched Mo Suqing? First it was the mother who abused me for so long, and now that she’s finally dead, it’s the daughter’s turn to domineer. Why do I deserve this kind of treatment?”

Pure malice crossed Mo Sulian’s face. It was that Mo Suqing again. Did she think she would continue living happily?

Ha! Mo Sulian sneered inwardly. Soon, she would let her know what it was like to be a failure.

She spoke softly, “Mom, don’t be mad. Mo Suqing won’t be able to have her way for much longer. Let me tell you something…”

Mo Sulian whispered her recent doings into Bai Lian’s ear with the proudest expression on her face.

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