Chapter 69: Is This Revenge?

Although they didn’t exactly get along, somehow Mo Suqing had known this man would save Leng Xiyao and her.

She was right. In the end, he did.

After a moment of silence, Guan Zixuan said, “Who else would treat her savior like this?”

Mo Suqing didn’t know what to say. She seriously could not understand the guy. Why is he changing the subject all the time? Or, am I just too stupid to catch up with his thinking process?

She cast him a sidelong glance. She was reminded of the first time they had met each other in the restroom at the airport and found it absurd that they could sit in the same car amicably now.

What an unexpected turn of events!

“I should thank you then, for nearly thrusting me and my private life into the limelight, merely because I took a picture of you and incurred your wrath!”

Guan Zixuan laughed embarrassingly. He knew he had played a low trick, but somehow he just did it without thinking.

“But I have also clarified everything at the press conference.”

“Yeah, right, you did clarify everything. Otherwise, I bet I’m still wearing sunglasses and a mask every time I go out!”

Mo Suqing gave him an exasperated look.

Thus, the hostility between them had gradually transformed into jokes and banter.

Soon, they arrived at the entrance of Mo Suqing’s apartment. Mo Suqing and Guan Zixuan both got off the car.

Mo Suqing turned around and said, “You don’t have to see me off. Go home now!”

Guan Zixuan waved his hand dismissively. “That’s fine. I’ll go after I see you enter the building. I don’t have better things to do anyway! Remember to tell your friend you’re home. Otherwise, she might think I have done anything to you!”

Mo Suqing chuckled. How come I never knew he had some humor in him?

“Alright, I will!”

Guan Zixuan got in the car and drove away after watching Mo Suqing reach the entrance.

Mo Suqing had barely entered the building and begun to walk toward the elevator when she felt an intense look coming from her left. She snapped her head around and saw Ye Zhongjue watching her with a dark expression.

She had never seen him with such an expression before.

It was dark and vicious and mingled with different emotions, as if she had done something unforgivable.

“You… are you okay?”

Mo Suqing’s tone was rigid. She didn’t know why Ye Zhongjue was here, but then all of a sudden, she remembered what had happened last night. Her expression became cold.

Humph! Why should I feel guilty? He did something wrong first! He is hiding something from me! Now, what is that expression of his supposed to mean?

However, Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue had never had a real fight before. She didn’t know what expression she should put on or what attitude she should adopt to face him. One thing was sure though: she was very unhappy.

Ye Zhongjue’s expression did not change one bit. Mo Suqing turned and walked away, not wanting to waste time on this.

Ye Zhongjue grabbed her arm in response, which infuriated her.

You are not talking, but you don’t want to let me go, either. What do you want?

“Ye Zhongjue, enough of this! I need to go to work in the morning!”

Ye Zhongjue stared at her as if he wanted to read her mind.

“Oh? I thought you were having such a good time that you didn’t remember you had to go to work!” he said darkly.

His unemotional voice only made Mo Suqing more furious. She threw off his arm angrily.

“If you want to waste your time standing here, you can do that. I’m afraid I’m going to sleep!”

Ye Zhongjue had waited for Mo Suqing to return upstairs in the apartment. But after a long time, she still hadn’t come home. Worried sick, he decided to wait downstairs. She didn’t come back until almost an hour later.

Most importantly, a man took her home. And, to his irritation, the man was no one but Guan Zixuan!

Hasn’t she learned the lesson to not get close to him, after what happened at the launch event a few days ago, when he intentionally made her the target of gossip by holding her in his arms?

He was fuming with a reason!

He had got off work early today because he wanted to explain to her what exactly had happened last night.

He had guessed from her update on Moments that she was upset with the lipstick stain Song Pingting had left on his shirt.

As a matter of fact, he hadn’t noticed it until then.

Of course, he was glad to know she cared enough to be jealous. But, how could she go out with another man because of it? He was really pissed off.

Everything that he had wanted to tell her couldn’t come out now. Instead, all he showed was rage and lack of control.

He had been standing in the building and looking out of the glass doors.

He saw the look Guan Zixuan gave Mo Suqing when he sent her home. It was obvious he had taken an interest in her!

However, Mo Suqing had acted as if she didn’t know about it.

Who could blame him for getting angry?

All his life, before he got married to Mo Suqing, there was almost no one who dared disobey him. He had always done and got anything he wanted to.

However, with Mo Suqing, he was destined to meet some setbacks.

Mo Suqing could be stubborn, too. Besides, she was annoyed about last night right now.

What’s more, Ye Zhongjue just got angry the moment he saw her without ever asking her what had happened. Can’t he see my hair has been grabbed and my clothes are torn?

Mo Suqing felt furious and wronged.

That was why either of them wanted to give in first.

They were deadlocked for a few minutes. Seeing that Ye Zhongjue just stood there with that sullen expression and still did not want to say anything, Mo Suqing turned away and walked into the elevator.

To do his justice, in Ye Zhongjue’s eyes, her hair that had been grabbed and the tears on her clothes were all evidence that Mo Suqing had had a crazy time with Guan Zixuan.

It never occurred to him that she had been bullied and almost…

After smoking for a long time alone, Ye Zhongjue finally went upstairs.

When he entered the bedroom, Mo Suqing had already taken a shower and was sleeping.

Ye Zhongjue took a shower himself and lay down on the bed. He could feel Mo Suqing go rigid instantly.

He felt angry once again. She had been out all night without giving him any explanation. God knows how long he had been looking for her and how many calls he had made!

And now, this was the attitude she gave him.

At the thought, our President Ye could no longer suppress his anger.

I was worried sick while she was flirting with another man!

Ye Zhongjue was very upset, but he didn’t want to have a fight with her. So, he got all childish and did something unexpected.

He pulled Mo Suqing into his chest, rubbed his face against her hair and said in a piteous tone, “You have to comfort me! Because you made me so worried about you tonight!”

Mo Suqing, still sulking, could not believe the man had got all childish.

She tried to push Ye Zhongjue away, but it was futile.

“Ye Zhongjue, this is not what a man should do!” she protested in a cold voice while her cheeks burned.

Ye Zhongjue could not understand what she had meant by that. No wonder people always said that women were unfathomable.

Before he could react, Mo Suqing continued, “If you want to have fun, like to have fun, go find another woman, okay? I’m not in the mood!”

Mo Suqing knew all men were a little bit childish sometimes, but since she was still angry with him, she could not help but say what she didn’t really mean to.

As expected, Ye Zhongjue went rigid. The temperature seemed to plummet with his mood. His tone also went cold.

I’m trying to give both of us an out because I don’t want to pick a fight! How could she say something like that?

He gave Mo Suqing a cold look. “I like to have fun?” his voice went up several degrees. “Which of us is the one who likes to have the fucking fun! You had another man take you home tonight! Without giving me any explanation! And now you are accusing me of being childish? Mo Suqing, you are such a heartless woman!”

Mo Suqing was taken aback. So this is why he got angry tonight?

But what about the fact that you gave me a hard time right away without ever asking what happened to me? I am not a sandbag you can give vent to your rage anytime!

“What about the fact you came back home yesterday with perfume smells and lipstick stains all over your shirt? Have you thought about what felt?” she countered in the same cold voice.

Probably because Mo Suqing had pushed it too far and said all those words with a cutting tone and expression so that Ye Zhongjue felt his self-esteem was jeopardized, he gave her a dark look and murmured, “So is it what it is? A revenge?”

Mo Suqing, her reason thrown to the wind, answered on impulse, “You bet it is!”

Ye Zhongjue’s expression and vibe completely changed. He glared at Mo Suqing angrily as if he would like to swallow her whole.

Mo Suqing felt a little afraid, but, remembering what he had said and did tonight, she forced herself to hold her head high and glare back at him defiantly, as if to say, I am not afraid of you!

Ye Zhongjue did not loosen his embrace the whole time. Seeing that she was like a cat bristling with anger, he could not help but chuckle.

“Good, very good! Mo Suqing, I am going to show you how you are just a fucking nobody to me if I don’t want to cherish you!”

Mo Suqing was stunned, not expecting to hear him say such a thing.

However, what she hadn’t anticipated was yet to come.

Ye Zhongjue, disregarding her struggle, had his way with her by force.

Mo Suqing’s mind went blank. She felt both unanchored, as if she were a kite whose string had been cut off, and unemotional, as if she were a lifeless, wooden puppet.

As for Ye Zhongjue, he had practically gone mad. Not caring one bit about Mo Suqing’s feelings, he did it with such force that every thrust hurt Mo Suqing badly, trying to make her submit to him.

Suddenly, she laughed and stopped struggling.

Tears began streaming down her face and into the pillow.

She stared at the chandelier overhead blankly. Yeah, I shouldn’t struggle. All of this, it’s my choice, isn’t it? I have only myself to blame…

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