Chapter 68: Hero Comes to the Rescue

Black Dragon had been fixing his eyes on Leng Xiyao. When she successfully got rid of his two followers, he had been too surprised to pay any heed of what Mo Suqing was doing.

Mo Suqing pulled free of the man and ran towards Leng Xiyao.

Ceng Hanyu’s eyebrows arched. He had been looking on with an amused expression because he could see that the two women would definitely put up a fight.

He gave the men around him a look, as if to say, See, I knew the climax was yet to come!

If he had known one of the women was Ye Zhongjue’s wife, he wouldn’t have amused himself as an onlooker.

In another corner of the pub where the light was dim, a figure sat on the sofa lazily. He had also been watching it all, with an amused smile on his face.

He was no one but Guan Zixuan, who had come to the pub to have a drink.

To avoid gossip journalists – but, of course, by gossip journalists he didn’t mean the two women who were just teased by a bunch of ruffians – he had put on a black jacket with a hood and a pair of black trousers. Then, he had tucked himself away in a dimly-lighted corner.

Being treated like a fool by two women and now laughed at by the onlookers, Black Dragon had been completely humiliated.

Fuck! This is so humiliating! How dare those people laugh at me!

“Stop laughing, you mother fuckers!” he roared. “I’ll cut off the tongue of those who can’t stop their laughter!”

Leng Xiyao grasped Mo Suqing’s arm. She could feel Mo Suqing was shaking all over. In fact, she was trembling too.

She had never seen the dark side of the real world; her uncle had always protected her from it.

She needed to buy some time and hoped that her uncle would come to her rescue as soon as possible.

Otherwise, she and Suqing were really going to succumb to the ruffians tonight!

Black Dragon was approaching them step by step.

Leng Xiyao and Mo Suqing were backing away step by step too, until they hit the wall.

“You should go and find help! I’ll stay here and buy some time,” Leng Xiyao whispered into Mo Suqing’s ear.

Mo Suqing was having none of it. It was impossible that she would leave Leng Xiyao alone with those bastards!

She firmly shook her head and said, “I won’t leave you! I know what you are planning to do!”

“But it’s better than you and me both getting into trouble!” Leng Xiyao argued.

Mo Suqing’s grip on the other woman’s arm was as firm as her voice when she said, “Yao, do not push me away. We will deal with them together! Let’s see how much harm a mere ruffian can cause!”

Leng Xiyao couldn’t change her mind. All she could do was to watch helplessly as Black Dragon got closer and closer until he stopped right in front of them.

A gruff came from his throat, like a rusty steel door was scraping across the floor. Not a very pleasant sound, that much was sure.

On top of that, there was the blood gushing from his forehead. It was an extremely frightening sight.

Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao appeared calm on the outside while they both knew that without help, they wouldn’t be able to get out of here.

Black Dragon grabbed their hair in each of his hands. No matter how much they struggled, he did not let go.

Meanwhile, he hurled obscenities at them, saying, “I’m gonna finish you off tonight! Let’s see who dares raise any objections!”

Then, with Mo Suqing’s and Leng Xiyao’s hair in his hands, he dragged them toward the exit. His three followers limped along.

Just before they reached the exit of the pub, there seemed to be a strange wind coming from behind. Before Black Dragon could tell what was going on, his three followers yelped and fell to the ground.

A shadow appeared out of nowhere and Black Dragon felt a numbing sensation on his neck. His whole body, along with his hands, felt weak and he, too, fell to the ground.

Guan Zixuan, who was dressed entirely in black, quickly pushed Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao out of the door before they knew what was going on.

At that critical moment, Ceng Hanyu had also wanted to interfere. However, someone else beat him to it and went to the rescue of the ladies.

Watching the dark figure that was Guan Zixuan, he shook his head in amusement and thought, Things are always more fun here back home.

He had watched a brilliant show for free again.

Although people had seen it was a man in black who had saved the women, none of them saw clearly who he was.

Guan Zixuan not only wore black clothes, but he had also pulled up the hood and covered his face with a pair of sunglasses. Most importantly, he acted very fast. In the blink of an eye, he had left the pub with Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao.

Before Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao could let out a breath, they were outside the building.

Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao turned to the man and recognized him at the same time.

“Guan Zixuan!” they chorused.

Guan Zixuan took off his sunglasses to reveal a playful expression on his face. “You are good at recognizing people!”

He looked around and put the sunglasses back on.

“Come, I’ll take you home. You’ll definitely get into trouble when you get home like this!”

Mo Suqing followed his gaze to her own shoulder. It was bare, partly showing the lace of her black bra. Black Dragon had somehow torn her clothes open a little when she was struggling. She quickly rearranged her blouse. 

Guan Zixuan turned his gaze away and said casually, “Don’t just stand here. Let’s go, our great gossip journalists!”

Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao were a little surprised at his choice of words. He had deliberately said that.

Even so, they were still very grateful for him for what he did tonight.

Mo Suqing was about to ask him to take Leng Xiyao home when two black-clad men approached them. They had this steady walk that made them look powerful and forceful.

They stopped in front of Leng Xiyao and said, “Miss, the young master has come to pick you up. He is in the car not far away.”

Leng Xiyao looked into the night at the black Rolls-Royce Phantom parked not far away. She tightened her lips and felt that they were so dry as if she hadn’t drunk for a long time.

She was truly shaken by the event tonight; all the composure was just an act.

“Well, Guan Zixuan, I want to say thank you. If it weren’t for you, Suqing and I would probably have got hurt. Take her home, will you? I’ll be too worried if she is all by herself. My uncle has come to pick me up, so I’m going to take off now.”

Leng Xiyao turned and left with the two black-clad men.

Until now, Mo Suqing hadn’t paused to consider the possibility that Leng Xiyao might not be what she thought she was.

She used to think that the reason Leng Xiyao didn’t like to talk about her family was simply because she had lost both her parents. However, now she had a feeling that they didn’t share the same world. No wonder she dared threaten Black Dragon like that.

Guan Zixuan noticed it, too.

His chuckled was full of meaning when he commented, “Looks like your friend is not someone you would want to mess around with!”

Mo Suqing did not reply. She turned around and walked in the opposite direction.

Guan Zixuan trotted along after her. “Hey, don’t go! I want to ask you something. My car is parked somewhere nearby. How about I give you a lift? You are not going to hail a taxi easily looking like this anyway.”

Mo Suqing considered it and stopped.

She turned to look at Guan Zixuan and said expressionlessly, “Alright then.”

In the car, Mo Suqing was reduced to silence. For someone who had just been harassed by a bunch of ruffians, she was surprisingly calm.

After a while, Guan Zixuan remarked, “You are a strange woman!”

Then, he watched Mo Suqing for any reactions. However, she still did not say anything.

Having no choice, Guan Zixuan decided to just blurt it out.

“I already found out what happened. What did you do that? Why didn’t you explain yourself?”

His out-of-the-blue question puzzled Mo Suqing. However, she just stared at him blankly without saying anything.

Guan Zixuan felt incredible. How come I have never found out she’s such a cold person? Or, am I being too talkative today?

Guan Zixuan cleared his throat and said rather bashfully, “What I meant is, the picture you took at the airport… I know you were not the one who published it. So why didn’t you say something when I asked you?”

Mo Suqing finally looked at him. Guan Zixuan almost choked on her words when she said, “‘Asked’ me? You didn’t ask me anything! You were telling all of the gossip journalists present that you had bought sanitary napkins for me and misleading them to think that we were having an affair! You wanted to wreak havoc in my life! And you call it ‘asking’?”

Mo Suqing’s face was expressionless when she said this.

Guan Zixuan felt panicked. Why would I think she was a vulnerable woman back in the pub? Look at her! She’s totally back in the game!

He laughed nervously and said, “I… I thought you were the one who published the picture! How can you blame me? You didn’t say anything! I deleted all the photos in your camera, but somehow the picture still got out. It makes perfect sense to have suspected it was you.”

“Ha, right!” Mo Suqing sneered. “It makes perfect sense to have sent those gossip journalists my way, without any substantial evidence that I did it! Mr. Guan, I must say a commoner like me can’t seem to understand how it makes sense!”

Guan Zixuan knew he was in the wrong here, but he couldn’t help but feel that she was a bit too harsh.

Moreover, why does she keep speaking of “those gossip journalists” like she isn’t one herself?

“Well, can we not talk about the incident anymore? I did save your butt tonight, didn’t I? How about we let bygones be bygones and call it even?”

A captivating smile appeared on Mo Suqing’s face.

“Oh, so should I thank you then, my savior? Yes, I should thank you for saving us, after you watched us get bullied to your heart’s content first!”

Guan Zixuan was stunned. My god! She knew I was there all along!

That’s right. Although Mo Suqing was very scared at that time, she had kept herself together enough to see Guan Zixuan when Black Dragon dragged her around.

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