Chapter 65: The Sin Eliminators and The Dark Night

Yesterday, Ye Zhongjue had sent a friend request to Mo Suqing. When he went back home last night, Mo Suqing had been sleeping since noon. Her phone was next to her.

He didn’t wake Mo Suqing until he had pressed “Accept” on the screen and tossed the phone back to its original place.

Therefore, Mo Suqing probably didn’t know that he had begun to use WeChat and even added her to his contact.

It was obvious Mo Suqing updated her Moments frequently.

Almost every day, she would post something.

Just now, she had shared another status which read, Will be alone by myself tonight… again.

The picture showed a lonely figure from behind.

Somehow, Ye Zhongjue felt a sudden pang of sadness at the sight of it.

He had always known that Mo Suqing hated loneliness. She was a very sensitive and fragile girl inside.

All the toughness was just an act. Because of this, his heart easily went to her.

She had undergone a huge transformation. He had found out when he asked Lin Ran to do some research on her.

It happened in the year when her mother passed away. Since then, her whole world had changed a lot.

After her mother died, her father’s mistress started to live with them and she had been pushed around.

For this, Ye Zhongjue was actually grateful for Gu Jiannan. Yes, he was an asshole. However, he had also helped Mo Suqing get out of her rock bottom. That was why he just gave the Gu Group a bit of a hard time without being too ruthless.

When he was going through her Moments updates last night, he saw a post she had posted three years ago. She had been in her sophomore year.

The post read, My world collapsed the moment my mother left me. I will never forget the sight of her when she died, soaking in her own blood…

How Ye Zhongjue had wanted to turn back time and be there with her when he read the post!

Another post that stirred his emotions was the one she had posted the day they got married.

Speed marriage is not uncommon, but I have never thought it would happen to me. However, when he promised he would give me a home, I was moved. Home… what a wonderful word it is.

The picture was of two rings that were linked together. It was very romantic.

When he read it, Ye Zhongjue truly understood what Mo Suqing had felt that day.

It was the word “home” that had prompted her to take his offer. She had badly wanted to have a real home.

After taking a look, Ye Zhongjue put his phone away.

He began to make arrangements for the evening. To be honest, he didn’t want to go to the dinner party. All he wanted to do was to spend more time with her.

Nevertheless, he had made a promise and he never went back on his word.

So, at seven o’clock in the evening, Song Pingting and Ye Zhongjue both appeared in the underground garage of Mighty Empire.

Song Pingting had put on some exquisite make-up which made her already pretty face even more stunning.

The black dress accentuated the curves of her body, so she looked both sexy and elegant.

It was obvious she had taken great care to dress herself up.

Ceng Hanyu arrived at the party just before they did.

When he saw them, he smiled and walked towards Ye Zhongjue. They hugged each other with brotherly affection.

Ceng Hanyu looked at him and said, “It’s been a long time!”

There “seemed” to be a smile on Ye Zhongjue’s face when he replied, “It hasn’t been that long!”

“You cold-blooded bastard! The beautiful lady is going to freeze!”

Song Pingting hung her head in shyness at his words.

“Watch your mouth! I am a married man now,” Ye Zhongjue scolded.

Ceng Hanyu was taken aback. Then, he came to himself and said, “For real? Way to go! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.”

Compared to Ceng Hanyu’s relatively mild reaction, Ye Zhongjue’s words struck Song Pingting hard.

She quickly lowered her head in disbelief, not wanting anyone to see her troubled expression. 

All she could think about was, He is married! He is married!

He is married… do I still have a chance now? Song Pingting had a bitter smile on her face, in stark contrast to the superior attitude she had taken on arrival.

Even more so, she felt all the women who gave her envious looks were ridiculing her.

In fact, Ye Zhongjue said it not only because he wanted Ceng Hanyu to know about it, but also because he wanted Song Pingting to give up her hope for good.

Now, Ye Zhongjue could tell that Ceng Hanyu wanted to say something more, so he told Song Pingting, “Leave us alone for a while, will you? I need to talk to Mr. Ceng.”

Then, he walked to a balcony with Ceng Hanyu.

Song Pingting looked at Ye Zhongjue forlornly. The sparkle in her eyes was completely gone.

She went to a corner and began to drink wine glass after glass.

Ceng Hanyu leaned against the balcony, his seductive eyes without a care in the world.

In fact, one of the reasons Ye Zhongjue had come to the party tonight was to meet Ceng Hanyu. They were expanding Sin Eliminators, an organization they had founded when they were younger.

Another underworld organization, The Dark Night, used to be the biggest of its kind in the world, making huge amounts of money from gunrunning, drug trafficking and other illegal activities.

However, ever since Sin Eliminators appeared on the scene seven years ago, they had gradually gained power and caught up with The Dark Night.

Currently, The Dark Night was no opponent to Sin Eliminators in the gunrunning market.

Despite the gunrunning business, Sin Eliminators never sold drugs. Moreover, they never showed any mercy to anyone selling drugs on their turf.

In addition to ammunition. Sin Eliminators also made money from diamond smuggling and money laundering.

They had even got their own laboratory, agent training ground and ammunition factory.

Within seven years, they became more and more powerful. It was all very impressive, but the Interpol also began to divert its attention away from The Dark Night and turn it to Sin Eliminators.

Ceng Hanyu was the president of a small listed company on the outside and one of the heads of Sin Eliminators on the inside.

Ye Zhongjue, who was so mysterious that no one had ever seen him in public, was of course the other head of Sin Eliminators.

All these years, the two of them dealt with affairs of the organization in their own ways, one secretly while the other openly. Together, they made Sin Eliminators strong.

The other day, Ceng Hanyu went abroad to deal with something on Ye Zhongjue’s behalf. Ye Zhongjue couldn’t do it because Mo Suqing was sick and naturally, he thought of Ceng Hanyu.

Ceng Hanyu and Ye Zhongjue were pals. They were best friends and as close as real brothers.

They had worked together for seven years and made Sin Eliminators what it was today.

Ceng Hanyu took a sip of his wine and cast a casual glance at the man smoking next to him. “You said it intentionally, right? Her expression changed immediately at your words.”

“She needs to give up her hope and stop thinking about things she shouldn’t be thinking,” Ye Zhongjue said darkly and blew out a smoke ring.


“Well, I still find it unbelievable that you just got married like that. Aren’t you going to wait for your girl?”

Ye Zhongjue’s expression changed.

“Now I often wonder… If I didn’t choose to back off, would she have experienced less pain? Would I have been the one by her side when she was sad?”

Ceng Hanyu gave him a puzzled look and swirled the wine in the glass. “What do you mean?”

Ye Zhongjue looked at him and said, “You know how I have always controlled myself, so as not to disturb her life. But our fate led us to meet each other in the end. When I saw her once again, she was in a very bad shape, being betrayed by her stepsister and boyfriend at the same time.”

Ceng Hanyu shook his head. “Wow, that must have been one hell of a shock for her.”

Ye Zhongjue continued, “At that time, I just wanted her to stay, you know? So I made a brilliant yet foolish decision – to marry her.”

“Speed marriage?” Ceng Hanyu was a little taken aback. Then, he gave Ye Zhongjue a good smack on the shoulder and remarked, “My brother, that’s very trendy!”

Ye Zhongjue scowled at him. The guy could only make jokes.

He turned his gaze toward the moon and wondered what Mo Suqing was doing at that moment.

A bitter smile crossed his face. “She doesn’t know who I am. What’s more, my parents don’t approve of the marriage.”

Ceng Hanyu looked at him, bewildered. “She doesn’t know who you are? You mean, she doesn’t know about Sin Eliminators?”

Ye Zhongjue shook his head. “The thing about Sin Eliminators, it can wait. Right now, she doesn’t even know I am the president of Mighty Empire. I have no idea how I can explain it to her in the future, too. I made a fatal mistake at the very beginning of this marriage when I decided to lie to her. Little did I expect that you need to tell more lies to cover the first one. It’s like rolling a snowball – it will only become bigger and bigger! Now, I don’t know where to start even if I want to tell her the truth. And I have to tell her the truth one day; it’s impossible for me to lie to her for the rest of my life.”

Ceng Hanyu’s face was a little contorted when he said, “Bro, to be honest, I would never expect you to do something like this. I can’t believe this. But, I’m really sorry about your situation.”

Ye Zhongjue did not reply. He seemed to be lost in thought.

Ceng Hanyu asked, “So what are you gonna do next?”

“What am I gonna do?” Ye Zhongjue muttered. “I am taking bets on her falling in love with me before telling her everything. However, sometimes things don’t work out the way you’d thought they would. I never worry about the unpredictability of the future, but when it is related to her… I am at a loss.”

Ceng Hanyu’s expression became sad. “Actually, you are lucky. After seven years, your love is back in your life. And I believe she won’t leave you even if she knows who you are. Unlike you, I still don’t know where my Anne is… I have no confidence to find my wife ever again.”

Ye Zhongjue sighed. When it comes to love, everyone was the same. We gave our whole hearts and got hurt, but we could never truly let it go.

He had known about Ceng Hanyu’s fiancée. The two families had been old friends, so when Anne, the daughter of the An family, was born, her parents had decided to betroth her to Ceng Hanyu, the only son of the Ceng family who had been three years old at the time.

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