Chapter 63: WeChat Catches up with President Ye

Leng Haoyun frowned. He didn’t understand why Leng Xiyao was having such a mood swing.

“Yao, be a good girl. We are just college classmates,” he explained. “We met each other abroad.”

Looking at him, Leng Xiyao was reminded of the period before she was ten years old.

She had always known she had a younger uncle. They had met when she was really little so she had no recollection of it. By the time she was at an age where she could retain her memories, he had already left to study abroad. 

She remembered her parents had told her about how smart her uncle was; he had got himself a PhD degree at Cambridge when he was only sixteen years old.

At that time, although she had never seen him before, he was a super idol in her eyes.

She knew her uncle hadn’t got along with her grandfather. That was why he didn’t return home; he had wanted to achieve something big abroad to show his ability before coming back.

Unfortunately, his company had just begun to grow when something happened at home.

Her parents had died from a car accident and her grandfather passed away soon afterwards, not able to recover from the blow.

She was all alone all of a sudden. Her uncle was forced to give up his company and took on The Unparalleled and her.

Sometimes, when she looked at that poker face of his, she would wonder if he had blamed her all these years.

After all, she and their family business were what kept him from achieving his dream and getting his revenge.

However, she knew it was probably impossible to hear the answers from her uncle.

Thinking of An Huilin’s cold and beautiful face, hatred flashed through Leng Xiyao’s eyes.

Somehow, the fact that the woman and her uncle had known each other for such a long time made her hate her even more.

But, she gave Leng Haoyun a smile instead.

“It’s nothing. You should just think of me as a crazy girl who asks crazy questions. Don’t waste your time talking to the editor-in-chief about it; otherwise, I’ll only make a fool of myself.”

Leng Haoyun looked at her, but did not dwell on it.

He remembered that she had expressed her wish to dig out some stories about Mighty Empire, so he said, “Two weeks from now, The Unparalleled and Mighty Empire are going to talk business at Jazz Club. If you come along, you can probably find something useful. However…”

He remembered last night when he had bumped into Ye Zhongjue at Silk Empire International. He frowned, feeling stuck in a difficult situation he’d got himself into.

“Don’t invite you best friend.”

Leng Haoyun’s words didn’t seem to make sense, and he did not make further explanation either. Leng Xiyao had no idea why he would say that.

However, Leng Haoyun seemed to think that “silence is golden.” Leng Xiyao exploded with anger.

What makes him think he can boss me around? I’m going to invite whoever I want! I’m going to bring Suqing!

She stormed into her room and slammed the door shut.

Leng Haoyun allowed himself to show exhaustion on his face. She didn’t know that he had been sitting here waiting for her since lunch ended.


Time passed.

After the operation, Mo Suqing was transferred to a general ward. Ye Zhongjue had stayed at her bedside since then.

After the effect of the anesthesia wore off, Mo Suqing had woken up once around two in the morning to find Ye Zhongjue by her bedside. A weak smile spread across her face. She felt very safe.

Watching him lean against the chair, sound asleep, she felt her heart ache for him.

However, exhausted after the operation, she drifted into sleep after a while.

The next day when Mo Suqing woke up, Ye Zhongjue was not there.

After a while, the door to the ward opened.

Ye Zhongjue had bought some pork buns and fried dumplings, as well as porridge for Mo Suqing.

They enjoyed cosy company of each other during breakfast, determined not to bring up what had happened yesterday.

After breakfast, Mo Suqing remembered she hadn’t called in sick.

Watching her panicked expression, Ye Zhongjue told her tenderly, “I have already done that for you.”

Mo Suqing looked bewildered. Ye Zhongjue tousled her hair.

“I used your phone to call your boss.”

Reassured and satiated, Mo Suqing played with her phone idly while Ye Zhongjue worked through his papers.

She kept glancing at Ye Zhongjue. Finally, after the hundredth time, Ye Zhongjue looked up.

“I would think the reason you keep looking at me is because you want to…”

His voice trailed off in a sexy note. Mo Suqing immediately thought of some dirty stuff.

“Rascal!” she reprimanded.

Ye Zhongjue did not care. He immersed himself in his work again.

Mo Suqing was so bored. Inside, she had been mourning over the fact that she had ended up in a hospital for a Sichuan hot pot. What a stupid reason to be admitted to a hospital!

She looked at Ye Zhongjue curiously.

“Ye Zhongjue, sometimes I feel that you are busier than my boss!”

Although she said it without any intention, Ye Zhongjue was alarmed.

His expression changed a little.

The corner of his mouth twitched. “Mighty Empire is very big. As an assistant, I need to categorize and go through every paper before I can submit it for the president’s perusal. Don’t you understand?”

Mo Suqing nodded understandingly. She took up her phone again.

A message came in.

LIsForLeng: What happened to u? I heard u were sick as soon as I arrived at the office. U have had a very inauspicious year!

FarAway: Yeah, u r right! Inauspicious and unlucky!

LIsForLeng: Did u get a cold? Or is it a fever?

FarAway: I don’t want to say. I don’t want to make u feel guilty.

LIsForLeng: Just say it! I can take it. I’m very resilient!

FarAway: Well, I’m going to say it then…

LIsForLeng: Say it!

FarAway: I had acute gastroenteritis last night because of the extra-spicy Sichuan hot pot and the extra-large ice cream. Ye Zhongjue quickly took me to the hospital.

Reading Mo Suqing’s messages, the girl who had said she could take it had guilt written all over her face.

It was all because of her. Suqing had supported her every dietary decision to make her happy.

And she had known that Suqing’s gastrointestinal tract was sensitive!

LIsForLeng: I wish someone could punish me for what I did to u! It’s all because of me that u r in the hospital. I’m going to visit u right now!

Leng Xiyao started to put her stuff away before heading to the hospital.

Mo Suqing sent more messages.

FarAway: I won’t be friends with u anymore if you skip a day at work for me!!!

Leng Xiyao pulled a long face. How can she threaten me like that!

LIsForLeng: I’m worried about u being alone! Don’t worry, I’m very willing to sacrifice myself to take care of u!

Mo Suqing burst out laughing.

Ye Zhongjue eyed her curiously, then looked at her phone.

WeChat… She really liked to spend time on it.

FarAway: Who told you I was alone?

LIsForLeng: *Surprised* Ye Zhongjue is there? No wonder u don’t want me there! U don’t want a third wheel, do u? Fine, I’ll stay right here. I’ll go visit during noon break.

FarAway: Okay. Now go back to ur work!

LIsForLeng: Kay.

Mo Suqing put her phone away and began to stare at the white ceiling, feeling bored.

“Are you bored?”

Ye Zhongjue asked, breaking her reverie. Mo Suqing frowned embarrassedly. “Not really. It’s just been a long time since I had so much spare time. You should go back to your papers. I have forced you to call in sick enough times.”

Looking at her guilty expression, Ye Zhongjue caressed her hair.

“Don’t think too much. I can work anywhere. I am just an assistant. The company will be fine without me.”

Feeling reassured, Mo Suqing closed her eyes and lay on the bed quietly like a lazy cat.

At noon, Leng Xiyao came to visit her. She brought several magazines for her to while away the time.

Mo Suqing felt grateful. Leng Xiyao was indeed her bestie! She always knew what she needed.

Ye Zhongjue ordered a light meal for lunch. The three of them finished it in the ward.

Leng Xiyao needed to go back to work, so she left hurriedly.

Mo Suqing was hospitalized for four days. Ye Zhongjue never went into work in order to take care of her.

In fact, Mo Suqing told him more than once that she would be fine by herself and that he should go back to work.

However, Ye Zhongjue was just too worried about her.

Mo Suqing’s heart gradually melted at his tenderness. Gratitude and the fact that she cared about him had added to the initial feelings and transformed them into something deeper. It became her secret; no one knew about it.

After all, they had only three years.

Eventually, Mo Suqing insisted on going home. Ye Zhongjue relented and began to prepare her discharge.

The doctor agreed that she could be discharged, only she needed to rest for a couple of days more.

After they went home, Mo Suqing conducted some serious persuasion. Finally, Ye Zhongjue agreed to go back to work the next day.

After a morning’s work, Ye Zhongjue ordered some takeout for Mo Suqing.

Soon after he hung up the phone, Song Pingting brought his lunch into his office.

Ye Zhongjue was reading the news while having his lunch. Suddenly, he thought of how Mo Suqing had chatted with Leng Xiyao on the phone.

He downloaded WeChat from the App Store, then hastened to register an account and log in.

Once he had done all that, he found himself at sea.

Ye Zhongjue had never used a social media app before, so he hadn’t a clue how to add someone to his contact.

He had just pushed his lunch away when Lin Ran entered with a pile of project proposals.

Because Ye Zhongjue hadn’t been to his office for the last few days, work had accumulated. Lin Ran had been working overtime to help him. Sometimes, he would quickly finish his lunch and began working again even though it was still lunch break.

Ye Zhongjue asked him to put the documents on the desk.

Lin Ran, after putting down the proposals, turned to leave.

“Lin Ran…” Ye Zhongjue called out.

He sounded a little hesitant. Lin Ran stopped and looked at Ye Zhongjue curiously.

“What’s up, Boss?”

Lin Ran asked, expecting him to give him some tasks.

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