Chapter 61: A Really Gorgeous Person with a Pig

Ming Jinhua grabbed his hand. “What are you doing, hurting your hand like this?”

She turned to look at Ye Zhongjue. Somehow, she didn’t doubt it when her son said the girl didn’t know who he was.

Anyway, it was too soon to reach any definitive judgement about the girl when they hadn’t even met her.

“We should trust our son is capable of taking care of himself,” she said in a gentle tone.

She gave Ye Wentian a tug, telling him to let it go.

“He seldom comes home. Instead of spoiling the family time, we should all have a meal together happily.”

Ye Wentian glowered at Ye Zhongjue again before going downstairs.

Ming Jinhua walked over to Ye Zhongjue, who looked up. Ye Zhongjue’s expression softened in front of his mother.

He looked at her and said genuinely, “Mom, what I said is the truth. She hates wealthy families and their power struggles. Her ideal husband is a regular person. That’s why I hide my identity from her; she doesn’t know anything about my family background. I hope you and dad can try not to prejudice yourselves against her. I really like her. I admit that I made a mistake by getting married without telling you, but please believe that I do like her a lot and I want her to be my wife, so I can take care of her forever.”

Suddenly, Ming Jinhua felt that her son had not only grown up, but also come out of his shell a little.

Was it all because of the girl?

She took Ye Zhongjue’s hand and said softly, “I am not against your marriage and believe that you have found yourself a good woman. Don’t take your father’s words to heart; sometimes he can be a little conservative and stubborn. Since you are back, we should all have a happy meal together. Tell me when you are ready to bring her home. I won’t give her a hard time.”

Ye Zhongjue gave Ming Jinhua a hug.

He had always known he had the most considerate mother in the whole world.

For the rest of the morning, Ye Zhongjue played chess with Ye Wentian. In the afternoon, he and his mother had a chat for a while, then he gave his father an update on the company in his study.

Ye Wentian had not interfered with the affairs in the company for a long time, but once in a while, he would ask about them.

Ye Zhongjue didn’t leave the house until after dinner.

When Ye Wentian saw the white Volkswagen Ye Zhongjue got on, thoughts went through his mind and his expression became gloomy.

After some soothing from Ming Jinhua, he calmed down. By then, Ye Zhongjue’s car was no longer in sight.

Meanwhile, Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao shopped all morning in the mall.

Mo Suqing bought a lot of necessary things for the house. She realized Ye Zhongjue was right.

The two of them usually had little free time, but come to think of it, they did lack quite a few commodities.

The disquiet and self-pity she had harbored in the morning were gone now. One of her merits was that she never let herself think about trivial stuff for too long. So long as her principles weren’t compromised, she didn’t fuss.

Otherwise, it was impossible for her to have tolerated someone like Gu Jiannan for so many years.

In other words, she was too nice a person.

By noon, Leng Xiyao was starving.

Enthusiastically, she took Mo Suqing’s hand and headed towards a nearby Hunan restaurant called “Taste of Hunan.”

Mo Suqing was taken aback by her enthusiasm. “My uncle often takes me to dinner here,” Leng Xiyao beamed.

Mo Suqing nodded. Again, it was about the mysterious uncle of hers. From her expression, Mo Suqing could see how much she liked the dishes here.

She followed Leng Xiyao into the restaurant.

Because they had arranged everything they had bought in the morning to be sent to Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue’s place, they had few items in their hands.

Mo Suqing walked in and found Leng Xiyao standing near the door without moving.

Mo Suqing came near and looked in the direction of her eyes. A pot of plant partially blocked her view, but when she tilted her head a little, she found that they had bumped into someone they knew.

It was their boss An Huilin, aka Abbess Miejue. Across from her sat a fierce-looking and wickedly beautiful man. He was gorgeous.

He looked familiar to Mo Suqing.

Mo Suqing stared at him more closely. Isn’t he the man they saw at Silk Empire International the previous evening?

She remembered she had told Leng Xiyao that he was wickedly beautiful and seemed to look at her when they passed each other by.

Now, it seemed that the person he had been looking at was An Huilin, rather than Leng Xiyao.

So they had known each other. But why hadn’t they said hello to each other when they could have lunch alone?

How weird.

Mo Suqing turned to look at Leng Xiyao, whose face had gone pale as if her favorite toy had been stolen.

She tugged her on her sleeves and said, “Let’s go, Yao.”

From where they stood, the pot of plant hid them from the two people sitting by the window, but if they tilted their heads just an inch, they could see them clearly.

Tugging Leng Xiyao one more time, Mo Suqing realized Leng Xiyao had a very strange look on her face.

Then she thought to herself, Maybe it is because we bumped into An Huilin. After all, she has been giving Leng Xiyao a hard time recently.

Once again, she tugged the girl by her side.

Leng Xiyao had been clenching her fists. Her fingernails pressed into her flesh hard.

Now, she forced into a smile, although Mo Suqing could see it was managed with difficulty.

She took Mo Suqing’s hand and dragged her out of the place. “Let’s leave here, Suqing. I don’t want to eat here anymore. I’ve lost my appetite.”

As her best friend, Mo Suqing just followed her out without asking any questions.

After they left Taste of Hunan, Leng Xiyao became sulky and kept walking ahead.

Mo Suqing followed behind and did not say anything. She knew what Leng Xiyao needed most right now was her company.

Leng Xiyao walked and walked. Eventually, probably tired from all the walk, she sat down on a bench on the sidewalk.

After a lengthy silence, she finally spoke. Her tone was sarcastic and her expression was sad.

Mo Suqing had no idea why she acted like this.

Could it simply be because of An Huilin?

“Suqing, why are we so luckless today, as to bump into someone we hate to see?”

Mo Suqing immediately decided it was indeed because of An Huilin that Leng Xiyao became so depressed.

An Huilin did give her a lot of trouble recently.

She hugged Leng Xiyao and comforted her, “Yao, don’t get all upset because of her! Besides, we are not even at work now. She shouldn’t be able to spoil our fun day out.”

“That’s true…”

Mo Suqing could see the sarcasm and coolness lingering at the corner of Leng Xiyao’s mouth.

They had been friends for a very long time, but Mo Suqing had never seen her like this.

Out of nowhere, Leng Xiyao looked at Mo Suqing and said, “Suqing, I feel as if I saw a really gorgeous person with a pig! I’m so unhappy. Can you tell me what to do?”

Mo Suqing burst out laughing. “A gorgeous person? Do you mean An Huilin is that gorgeous person and the good-looking guy is the pig?”

Based on Mo Suqing’s understanding, it was the only explanation.

Leng Xiyao’s mouth twitched. Suqing did not know who she was and she had no intention to let her know that what she had meant by a gorgeous person was actually the good-looking man.

As for the pig, she was talking about the pretentious An Huilin.

That’s right. The smile An Huilin wore on her face when she was sitting there with her uncle was especially offending in her eyes.

I thought she was proud of her attractive yet icy air? What’s with that disgusting smile then?

Anyone could see that the stern-looking man across from her was the reason behind it.

She had never known they knew each other. She would probably never know if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes.

When Leng Xiyao didn’t answer, Mo Suqing thought it was because she was in a bad mood.

“It is quite unexpected that the cute guy we saw yesterday is a friend of Abbess Miejue’s,” she said half-jokingly. “What a small world! And it’s so weird that they didn’t say hello to each other while they seemed to know each other pretty well.”

Leng Xiyao remembered Leng Haoyun had been reading the newspaper on the sofa when she left the house today.

Thinking of him made her even more upset.

She stood up and said, “Suqing, let’s go have Sichuan hot pot for lunch! I want to eat something extra-spicy!”

Mo Suqing let her do whatever she wanted to. The two girls went to a Sichuan hot pot restaurant and ordered two pots that were extra-spicy. It was so spicy they kept drinking water.

Though Mo Suqing’s face had turned bright red out of the spicy taste, she didn’t want Leng Xiyao to feel left out.

After lunch, they went to an entertainment park nearby and spent the afternoon going through all the rides and attractions.

It was getting dark, but Leng Xiyao didn’t seem to want to get off the merry-go-round.

She seemed to be lost in sad memories from the past. Mo Suqing did not say anything to disturb her.

When Ye Zhongjue got home, he could see the lock had been picked before.

A smirk crossed her face. He didn’t need much thinking to know who had broken into the house.

It was fortunate he had expected this and forced Mo Suqing to go out. Otherwise, his father was unlikely to have let it go so easily today. If Mo Suqing had found out about so many secrets all at once, she might leave him again.

He must be more cautious from now on. He couldn’t afford any risks when he was not sure about what her reaction might be.

Ye Zhongjue did a thorough check of the house and found everything was as it used to be. However, Mo Suqing was still not home.

He had brought the things she bought back to the apartment from the janitor and put them away. Then, he made a call to Mo Suqing.

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