Chapter 60: I Love Her like I Love My Own Life

Mo Suqing kept shaking her head as if in disbelief, feeling melancholy. She could not understand what could make Ye Zhongjue, usually as unruffled as he could be, leave her on the side of the road like that and hurriedly drive away.

The strangest of all, he insisted that she leave the house. It was almost like he was afraid she would sell the furniture for money!

She felt so sorry for herself… But then again, could she not feel rueful and unhappy?

It hit her that since they had got together, she became more and more sentimental.

No, this will not do! Mo Suqing shook her head vigorously, trying to dispel the feelings from her mind.

“Hey, stop thinking about whatever is making you unhappy. Let’s go shopping!”

Leng Xiyao waved Mo Suqing’s arm back and forth. Mo Suqing’s expression softened. “Let’s go!”

“Yeah!” Leng Xiyao, grabbing her handbag in one hand and Mo Suqing’s arm in the other, ran toward the shopping mall.

The Ye Residence was located in the Firmament Garden, also the largest estate in A City.

The whole estate belonged to the family; it was their ancestral home.

The view from the estate was spectacular and the location was the most auspicious, too. There were two ancient villas in the land. The owners of the family lived in the main one, while the servants lived in the smaller one behind it.

From the rose garden, the most beautiful spot in the estate, the fragrance of the followers spread far and wide.

Ye Zhongjue did not live here anymore, but he used to come back twice every month. However, ever since he had got married with Mo Suqing, he hadn’t come home once.

His prolonged absence had sown a seed of doubt in Ye Wentian. He had promptly instructed someone to check up on him and found that his son had got married without telling anyone.

After giving Mo Suqing a lift to the wetland park, Ye Zhongjue quickly headed towards the Ye Residence.

He knew his father was pissed off for real.

When he stopped the car in front of the gate of the estate, the sweet aroma of roses filled his nostrils.

The obsidian orbs that were his eyes dimmed a little. It was almost two months ago when he came home last time.

Meanwhile, the servants of the residence just looked on as the white Volkswagen parked in front of their gate.

No one opened the gate for him. Although they were notified of his home-coming today, it never occurred to them that their noble, proud young master would be driving such a shabby car.

After waiting for a while, Ye Zhongjue realized something was wrong.

Every time he went home, the gate would begin to open before he reached it. Today, he was completely ignored.

Ye Zhongjue lowered the window and looked towards the security booth.

“Open the gate!” came a chilling voice, sending shivers down the hearers’ spines.

The servants gathering near the gate finally realized it was their young master who had been sitting in the white car.

The guard in the security booth quickly pressed the button and opened the gate.

Ye Zhongjue brought the car to the main villa. From the gate to the villa, two columns of trees flanked a wide driveway paved with marble. It was a refreshing sight.

The moment Ye Zhongjue got off the car, Ming Jinhua emerged from the house.

From her expression, it seemed she wanted to say something but thought better of it. In the end, she just shook her head at the sight of the car. As his mother, how could she not know he had changed so much?

She should have known something was off when he had asked her about menstrual cramps.

Ye Zhongjue looked at her calmly. “Mom.”

Ming Jinhua nodded. “Don’t pick up a fight with your father. Speak carefully.”

Ye Zhongjue’s expression changed a little. He nodded and strode towards the villa.

Ming Jinhua followed behind him, looking worried.

Ye Zhongjue had no sooner stepped into the house when Ye Wentian brought the newspaper in his hand down with a whack upon the coffee table.

His glower made it pretty clear that he was in a terrible rage. “Come to the study with me!”

Ye Wentian glared at Ye Zhongjue once and stormed upstairs to his study.

Ye Zhongjue gave his mother a comforting look and followed suit.

Ming Jinhua had barely sat down on the sofa when another whack came from the second floor. Needless to say, the old man had thrown something again.

Ming Jinhua stood up, wanting to go and stop the fight. Then, she thought better of it when she told herself that there must be a good motive behind her son’s action.

Besides, she shouldn’t come between father and son every time they had a conflict. They needed to learn how to solve it themselves.

She sat back down, then began reading the newspaper on the coffee table while paying attention to any sounds from upstairs.

In the study upstairs.

Ye Wentian stared at an aloof Ye Zhongjue angrily.

His teeth chattered out of fury.

“You son of a bitch, getting married without telling me and your mother! Am I still your fucking father in your eyes?”

Ye Zhongjue was used to his father’s fiery temper. When his father flipped out, he would remain silent as the grave. He was never a fireball himself and hated explaining himself.

Every time Ye Wentian jumped up and down with rage, he just stood there expressionlessly like it had nothing to do with him.

This would make Ye Wentian even angrier. More often than not, it was Ming Jinhua who calmed him down.

“What? Can’t you speak? Playing mute now, are you? What’s that expression supposed to mean? Did I say anything wrong about you? And didn’t I tell you to bring that woman home? So you dared marry her, but dare not bring her back?”

At the mention of her name, Ye Zhongjue’s expression finally shifted.

He looked up and met his father’s eye.

“I will if you promise not to give her a hard time.”

Ye Wentian was so angry he was having trouble breathing. No doubt the bastard was born to be the bane of his life! “I will if you promise not to give her a hard time”? But he hasn’t even brought her home yet! How dare he threaten him?

Ye Wentian picked up a copybook for calligraphy on the desk and threw it at Ye Zhongjue.

“This is rebellion! Humph, now you begin talking at the mention of her! What about all the mute acting?”

Ye Zhongjue knew Mo Suqing would have to meet his parents one day, so he had got to make them accept her first before bringing her home.

He looked straight at Ye Wentian and said the longest string of words ever since he came home today, “Dad, I know the fault lies with me when I got married behind you and mom’s back. But the truth is, I did get married; there’s no turning back. I hope you can trust in my taste. The woman I choose to be my wife is definitely a decent woman.”

Ye Wentian sneered. “You want me to trust you? How can I do that when you don’t ever dare to bring her home? I have already done my homework about that girl. I’m telling you, I don’t approve of that kind of woman. Don’t expect me to welcome her into our house. Even if you are married, I won’t acknowledge her as my daughter-in-law!”

Hearing Ye Wentian’s words, Ye Zhongjue fumed.

His cold eyes sparkled with rage, his expression gloomy.

“Why did you do that? Dad, can you please respect my decision? She is my wife and will still be even if you don’t approve of ‘that kind of woman.’ Besides, what kind of women do you approve of? What kind of woman, in your opinion, should I marry? Those pretentious upper-class ladies? I am disgusted by them! I’m telling you, dad, I can never accept anyone other than her!”

To his surprise, Ye Wentian did not flip out.

He stared at Ye Zhongjue for a while and said, “What about Jian Jie? She is such a good girl. You grew up together and, when you studied abroad, she just went with you without hesitation. After you went back, she told me on the phone that she would like to study a few more years, so that she could really help you with your business in the future. Is this how you pay her back?”

Reluctance crossed Ye Zhongjue’s face. He said with difficulty, “Dad, I have always thought about her as my little sister. Mo Suqing is different. She is a part of me…”

Then, he looked at Ye Wentian pleadingly before declaring, “I love her like I love my own life!”

Ye Wentian’s body shook when he heard his words.

He stared at Ye Zhongjue in disbelief.

“You are so unfilial! How can you be this stupid? Your life, your mother and I gave it to you! You can’t talk to me like that! You see Jian Jie as a sister, but have you asked her how she feels about you? I believe you know about her feelings very well.”

Sensing that Ye Wentian was about to fly into another rage, Ming Jinhua quickly came in from outside.

Shaking her head, she cast a glance at her son. Then, she patted Ye Wentian on the back and gave him an exasperated look.

“What are you doing, getting so worked up? They have registered the marriage. It won’t change no matter how angry you are.”

Ye Wentian slapped his palm against the desk and said agitatedly, “This unfilial son of yours is going to give me a heart attack! I swear that girl is just coveting after our money!”

Concern flashed across Ming Jinhua’s eyes. She had considered the possibility, too.

After all, they were a powerful family in A City. Everyone who got closer wanted something from them.

The fact was, they reserved their views on this girl simply because they didn’t want their son to get hurt.

Seeing his mother’s worried look, Ye Zhongjue blurted out, “She doesn’t even know who I am!”

Ye Zhongjue’s words were a shock to Ye Wentian and Ming Jinhua.

Recovering from the shock, Ye Wentian insisted, “Don’t you see how calculative she is? She must have guessed how rich you are from your clothes and expenditure. I bet she is one of those manipulative women. How can you believe that she doesn’t already know about your identity? And why do I have such an unfilial son, who got married without informing me and your mother?”

Ye Wentian once again slammed his palm against the desk angrily.

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