Chapter 6: And the Lies Began

When Ye Zhongjue mentioned the word “family”, Mo Suqing renewed her determination all of a sudden.

Why not get married? Such a handsome man was impossible to get. Moreover, she did not want to fall for a guy like Gu Jiannan again, did she?

She also didn’t want to shed another tear for that guy anymore. Last night, she had decided, would be the last time she acted like a fool; she was done with trusting him.

If he could sleep with Mo Sulian just like that without caring about her feelings after everything they had been through the past seven years, if he could be so heartless, then she should really love herself more.

Getting married could be seen as a perfect way to eliminate all possibility of getting back together with him. She would never believe his outright lies ever again. Besides, she had an agreement with Ye Zhongjue. After three years, she would be free to do as she pleased.

So be it!

Mo Suqing made up her mind and looked at Ye Zhongjue. She spoke expressionlessly, “Yeah, never mind. I just thought of something for a moment. Let’s go! Let’s get registered.”

Ye Zhongjue and Mo Suqing walked into the Civil Affairs Bureau.


When they came out again, each had a red document in their hands. On it read two words in big golden letters: marriage certificate.

Mo Suqing felt like she was in a dream. She got married just like that. Although it was just a conditional marriage, the certificate somehow felt very real in her hands.

The smile hanging on Ye Zhongjue’s face was almost indiscernible. In the end, he had her in this way.

He turned and looked at Mo Suqing, expressionless. “Let’s go. It’s already noon. Let’s have lunch before we head home.”

Mo Suqing seemed to be at a loss. Home… I have a home now. My own home.

She cast an uneasy glance at Ye Zhongjue, then nodded.

Ye Zhongjue led her to a white Volkswagen. Mo Suqing was a bit surprised.

After they got in the car, Ye Zhongjue explained, “I work for a customer manager as an assistant in Mighty Empire Group. This car, I bought it with a loan. My house is in the Tri-ring Area. I hope you don’t mind.”

Mo Suqing nodded understandingly. It made perfect sense. Mighty Empire Group was known for treating their employees well.

Then, she slowly shook her head and smiled, “No, I don’t mind at all. By the way, I must have already wasted quite a lot of your time today. Give me the keys and go to work after lunch. I’ll be fine on my own.”

Ye Zhongjue spoke without taking his eyes off the road, “You don’t have to be so polite with me. I already took the day off. I’ll help you bring the luggage to the house after lunch.”

Mo Suqing looked a bit uneasy. The corner of her mouth quivered awkwardly.

“I didn’t tell my family that I was going to get married. I lied to get hold of the household register.”

Ye Zhongjue was a little surprised. A moment of inattention almost had his car hit the one in front. He instinctively slammed on the brakes and his bumper barely stopped two centimeters away from the other person’s trunk.

Mo Suqing patted her own chest, looking like she just came back from Hades. She felt a little guilty. If it weren’t for her words, he wouldn’t have lost his control. However, Ye Zhongjue’s reaction surprised Mo Suqing.

“After lunch, I’ll take you home and wait for you nearby. You go and bring out the luggage on your own, and I’ll take you to my house.”

Mo Suqing nodded slowly. For the rest of the drive, she dared not speak another word in fear that she would say something that might distract him.

Ye Zhongjue took Mo Suqing to a local bistro. It was very clean and the dishes were good and inexpensive.

If Mo Suqing had still harbored any doubt, it was gone by then.

During their meal, Mo Suqing suddenly thought of Leng Xiyao and how worried she must have been when she didn’t show up at work today.

However, her phone was in her purse which she had left with Leng Xiyao. Mo Suqing sat there, contemplating. Then, she looked at the man across from her whose thoughts she could not read.

“Can I borrow your phone?”

Ye Zhongjue seemed to be lost in some conflicting thoughts and didn’t respond immediately. When Mo Suqing’s words finally struck home, he quickly pushed his phone toward her.

Mo Suqing couldn’t help but think, I am so in luck! Although the man was only a salaried employee, he really was good-looking. Actually, he was so good-looking that women and goddesses alike would be very indignant to know that she could have him.

He seemed to be able to make her heart flutter with his every move and every expression. What a man!

These thoughts were still flashing through Mo Suqing’s mind when Ye Zhongjue waved his phone at her, bewildered. Didn’t she ask for his phone? Why isn’t she taking it?

“Here you go!” came a melodious baritone.

Mo Suqing was snatched back to reality. Her hand jerked beneath her chin, and her face almost dropped and hit the table.

Embarrassed, she pulled her head back up and forced a smile, while cursing herself inwardly, Mo Suqing! You silly, silly woman! Fangirling over a guy, seriously? You are beyond cure! But… he is so cute!

Ye Zhongjue was the kind of man that shocked girls at first sight with his good look and well worth a second look. He was the kind of guy with an appearance that never tired them. In fact, the more they looked, the more they seemed to be attracted to him.

To gloss over her fangirl behavior, Mo Suqing quickly took the phone from him and started to dial with her head hung low. The person who answered the phone sounded spiritless.

“Hello… Who is this?”

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